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Biketris (GitHub Game Off Jam 2018)View game page

A block stacking endless runner
Submitted by Pert "Vikerlane" S. (@toooldtoocold) — 23 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline

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Theme interpretation#24.3484.348

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GitHub repository

Theme interpretation
Biketris is hybrid of a block-stacking puzzle and endless runner.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great idea! Loved the concept, game and the wilhelm scream :)


Haha, someone did notice! For some crazy reason I've wanted to work that sound bite in for so long.

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Very funny idea :-)
Music is right on target 



I wish I could take credit for the music itself, the link to author is in game description, but I can take credit for painstakingly spending 10 minutes finding a perfect tune, eh? :)

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing! :)


But you selected it. And if it take you only 10 minutes, than I envy you. It took me lot more to decide.

It will be a great pleasure for me, if you will try my game


Concept is great. Also think the presentation and graphics are very well done. The gameplay and controls are a little clunky.


I don't consider art/design my greatest skill, so glad to see that hours of trying to make it look anything close passable have been noticed :)

And I agree, the playtesting took back stage while I was spending last week on getting it working in HTML version to make the jam deadline. 

Thank you again  for playing! :)


Little game play update, the block rotation should work a little bit better :)


Cool concept, too bad there's no feedback on the min distance of spaces you can place a block to and it just keeps moving to the right. I like it though ^^


Oh, like how close you can place blocks re biker? I did not even think about that, very good point! Because the way I've done the biker logic, technically you could get blocks in line to make him go up one row, but because check says it needs to boost one block before the raise, it'll still crash - in the end I thought it was very edge case and it was more important to polish other bits, mainly get HTML build running more smoothly.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it :)


I love it. I love simplicity, good color palettes and games that are fun without being overthinked. Well done.



For some reason I've ended up using edg16 palette for most of my stuff recently.

Thank you for beta-testing it early, it wouldn't be half as polished if it wasn't for your effort! :)


I really like the concept. I think it really is a great spin on tetris and works great for the theme as a hybrid. Art work is good too, my only issue is the first parallax layer with the trees. Something off about it and I can't tell what. Maybe the speed? Maybe the dithering? 


Glad you enjoyed it :)

Yeah trees are a bit weird one. I did them fairly early on and ended up tweaking all other things and left trees as not that important to gameplay.

It moves 2px at the same time blocks move 1px. At some point I had it so it moves 1px half the waiting time, but it started flickering with dither, so this seemed like more graceful way of doing it.

The colours and foreground/background are clashing a little bit too, so I agree, there's definitely room for more polish :)

Again, thank you for playing!


Someone else suggested speeding up trees as well, so new build has faster trees and faster bike animation, without changing the game speed. Any better? :)


Much better!

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