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I love the poem generation and the recommend listening added a lot. There was something soothing about choosing the lines and molding the tone of the poem without having to write it. Even lines that I thought were repeat options generated new ones. And I really dig how the opening Take care takes on a lot of different meanings depending on what follows. This is very cool! 

One of my favorite poems from the game:

Take care

for eternity

the cool walls of the temple grow up to the sky

God moved to the basements of the temple

God whispers a secret to us:

my name is Elvis and here's the music

Wow. This game left me a bit speechless. A lot of games featured taking care of the earth or featured taking care of a baby of some sort, but this felt extremely effective by placing the pollution in direct opposition of taking care of the Hatchling. The gradual addition of the pollution elements goes a long way for having the player feel the difference as well as naturally introducing difficulty to the game. Nothing felt quite as helpless as watching the fish die and knowing there were fewer and fewer fish to feed the chick. Absolutely well done. 

Oh my god, I died laughing. I was trying to figure out if there was a way to let the narrator go before the credits dialogue acknowledged that. This was so fun and a great way to lean on the strengths of writing for a game jam game. Well done! 

What a fantastic game! I loved taking care of our dear dragon friend as we flew to the moon together. Chucking annoyances off from the dragon was hilarious and the sound effects with the little poof of money for the landlord really sold that. And calming him down after the lightning was too cute. Great work! 

The main mechanic to this is great, I like the random generation which helps keep rooms fresh and makes it so you have to inevitably try to maneuver  around and shoot with the tiny anitbabies. The ability to drop the babies to make it a little easier to shoot was much appreciated as well. Well done!

I love the way this implements so many different puzzle mechanics and uses the hedgehog dilemma to complicate things. Great use of the theme and the distancing challenge. I love the tutorials on the white boards, ans the sounds the hedgehogs make when they step into fire is heartbreaking in the best way (I had to grow used to that noise lol) A lot of clever level design too. Nice work!

This is feels like such a simple concept and yet is such a tricky game! It's incredibly well done from the art to the sound. The tutorial at the very beginning is incredibly helpful and sets the player's expectations of the game right from the start. I completely agree with the folks who mentioned it feeling right at home in an arcade cabinet. The limited colors also make everything feel super clear which helps prevent the game from getting too overwhelming. This is awesome though, congrats!

Oh god I couldn't stop laughing while playing this. The SFX and music are perfect, I deeply appreciate the section with Kiryu's karaoke and the banshee scream ability. A really strong core idea turned into an excellent game. Great work to the whole team! 

The aesthetics were great for this from the colors to the music to the sprite work. The story is nice and the writing is quite solid. It feels like a traditional western, and I'd love to see more of it. I really like the frame around the visuals which gives it a more silent movie kind of vibe to me. Great work! 

This has such a unique look and feeling to it with the way the graphics mesh the pixels with almost something that reminds me of the PS1 geometries. I really liked the vocalized SFX, the dialogue sounds really made me think of the old Rare games and helped bring a little bit of levity to the game I think. (And yes, the hellhound gets pets)

Nice work, I'd love to see more NPCs with different styles of empathy.

Oh my god haha this is so difficult but fun. I kept playing just to see what unfortunate fates could befall the cats. The sound effects are hilarious without being too gruesome. Loved it, nice work! 

It's a great relaxing game, I like the idea of tending the garden without having direct control over it. I was having a few issues with selecting the shovel and accidentally putting down water on the tile underneath the icon. I think the idea of plants combining is a very interesting and cool one. 

The art is also very unique. Nice work!

The visuals are incredibly polished for this! The music is very nice and I like the idea of keeping enemies off the crystals as well as keeping them under control. I could only get the water splash to fire once and one of the flying enemies got trapped in the higher ground, letting them fire on one of the crystals while I couldn't hurt them. 

The UI looks great, especially the mini map which is incredibly helpful. This is an impressive amount of work for 3 days, congrats to the team!

I love the scream sound effect for the cactus! A lovely game, the platforming felt great. I did accidentally drop Zoey in the lava while I was trying to jump (too many games using space to jump haha) which was heart breaking especially right at the end of the level. Had a great time, nice job!

As an older sibling, I really enjoyed the story! I like how the story emphasized building trust with your sibling by letting them take the initiative, appreciating their interests and giving them their own space. The art was very nice and I like the CGA color use for the character names. Thank you for the very wholesome experience!

The art is adorable and so charming! It's a lovely relaxing game. I love the cookie for when you get just a few things wrong (looks more like the cookies I make hah) and I love the dialogue for Chip. Lovely work!

Loving the blend of the 2D & 3D elements! The integrated tutorial was much appreciated at the beginning. It was a little tricky to aim horizontally without any ability to zoom out from the camera angle and getting to some southern areas meant the wall got in the way of being able to aim and play. Some added sound effects might also help communicate to the player that they're charging their hit and let them know when they're at a hard vs soft hit. Nice work!

The ragdolling is hilarious. I stacked all of the customers up on the tanning bed and there was something magic about watching them go spinning. A lovely wacky game, I love it. Nice work!

