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Retro Bug FighterView game page

Atari like shooter game
Submitted by Miguel Morgado (@migcreatesgames) — 11 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline
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migcreatesgames #5686

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Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

The enemy AI is crazy on this thing, absolutely wiped me out on the first try XD I really wish it was easier because I couldn't kill a single enemy ;-;


I'll be updating the game soon so that you have more life and the enemy will have a pattern

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

i got absolutely destroyed nice work 


Thats reminds me 100 percent of the atari games. Its super fast and fun.  But i cant reacht more than 110 Points. Hard to keep up with the bullet speed.


It's definitely on the top of the games I've tried so far. I'd echo a few others who've mentioned the speed of things makes it hard to really feel a skilled play developing. It's somewhat random in how long you live because it just moves a bit too fast to dodge or retaliate.

Excellent job overall though. Keep up the great work.


I really liked the retro graphics. The enemy bullets were way too fast to try and read, but I liked the Arcade gameplay and would like to see it improved upon. Great Job!


The aliens appear to follow a set path that doesn't include the right side of the screen. Love the sound effects. Since the bugs shoot straight down, and I shoot straight up, I can't really shoot at them without getting shot myself, whenever there are more than 3 or so in the same spot.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Hey there! This is my rating for your game. keep in mind this is my personal opnion, and is by no means teh absolute truth. Lets strat on ambition: Nothin special here, just a simple 2d space shooter thingy, wich is TOTALLLY fine, but its a concept done and redone, without much more added. 2/5

Now onto Enjoyment:This is were im dont ahve much to say. In my opnion, this game in its currebt state is NOT fun. No time to react + erractic enemy movement and only 1 life, its simply not fun. With more polish, this could be a really fun game, but as of right now, i can give it more than 1/5.

Wich brings me to polish. This is tricky, since this is only a 3 hour jam, we cant judge a lot on polishing, but it defitively isint as polished as xacould be. It feels like you wasted too much time ADDING atufff and forgot the TESTING stuff phase. To be fair, it WORKS, just not in a great way. Also the UI is normal wich is bonus points form me. 3/5


Good review. I was going with it works and nothing too wild. Do make sure to check out my other games though that I had more time to really polish. I don't see updating this game like you said it's been done before. Maybe next one I'll do something easy, but unique