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Klonoz - Another Pixel Artist!

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Thank you so much for real!

Thanks for comment, You made a good use of the tiles, I like to see how artists take advantage of the limits imposed for this type of work, it conveys a good aura and it's also great that you put the reference that inspired your creation!

A big hug!

Thank you!!

I still have the editable file, do you want a new version with new stages? o__ O

Thank youu!!!! Im almost done with all the backgrounds of the game, I think that I have the 70% of all the graphics, so I only have to do the programming <3

Thank youuu <3

Hey!!! Thank you for real <3

For real thanks <3<3<3<3

Nice ; u ; this game is based on a web serie that Im going to make, I hope that the next's updates keeps that bive <3

I looking the games that are already uploaded for the community and is all rpg, the indie game that you want is the Rpg gender or can be any other gender?

Oh, thanks for real <3

No problem men, If you wanna improve your pixel art study the color theory, and see tutorials on youtube, and work in a low pallette, about 4 - 6 colors ;)

Hi! I use Aseprite and GameMaker Studio 1.4 <3
Aseprite is a great tool for make pixel art good luck bro <3

Thanks for real <3 

Thanks <3

Thanks bro :D

Nice Puzzles, with music the game has been worked more inmersive, but it's a good puzzle game ;)
10 of 10 Chest :D

Thanks bro <3