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Thanks, I appreciate the kind words!

TexturePacker ( would probably be the goto tool for this. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I was really happy with the overall concept behind the game flow, although I do wish I had left more time in the game jam to actually focus on a coherent level design. I did my best to try and prompt exporation through the placement of SFX and change in the level within the very first area - it worked well enough I think for what it was, but most of the later content was just the best I could do with the time I had left. I will at some point get around to properly working on and finishing a more long-form version of this jam game, but that's for the future! 

Anyway, I appreciate the comment, have a happy holiday!

No problem! Glad you enjoy it.

Oh certainly, I'm not saying the sound itself isn't great - just that the overall mixing of the sound design is a little off. The general volume could use some levelling to keep things a bit more consistent (the wave sound is much louder than the rest). Not a large issue by any means, just something I thought worth pointing out!

Is that my font I spy? Always cool to see projects that use it. Neat little experience, I had a fun time just cruising around the environment. If I were to offer a little criticism though, it'd be that a little tweaking of the sound design could be in order, in comparison to everything else the wave sound is quite jarring.

Hi Lee,

Perfect, thanks for the clarification!


Hey Lee,

Just a little further clarification - is the requirement for the repository to be public from the beginning, or can it be private throughout as long as it's set to public prior to the end of the jam?


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Hey all.

Anyone either already with a team, or looking to form a team in need of a programmer?

I'm a professional gameplay and tools engineer by day and comfortable working with C++, C#, Lua or JS. Doing gamedev as a career at the same time also tends to mean I don't have a whole lot of free time though, so be aware when considering me for a collaboration that I'll only really be able to put in time during weekends, and perhaps a couple of hours after work during the week. If possible, it'd be nice to work with others who are in a similar situation to myself, but I'm more than happy to work with people of ranging skill levels provided you're confident in your ability and won't need someone to hold your hand through the process.

By preference, I'd like to have at least one other programmer to work with (given my time contraints I'd rather not have to take on the role of lead or solo programmer). Aside from that the main roles I'd be interested in finding would be artist(s) and a designer. I already have a great composer/sound designer I regularly work with, so I don't think we'll be in need of another.

You can view my portfolio of current professional work, open source libraries and game jam submissions from my website here (along with my email for contacting purposes):

My general preference aligns more towards 2D/Pixel art games, but am more than happy to stretch outside of that for a good idea.

If you're interested in talking further, please send me an email (which can be found on my site).

I'll look forward to talking with you!


Hey everyone!

I've just added my tweening library demo cart PICO-Tween to Itch! Hopefully it might be of interest to any of you who work with the PICO-8 or other fantasy consoles.

It operates as a PICO-8 optimised port of the Robert Penner easing functions, along with any math dependencies not included with the console.

You can view the page here:

And a link to the repository for the library here:


Joeb Rogers | AAA Gameplay/Tools Programmer

I've experience in UnityUnreal and GameMaker, as well as frameworks such as Monogame and SDL2. I'm very comfortable programming in both C++ and C#, and am also pretty comfortable in JavaScript and Lua.

I'm experienced with both 2D and 3D games, so can comfortably fill a position on any team.

My rates are negotiable, as are the number of hours a week I can put in, whether you're just looking for some short term contract work, or a longer term commitment.

Here's a link to my portfolio, that at the least showcases the work I'm allowed to post online

My role in the industry has had me working most recently on GTA V Online at Rockstar North, where I scripted gameplay and content creation tools, as well as worked on mission/technical scripting on the new heist.


My email is listed at the bottom of the site, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a project in mind.

Fun little game, the main menu polish was really nice. Cute art, if a little lacking in the animation department! :P

Wasn't too hard, wasn't too easy, nice job.

Thank you very much!

Thanks dude! Hahaha, death was supposed to be pretty minimal in the game over exploration too, so I'm somewhat worried about your abilities. :P

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah that makes sense, with more time I'm hoping to go back and redesign the levels to provide a bit more leading for the player to figure out where they should jump etc, with an aim to still remain fairly punishing and not too dissimilar from old school nes titles.

I appreciate the kind words!

Heh, yeah you have to bounce off the one above you to land properly, it's a tough one! When I remake this properly there'll hopefully be a much more forgiving difficulty ramp! Thanks for comments!

Interesting idea, but felt a little bare bones. Perhaps I was playing incorrectly, but the rounds seemed to take way too long. I was going for ~3 minutes and round 1 was only half done - I couldn't go on much more without just letting them go on until I could rage out and kill them.

Ingame art was simple but nice, but there didn't really seem to be a lot of consistency in art style between the game and the menus (and even just the menus with the menus).

Very nice visuals and atmosphere, fun and simple gameplay. I think that the branches would have been a little better if they contrasted a bit more against the floor, as they do blend in a little with the floor. There were some minor performance issues for me, but overall it was a fun little experience.

Fun take on the concept, I immediately went for the stealth run. It was fairly difficult and took a few tries to not kill anyone, so there was some good replayability. Some things felt a little off, like the shot direction, and not so accurate detection of the enemy lights, but that's mostly just nitpicking. Was a nice experience.

