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Joeb Rogers

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Yeah UI scaling is my most hated part of development for sure! I'm on a 1366x768 if that helps! 

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the shots were a very rushed late night addition an hour before the end, so they ended up being way harder than they should have been! Yeah I can totally see that over such a short span of levels, it would likely need breaking in over a larger period to be easy to get used to!

Great idea, and really cool execution. Couple of issues I had, the browser version is pretty much unplayable, at least on a laptop, as the size of the iframe is way larger than the screen. It also basically freezes the browser. The windows version worked fine, but there were some small ui bugs, text getting cut off screen, not enough space for text in buttons etc. The game itself ran very nicely though, but was incredibly difficult! Might have been nicer to have a slower ramping difficulty curve. Great job.

Solid submission! I liked the art, and the particles added a nice level of polish + the colour changes at the beginning. Was a little too buggy and slow though unfortunately. I couldn't get the pressure pads to work at all, and eventually the cloning also felt like it got buggy and didn't work as intended. Would be cool to see what it would be like given more time though!

Interesting concept! Big fan of the new art as well, looks great. The polish was nice, the transitions were very cool. Only slight complaint I guess is that it felt a bit too slow. Once you're restarting a stage a lot, it can get a little annoying the speed it takes to restart and then move around the blocks to get back where you need to be. Cool job for such a short timeframe though.

It would've been nice to see some more content and tougher puzzles to show off the mechanics a bit more. Was pretty bare bones at the moment, but a nice idea. Also a small bug, when I tab out and tab back in, one of the cats is missing.

Really nice level of polish on this. Idea was cool and it played very well. Tutorials did a nice job of easing you into the mechanics too. Audio was good, if a little quiet, and the graphics were mostly nice too (besides that water texture lol). Only small thing to say is that the pop up text for interacting was a little difficult to see in that colour. Would've been nicer if it had the same treatment as the tutorial text on the boards, which was very nice.

Was a nice idea, and there was some good polish in what was there (wasn't expecting voice acting lol), unfortunately it was cut short very abruptly! Would've been nice to see what more content could have been there if you'd had more time. It played and felt very much like an old cartoon network flash game, which was interesting! One small bug I noticed was the thanks for playing screen was massively stretched and out of proportion for my screen. Good job though.

Nice theme and was a neat little runner. Unfortunate you didn't have an artist on the team to spice it up a bit! (Or audio). There were a couple of sections where it was pretty much impossible to get through and survive, and a couple of times I'd get stuck in objects. Also, damn that electric trap is hardcore, still can't avoid it! 

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Note that it was a song quote, and as such grammatical correctness was likely less of a focus.



Screenshot Link! (I have no idea how to embed the image).

I often find myself having to copy over folder structures from previous projects, or having to create whole new hierarchies from scratch when creating new projects. This is a less than ideal solution, particularly when working on something large or collaborative, where you may have several different directories for assets, documents, promotional material, your source itself, etc.

Directory allows you to design your project hierarchy once and then save it as a template, which you can deploy to a selected path at any time, saving you from going through all the hassle every time.

I have a couple more features planned which will make the tool even more versatile, such as file templates, but this is it for the first release.

I created it because I find myself starting a number of new projects, and hate having to go through this process every time. I hope it can be of use to somebody!

If you have any suggestions, feedback or issues, then don't hesitate to let me know!