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Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks, i'm glad you liked it.

You tricky fox !


So every choice is a bad choice, huh ?!


It's really too bad that it's not finished because the idea is great. It may seem that this kind of game loose part of its charm if you can just go back in time and change everything but i think you could explore this mechanics in very interesting way by letting the player exploring the timeline in details : it's possible that the same decision have different consequences due to pure luck, that the player create time paradoxes, run out of "time fuel" or have to rewind back to the beginning of the story to realize that an action that seemed mundane was, in fact, decisive in the future.

The sounds and visuals fit nicely together.

Yiha ! That's a fun game, i really like the humor.

The mechanics are rich and you really have to learn how it works, it's interesting all the way.

the difficulty is just right in my opinion, but the graphics and sounds aren't very refined and i think there is a misspelling of 'mercury' in the menu (or is it a joke i didn't get ?).

the fact you have to move one of your hand to the enter key to advance in the dialogues is kinda annoying, it would have been better to advance at the press of the mouse button (or better yet, of *any* key).

Good job.

There is no sound ? :'(

The fact there is no guide makes it impossible to win on the first try : you're only able to win once you know where the different tasks take places. The mix between mouse and keyboard control is a terrible idea : if you should have your two hands on the keyboard, make it possible to advance in the dialogue by pressing a keyboard key (especially if the timer starts right after the last line of dialogue).

The concept is fun and i like the implication that billy's candy is in fact drugs that modify his perception of time.

The game is beautiful and it feels nice to move around (nice sound design and animation) but the level design is kinda weird : there is an X and an arrow pointing down in the third level (i think) and going down only makes you realize you have to grab the key *before* going down. The time stop mechanics is interesting but timing it properly is hard (which is ironic), and it's kind of frustrating that there is always a sign telling you to use it and it is useless/dangerous (because you fall of platforms) to use it anywhere else.

I couldn't go past the fourth level because of nasty slowing down bugs, but it was nice to discover this little world. I really liked the cute/gore contrast.

Beautiful and interesting game. The controls are just too frustrating for me. Still managed to stay alive 2'35''.

Thanks a lot for your kind words.

The 4 hit limit is indeed problematic, but i couldn't find a way to increase the length of the game without making it too hard or too uninteresting. I'll think about it.

I should also point out the fact that while the canvas height diminish, the perceived speed of fragments and bullets stay the same, so the time it take for them to hit is actually reduced.

I'm glad you had some fun.

Yet another argument saying that expensive tools aren't necessary to make great music

I usually remove a lot of things in the polishing phase but didn't have the time : its still messy on many levels. Thanks for your feedback.

I can't either, but the machine does. ;)

Very fun and coherent. I love the 90s style : trackers are so cool.

Thank you for your kind words. I used a 17/8 signature and actual bird samples.

Yes, it's a 17 step pattern : it adds a little something at the end of each bar.

Amazing work. i have a love-hate relationship with the piano sound you really made it shine in the arpeggios of the prelude. I also love the contrast between the two drums of bloody storm.

I don't really know how to fix that, though...

I would have liked to have more time to put into the polishing of the first song, but it's the game ! Thanks a lot for your comment.

Thanks a lot, i'm glad i was able to convey the main idea i wanted to convey.

I couldn't have said it better.

Pls stop, i'm blushing...

The overall result is nice but the two songs lack contrast in my opinion.

The toy piano is a really nice touch : it gives a sense of reality and fragility.

Go is a total banger !

(1 edit)

Great song ! It really gives an old PC adventure game vibe.

Why the sax at 2'12" ? XD

I love the contrast between the two parts : it's a nice touch to have kept the melody. It makes the song very coherent and rich at the same time. The drums on the first part doesn't sound medieval, though, and clashes with the other sounds.

I love the drum leitmotiv but some sounds seem kinda out of place (like some choruses or the synth arpeggios at the end of 'guardian').

Great sound design ! Maybe adding some contrast would have helped make this song even more interesting.

I love the transposition at 46''. The song would probably benefit of more variations of the melody.

Not much to say : you know what you are doing.

You should try each if you didn't already : it's two very different experience that are interrresting in their own way.

I use the web editor, i download the source by clicking "download" and then upload the source on the page. I choose the "play in browser" option and let do its thing.

just make them : Audacity is free

damn you, plague infused red triangle ! don't touch me !

Thanks for the feedback. Choosing the first color to pop wasn't obvious : if i start with orange, the player can understand the defusing mechanic by doing nothing (and understand naturely that he should 'collect' the blue mines, it's more friendly to non-gamer) but if i start with the blue mines, the rythm is better (the action start right at the beginning and there is a slower phase before the "mixed colors" waves).

You finished it ! Until a late stage of development i had no music for the end so i tried to think of something sad for the death and happy for the win : evangelion is what came out of my synth.
Thanks for the feedback on the visuals, i though it was contrasted enough but maybe my view was biased by the time i didn't want to spend in redrawing the sprites.

You're not the first to not speak french, if i have the time, i'll translate the dialogue. I'm glad you liked the game, thanks a lot for the feedback.

But this seed looked soooo gooood !...