Thanks for the kind words man! Oh a proper release will be on it's way in the nearish future don't you worry!

Thank you! Yeah Morti did an amazing job with the audio!

Thank you for doing all that work, I really appreciate it! I was worried that would be the case, the game requires WebGL in order to run correctly. Unfortunately this isn't a compatibility issue that can really be fixed from my end (I've tried a non-webgl build, it's very broken). It's quite surprising that you ran into that issue though, as webgl support is included in practically all modern browsers (including Safari 8.1+). 

Thank you for trying though! Means a lot!

Just to check, browser games that start when the page is opened like these look like they have input focus because music starts playing/stuff is happening on the screen, but they actually don't. Have you clicked on the game screen first then tried pressing Z? Just a thought!

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Oh, thank you for letting me know. I don't have a mac to test with but I'm unsure as to why there would be an issue on an HTML5 build, I'll look into it! Thanks.

Yes, unfortunately that's all the content I had time for in the timeframe! I did have a much cooler ending planned, but didn't have time to execute it in the 72 hours. I will be working on a post-jam release version that should be a longer and better designed experience based around the same concept over the next month or two though. 


I appreciate the feedback! Yeah I can see what you mean about the jump, it was definitely a rush to build all the content in time, which ended up with a lot of distances not being very well placed. 

Thanks, yeah I understand what you mean regarding the level design. It ended up feeling very much like a nes game in that respect as I was developing it, so I ended up rolling with it full force - which also meant some of the hidden parts and design is a little punishing. That said, I would definitely have liked to have had the time to properly place and design the levels, at least in a way that leads the player towards figuring out where and how they should explore.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! Hahaha, yeah, it doesn't help that some of the jumping platforms and layouts in the higher places are a bit of a troll to make you fall back down.

Thank you!!

Unfortunately I'm not able to play it due to the platform requirement, but congrats on getting something finished in the time! 

The levels were nicely put together, it was interesting to see some level of environmental storytelling in there. 

It's a shame that dying didn't work, since it's basically just space station sim now! The physics were nice, and it was cool that you could crash into other objects and they would float about.

As mentioned below though, movement was a bit rough and I got stuck in either the wall or floor 70% of the times I moved, which was a little frustrating.

Overall though, you did some nice work. Congrats.

Nice concept! Very nice shaders and art work. The game was kinda confusing at first, wasn't really sure what I was doing or the controls the first 2 times, and the fact you have to completely restart the program to try again was kinda annoying.

Gameplay-wise, I think it would have made more sense to be able to see a room after you've cleared it of sound, because in some cases, such as the outside area, if you stop all the sound you have to just press directions and hope you don't get stuck and find your way back to where you're supposed to be.

Overall though it was a neat game with some nice polish, good job!

Interesting concept! I think the balance could be tweaked a bit, I ran through with minimal error, only really flicking on the lighter when I was by the switch and then turning it off, but I still ran out with ~20 seconds to go.

I'm a little torn in regards to the way the levels have been built, on the one hand the small entryways to navigate, and abundance of furniture make it necessary to be able to see where you're going, but it's also a little frustrating always getting stuck running into walls, etc.

Also, as mentioned below, the mouse sensitivity is incredibly high by default, I had to really lower my mouse settings to make this playable.

Thank you very much!


BitPotion is a pixel font available in TTF format and will soon be available as a bitmap font as well.

The font contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and a range of commonly used symbols. I'm happy to provide any accented letters or symbols that aren't currently in the font upon request.

The average size of the characters is 4x7 for uppercase letters and 4x5 for lowercase, stretching to 7 with ascenders/descenders. 

Works best if used at font sizes in multiples of 16.

This font is free to use in both personal and commercial projects. Credit would be preferred. If you use it in a project of yours, I'd love to know about it!

Please do not resell or redistribute. 

Available under the CC BY-ND license.


Here's a link to the page:


Yeah UI scaling is my most hated part of development for sure! I'm on a 1366x768 if that helps! 

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the shots were a very rushed late night addition an hour before the end, so they ended up being way harder than they should have been! Yeah I can totally see that over such a short span of levels, it would likely need breaking in over a larger period to be easy to get used to!

Great idea, and really cool execution. Couple of issues I had, the browser version is pretty much unplayable, at least on a laptop, as the size of the iframe is way larger than the screen. It also basically freezes the browser. The windows version worked fine, but there were some small ui bugs, text getting cut off screen, not enough space for text in buttons etc. The game itself ran very nicely though, but was incredibly difficult! Might have been nicer to have a slower ramping difficulty curve. Great job.

Interesting concept! Big fan of the new art as well, looks great. The polish was nice, the transitions were very cool. Only slight complaint I guess is that it felt a bit too slow. Once you're restarting a stage a lot, it can get a little annoying the speed it takes to restart and then move around the blocks to get back where you need to be. Cool job for such a short timeframe though.