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Submitted by LosSplintos — 11 seconds before the deadline

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Floating around inside a Space Station is pretty much silent use that to avoid the blind Aliens things that invaded your Station.

I messed up the thing with this annoying thing called dying. That means just imagine you died if u get pushed away by the enemys :)

This game was made in about 48h hours for the GDL january Jam and it´s my first game for a GameJam so don´t look at all the ugly models that doesnt fit together. :)

A lot of things aren´t finished especially the Audio.

What assets did u use? Link them here
Unity/StandardAssets/Characters for one Sound File

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This game is extremly well done, the mechanics are unique, the game play is fun. And the models are amazing,This is a awesome game, the only problem i encountered was that when i entered the space shuttle, nothing happened.
 Very well done. This idea could be expanded on. Overall a great awesome game :D


I like the mechanics, but the camera controls were really eh.
Could have used a sensitivity option and a mouse acceleration option.


Congrats for finishing your first game jam game! I liked how the snakelike aliens worked. Did you get to make the game's ending? I reached escape pod 6 but nothing happened.


I can see a game based on this type of movement becoming quite popular!


well, I mean.. a movement of this type *with no bugs* ;P


The space station looks cool! Movement is weird but floating around the station is nice concept.


The levels were nicely put together, it was interesting to see some level of environmental storytelling in there. 

It's a shame that dying didn't work, since it's basically just space station sim now! The physics were nice, and it was cool that you could crash into other objects and they would float about.

As mentioned below though, movement was a bit rough and I got stuck in either the wall or floor 70% of the times I moved, which was a little frustrating.

Overall though, you did some nice work. Congrats.


I understand the idea here. The movement is VERY weird and you get stuck alot. + for creativity - for performance. Well done making your first jam game:)