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sometimes we just want someone to talk to, sometimes we don'tView game page

An empathy game about conversations and taking care of others. Entry for Extra Credits Game Jam #6
Submitted by tanatb (@ttanatb) — 6 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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sometimes we just want someone to talk to, sometimes we don't's page

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I love how sound voices of characters. The dog is very charming in conversation, especially when you pet him. I also liked the very fact that the idea of "active listening" was conveyed. Thank you for game!


Thank you for the game!

I really enjoyed it! The humor is great as is writing in general, and it was interesting to explore different outcomes. What fascinated me was the whole 'audiobotany' concept and how you played around it to explore ideas of social awkwardness, meaningful conversation, and emotional intelligence. Also, the world of this game looked and sound very strange, but this worked to sharpen the message rather than distract from it. Great work!


This has such a unique look and feeling to it with the way the graphics mesh the pixels with almost something that reminds me of the PS1 geometries. I really liked the vocalized SFX, the dialogue sounds really made me think of the old Rare games and helped bring a little bit of levity to the game I think. (And yes, the hellhound gets pets)

Nice work, I'd love to see more NPCs with different styles of empathy.


Thank you! I really appreciate the comment and that you took the time to play it, it really means a lot to me :) I'm glad that the visual style worked out and that you enjoyed the audio work.

Extra Credits has always been such an inspiration for me (it's why I decided to pursue a career in games) and I'm really glad to be able to make something for y'all to play!


LMAO. Great job


Thanks :) really appreciate the comment!


Wow the graphics are really unique and I like the consept and story of the game.

Maybe you can work a little bit on the sound design though...


I recorded all of the SFX myself and I have no regrets :)

Regardless, thanks for playing and for leaving a comment!


Awesome game! I love the interesting mix of 2D pixel art with the depth of 3D movement. The writing was clever too! 


Thanks for the kind comment :) I really enjoyed working in this art style and I can't wait to do more with it!


So this game surely was an experience! The writing was clever and funny. I might have broken the game thought. I talked to the person without glasses seed for the second time and upset them. Then they grew bigger and I could no longer interact with anything. Either way I loved the artstyle you went for! Really well done!


whoops, yeah -- I was running behind with writing all the dialogue and getting all the conditions right that I missed one route! Usually the game ends with a repeating dialogue with the hellhound essentially telling you that you're at the end.

Regardless, I'm glad you enjoyed the writing! It's my first time writing for a game so I'm sure am relieved the hear that :)


But this seed looked soooo gooood !...


om nom nom nom nom


Absolutely loved the graphics, and the overall game  ! :D 


Thanks! Really appreciate that you took the time to play it :)


This graphics are fantastic. And the writing was really nice too! Also really loved the vocal stabs for the text typing haha really added a nice touch! The dialogue system was fun, and the music was great! Really impressed this feels so fleshed out. The dialogue was a joy to work through, and the system you have seemed so diverse and robost it was really cool!

I didn't get to finish but I really want to come back to this one, it was really awesome wow can't believe you built this in such a short time!!


Thank you so much for your kind words -- it really means a lot to me! Honestly, I'm still recovering from the jam, but I'm really glad that you enjoyed it :)

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Man, really liked those graphics. How did you achieve this pixelated look? I'd really like to replicate it on some projects


This is the 'hack' I used for the pixelated look! Basically, the camera renders onto a texture (instead of the screen), that texture is then compressed down (creating the pixelation look), and finally another camera is set to look at a quad with the aforementioned texture.

Hope to one day create a render pipeline that achieves the same thing without this workaround :)


I see. I tried to implement something exactly like that in OpenGL, but i guess the lighting was too bad so i thought the problem was something else. My dream is to make a renderer that is able to perfectly get a pixelated feel without that pipeline aswell. Unfortunately job + college is taking a toll on my spare time


yeah, with graphics & rendering, I find that experience/knowledge really helps enable you to do more with fewer resources. I'm not the most knowledgeable in the topic, but I really like making things look pretty. Ultimately I think that doing the pixelation as a post-process type effect would work best (takes lighting into account, leaves all the work to the GPU).