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thank you. U r absolutely right. Learn about particles is the next thing on my todo list.

Thank you for testing all games in your stream. Yes after the time was up I also realized that the balancing between fire rate, enemy spawn and health is not good. Next time I will try to play the game a little bit longer in the 3 hours.

Thank you. I tried to add a few particles but after a few minutes, I realized I know nearly nothing about particles in unity. I will learn about it, So that I can implement them in my next jam.

thank you for playing my game. I never got more than 50 kills in that game. U r absolutely right, a few more details are missing in this game.

Thats reminds me 100 percent of the atari games. Its super fast and fun.  But i cant reacht more than 110 Points. Hard to keep up with the bullet speed.

I like that game, would love to see a longer version of it. Realy enjoyable to play.

I like the simplicety of the game. Pong was my first game i tried to build, so i can relate. I also recognize the behavor of the paddles at the end. I would say its not a bug, its a feature ;)