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I was able to pretty easily cheese this hahaha

Please, in future, use Input.getaxis("Horizontal") Not only is it easier to code with, it has built in controller support, and built in keyboard mapping support.
I couldn't have fun with this till I manually remapped my keys from razer synapse, It just caused a mental barrier that was too harsh.

Exceptional! The only issue I has was that there was no momentum system. Besides that, it was incredible!

I like the mechanics, but the camera controls were really eh.
Could have used a sensitivity option and a mouse acceleration option.

Very good! But, the joystick sensitivity or curve, would have been way better if it was lower. Other than that awesome.

I feel like there should be a cooldown between shots, as it stands, a macro will destroy this game.

Fair call. I probably should have done more with the theme of the Jam.

The way it works is that each bird you kill makes the music quieter (it actually loops indefinitely otherwise.) and that each tree you cut down causes a bird to spawn. Basically my take on the theme was to see if I could make players feel bad about cutting down the forest using silence.

That said, there's probably more I could have done with this idea. Thanks for the feedback!