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You need to send an important message to Motherboard, be careful.
Submitted by Klonoz - Another Pixel Artist! (@klonoz) — 3 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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Your controls and camera design are excellent! The dash is so satisfying to use. I really like the visual contrast between the two environments as well.

Including the Assist Mode was much appreciated, I'd often use it to quickly return to where I died before continuing. There's some great atmosphere in your game world, and the title screen is very effective at setting the stage.

It would probably help to give enemy bullets a darker outline, or to increase their size: they can be a bit difficult to see, especially when moving at a quick pace. You may also want to start the respawn transition a little earlier, its spiral cutout nature means that you'll still be able to see what killed you while the screen is blacking out. It's just a little long for how often deaths occur.

I really liked playing this, thanks for sharing it!


This game has a really special presentation, it's got fantastic pixel art, moody and atmospheric yet surprisingly mostly accurate-sounding music, the sound effects are certainly pretty accurate, and there's not much here that wouldn't really be possible on a real Game Boy, as far as I was able to go you're sticking to only 1 BG layer and even the 3-colours-per-sprite limitation, all of which is very commendable!

All that said, I'm sorry I couldn't really get too into this game, the camera was a bit nausea-inducing, it pans to the direction you press a little too fast, and that makes everything harder to see, which leads to a lot of frustrating deaths... 

You have a lot of talent though, keep it up!


Ill make myself short. 1 track == <3, Metal gear feel to the bone man. Love it. Transition effect is lovely. No need for the camera changing to the direction you are looking at. etc etc. GREAT! Thanks for the play.


Nice game! The movement reminded me of Hyper Light Drifter, which's a good thing. Well done!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!


Nice ; u ; this game is based on a web serie that Im going to make, I hope that the next's updates keeps that bive <3


Ah good! You just got a new follower!


I always love games that require fine maneuvering! The graphics are crisp yet gritty and together with the espionage elements,  the game gives me some lovely Ghost Babel vibes. The screen transition is also quite unique, however, I found myself waiting for it to pass a whole lot, considering how many times I died before finally finishing. 


For real thanks <3<3<3<3