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Very nice, a bit confusing.. Really liked the car ride, not sure about the point and lcick thingy didn't seem very relevant at the time. I am a little supernatural fan aswell so this was a nice experience for me

Yeah took me 3 times! It's not like ordinare point and click because you can't see the items you're supposed to find^^

I really like the feel this game gave me, nicely done!

This was way too hard for me:P I tried moving into another room when I heard the noises but more then half of the time I ran straight into the monster =(

Very nice idea though! Even if it felt unbalanced the idea is great and the estetics feel right!

It gave me the chills. I got trapped against the iron fence by 2 bad guys

Well done:)

It looks pretty and I think the idea is great!

I couldn't get to the table on the water level, kept drowning over and over :(

Thanks TTKOZ.

esp, I re-made him stronger and stronger last few hours of the jam because he was too easy.. Yeah I had lots of ideas how to do this. I wanted to make alot more stuff with those letters but time was short:P

Indeed very nice game in such a short time!

I really liked the bloodshield mechanic

Thank you!

Seems the stuning and slamming isn't working very well

This just flashes my screen alot

Thanks you, I think it's my first pad on the shoulder for anything related to drawing:P

"get more chicks" 50 isn't enough?!