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You should try each if you didn't already : it's two very different experience that are interrresting in their own way.

best game ever !
5/5 !

I use the web editor, i download the source by clicking "download" and then upload the source on the page. I choose the "play in browser" option and let do its thing.

just make them : Audacity is free

damn you, plague infused red triangle ! don't touch me !

Thanks for the feedback. Choosing the first color to pop wasn't obvious : if i start with orange, the player can understand the defusing mechanic by doing nothing (and understand naturely that he should 'collect' the blue mines, it's more friendly to non-gamer) but if i start with the blue mines, the rythm is better (the action start right at the beginning and there is a slower phase before the "mixed colors" waves).

You finished it ! Until a late stage of development i had no music for the end so i tried to think of something sad for the death and happy for the win : evangelion is what came out of my synth.
Thanks for the feedback on the visuals, i though it was contrasted enough but maybe my view was biased by the time i didn't want to spend in redrawing the sprites.

You're not the first to not speak french, if i have the time, i'll translate the dialogue. I'm glad you liked the game, thanks a lot for the feedback.

But this seed looked soooo gooood !...

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it.

i hate puzzles and bad temperature units but this is a good game.

Also i would have translated the text in english.

Very beautiful

fun and cool

I had the idea of a two-color gameplay and discarded the idea of using the ms-dos palette because it seemed impossible to achieve the two conditions at the same time. But some really made it works (i'm thinking of 'rely' but there is probably other games).

great game ! good atmosphere and great interactive feel. I got stuck because the signal i choose for stopping was too long.

The game looks good and the tutorial feels good but i can't really play it : the shot doesn't go where my mouse is. It looks like the angle my mouse is describing is shifted. I run the game in firefox.

also the sound effect is probably too loud.

or i was too bad. Either way i couldn't get past the 4th level.
Maybe the jumping conditions should be less strict ? if you fall on the side of a platform and your arm touch it, you can't fall (because your arm is in contact) but you can't jump (because your feet aren't), that's pretty frustrating.

that's the "time's up" sound. i heard it several times ;)

Except the mouse in the title screen and the star background.

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Yes, my mates and me made everything. Thanks for the appreciation.

It's not really too loud, but the sound of dying came too often.


beautiful and frustrating

Very beautiful.

HaHa ! So much honey !

Thanks for your feedback.

This game is very fun and beautiful on many levels, but sound isn't one of them ;)

Cute !

fun game ! My ears didn't bleed that much ;)


i think i

Very fun and beautiful !
i can't approve you music choice, though.


i walked left and was like "wow, so deep, so relaxing"
then i tried walking right and damn, those cars aren't relaxing.

Great game !
The dampening effect on the music that occurs when you get an item is weird.

i hope there is nothing new after 4pts, because i couldn't get past it ! The dampening effect on the music when you collect a diamond is a little weird.
Overall, it's fun and beautiful.

Some passages are really frustrating (like sliding when standing on a moving platform or being slow) but overall, it's a lot of fun.