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This was great, thanks:)

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The menu.. Yeah, I thought that I should make the important stuff clear so hoovering over the buttons would tell you what I was refering to, since the enemies are invisible. I guess it's not the typical menu at all.

Yeah I also felt there was a lack of purpose in the end, I spent too much time making the movement and the particles around the player.. I made 3 fails before getting the movement how I wanted it:P There's an end though

Thanks for playing!

Oh, I didn't realize the music turned down, I was so focused cutting down trees and watching out for the birds while doing that! Now I feel really bad, I cut down the trees and didn't even notice what was happening when I did! That's a lesson learned if something :o

Thanks for playing:)

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It's not a trial and error, yeah there's an end, how fast were you going? :D I understand that it may not be apparent that the sound will get louder as you close in on threats. The shiny tail was made so you can backtrack if the sound is getting very loud and you forgot where you came from. Thanks for playing!

I mean, I guess if you have to go backwards because of a sound then it's trial and error, but you can play through without getting caught ever:)

It took  a while to figure out how to find the book. I kept mashing my head into the bookshelves in hope it would fall out :D Very nice game, you got a couple nice elements in, that's great for short dev time!

One of the bigger difficulties is to actually find a good difficulty, especiialy if the only playtester is the developer. I've been in that place so many times, no one can finish my first levels:P

Oh, well I missed that completely:P

Could you take pills? I walked away from the sounds and waited untill the blurry went away, I thought that was the tactic xd

Ah this is great! What a fresh experience this was for me! I did however finish by the bedroom alarm clock, and it took me ages to walk back to the livingroom =( 

Very nice way to use sounds and graphics together like this, and the story about the veteran and how this is how he experiences it with PTSD is fantastic. 

A little non-friendly control to the character. The impact when hiting objects feels alot greater when the image isn't so blurry, maybe tune it up or add something extra for impact on the items that makes sound.

I seached for like five minutes at the top of the bookshelves. It was really hard to know what I was looking for at first, restarted the game once because I thought I missed something. It had a pretty slow pace for my taste. I really liked the free flying and the big explorable library, nice design!

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I really liked this method of capturing the theme! I was so close not making the right choices in time.  I didn't really understand what to do when at first, trial and error became my teacher. The cursor also start to draw automaticly after each question so... I accidently typed things a few times.

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The places where I can put comments are weird. anyways here goes again:

First I mowed down everyone I saw. then I tried again without killing civilians, I accidently killed two guards though so I didn't get stealth bonus :/

It was ALOT harder to get stleath bonus, and a lot more fun. I didn't like getting stuck in a wall though.

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so... the move controls are..? A,D + arrowkeys left and right, W or arrowkey up for. And numpad arrow if you want to look upwards a little. I started trying to play with wasd but it didn't let me, I could only turn with arrow keys and only strafe left and right with a+d. The game started to stutter a little after day 1. Very good ending screen though! Very few people actually made it possible to exit the game, or even inform how to =)

Edit: I think the text could be a bit bigger aswell

I can't jump properly. most of the time the character doesen't jump at all, and sometimes it seems i can jump in the air as many times as I want, really weird and wonky jump control

I understand the idea here. The movement is VERY weird and you get stuck alot. + for creativity - for performance. Well done making your first jam game:)

Nice game! I had fun playing it. I think I might've lured one monster weird in one level, but I think that might add to the game. Good idea and very nice way to show the map and monsters:)

The jump mechanic didn't seem to work very well, I managed to slide up a mountain without jumping anyways, and they never found me up there so that was fun:D I played it on windows

It was a bit captivating I must say. The jumping made it very easy however, so I tried without jumping and it was alot more challenging. Oh, I got dizzy from time to time looking in that weird angle

Scary stuff! My character moved too fast for me to hit the lights correctly, always ran out of gas on my light

It was really nice, except for the speed of the guy, I fell and i fell and I fell. I think I spent 10 minutes falling down to the same screen for a while, before reaching the final door.  Overall I think the difficulty was good even after cursing the speed of the player

So I cut down trees... 47 of them. The music stoped after a while.. but I don't think it had anything to do with the gameplay..

This one didn't quite do it for me, but I realize there were.. alot of bugs.

It's really minimal gameplay :) "yaaaooooohhhhhhhh" was the best part of this game 

I like the setup for this game

Well I died six times and didn't make it past the first room :D Too impatient to click walk.

Nice enviorement and idea, I just click and win. Got to round 25 and then I stooped clicking

SO, nice enviorement and idea. I just click and hold to win :) round 25 then I stoped clicking

first I mowed down everyone I saw. then I tried again without killing civilians, I accidently killed two guards though so I didn't get stealth bonus :/

Very cool idea idea of a channel you have there, reminded me about a stramer going by "MANvsGAME". Thanks for puting jam games on the tube, it's really appriciated:) I checked out some of your videos, and subscribed!

Very nice, a bit confusing.. Really liked the car ride, not sure about the point and lcick thingy didn't seem very relevant at the time. I am a little supernatural fan aswell so this was a nice experience for me

Yeah took me 3 times! It's not like ordinare point and click because you can't see the items you're supposed to find^^

I really like the feel this game gave me, nicely done!

This was way too hard for me:P I tried moving into another room when I heard the noises but more then half of the time I ran straight into the monster =(

Very nice idea though! Even if it felt unbalanced the idea is great and the estetics feel right!

It gave me the chills. I got trapped against the iron fence by 2 bad guys

Well done:)

It looks pretty and I think the idea is great!

I couldn't get to the table on the water level, kept drowning over and over :(

Thanks TTKOZ.

esp, I re-made him stronger and stronger last few hours of the jam because he was too easy.. Yeah I had lots of ideas how to do this. I wanted to make alot more stuff with those letters but time was short:P

Indeed very nice game in such a short time!

I really liked the bloodshield mechanic