The way the ducklings move and work feels very similar to the way I've seen ducklings behave in real life, with the adult duck running back and forth to try and shepherd them. The limited palette is really nice! 

A small touch, but I love changing the scale of the window from the start screen by using the duck, that was a really cool detail. Missed that eighth duckling & some of those puzzles are a bit tricky. Nice work!

Love the F to pay respects haha. It was a really nice game,  I love the idea of scaring away the grave robbers and the ghost cats were so cute. I'd love to see more with the possession mechanic, and I had a little bit of trouble getting the timing of the boos correct to scare them off. This was great!

This is so wholesome. It's nice to walk around and just see what other folks have to say. It's lovely to come across a group and add your own continuation. It's so simple on it's surface, but really impressive to have created in 3 days! 

I appreciate the quote at the beginning which helps contextualize the need to explore. It made me really want to find the boundaries and I was surprised and delighted to find people outside of the main group around the center. Great work!

This is really impressive for having been done in a single day! I was having a little trouble with clipping through environments, especially during the trash collecting segment where the character was a little slippery and had a tendency to fall off the map. The music choices were great and the narration was quite solid. Thank you for a game with such a lovely message!

Wow. One, this game is right up my alley as a big fan of short horror games. Two, you used the minimalist color pallet so well to help communicate vital information to the player which was excellent to see and minimized the feeling of ever being stuck or lost which can be a problem in these tight narrative games. 

Really love the ever shifting rooms and especially ESPECIALLY liked the room that had the instructions on the chalkboard. I'm not a big fan of jump scares but that was spooky without there being a jump scare there. Just REAL unsettling in the best possible way. I like the variation in the eye designs as well. Great experience all around, very nice work!

This is so impressive! The pixel art is adorable and really sells the cuteness of all of the cats. The sound is cute without being too frequent and there was a lot of delight in finding the two minigames with the cat toys! I love the small touches like the blurbs for the cats when you adopt them. Everything is very clearly communicated to the player. This is really well done, congrats!

The character design and expressions in their dialogue boxes were excellent, I love the arms that come out of Core's head while he's fishing/interacting with things! A very cute game. Navigation on the boat was a little troublesome because of all of the objects in the water with collision. I enjoyed the game a lot though, nice work!

I love the 4th wall Bad End and appreciate the small text in the bottom corner. Nice work! 

The visuals are so simple but exactly what is needed for the game. It's a gorgeous game and the audio is perfect. I love how the sound of the projectiles hitting the heart sound like breaking glass or ceramic which really nails down that fragile feeling. 

I appreciate when the retry puts you to the last section you were at instead of starting all the way over, it was helpful to keep the momentum of the experience. 

Such a lovely short game, thank you for making it. 

I love this concept a lot! I think the added feature of limiting the player's view to keeping the cat is a really interesting mechanic that could be used to set up interesting problems. The sound design was a little loud for me, I was a little startled by the first projectile I shot haha. 

Having a tutorial area to let the player get used to the mechanics a safe distance from enemies was also a great move. All in all, a really interesting game, nice work!

The sprite work is great for the player and the enemies! The shield mechanic is cool & once you get the purple upgrade, you feel much stronger compared to the starting weapon. Good work!

I love the pokemon like look to the game and the jellyfish friend is a very cute sprite! I seemed to have gotten the shooting sound stuck on loop at a point, but I enjoyed the premise and thought that the use of the limited palette was really well done!

Oh goodness the robot sprite is SO cute! The holding down to jump like a spring is definitely an interesting idea. I was having a little trouble with the platform collision boxes that made some of the jumps weirdly tricky. But I love the idea of tossing his head around for puzzles. Keep up the great work!

This was a really enjoyable game! I was terrible I admit and was very good at timing the bounce just right to miss all of the orbs lol. Despite that, it was still a lot of fun, and the squares both feel like they have a nice weight to them. Congrats!

I was having some trouble getting the Audit system to work, no matter how much I took care of people there was no way to know what my reputation was with the district. But I really like this idea and would love to see more of it.

I love the sprite work for this game! I was having a little bit of trouble with how much time there was between being able to swing my sword and distinguishing between the bugs that gave me yellow energy vs green energy. Very lovely work though!

I love using the theme to talk about an endangered species. The music was quite lovely and relaxing. I like the premise a lot! I wish the wind was a little slower or telegraphed a little more clearly to the player what direction it was moving in. Dodging sometimes felt a bit more like luck. But I enjoyed playing it a lot! Nice work.

I love this interpretation of the theme and the building of a shared language in teams. I've only read through the rule book, but it reminds me a bit of Mountain of Madness, which I adore. Great work, I'm looking forward to trying this with my boardgame group.

A very cute game! The sound design is really nice and helped me keep up with what was going on even when I wasn't looking at the machines which was quite helpful. Great job!

There's a lot of great ideas in here. I especially like the idea involved in characters not being in communication or combat happening 'off-screen' so to speak to create a sense of tension. There are a lot of great instances of using rule examples to help build out the world you're imagining like the example you included of a group using RAM. Will definitely be trying this out with my game group and I look forward on seeing how it develops if you choose to keep working on it!