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Thank you, this was beautiful!

The art, the music, the writing are all work great to create this magical melancholic atmosphere. I liked the spatial contrast between the opening scene and the confined room. And how freely you changed perspectives for those scenes. And the radio tower - the radio tower was my favorite!

Thanks for the game!

The setup got me interested, but then it all got too confusing. Sinister palette swaps and foreshadowing through tapes got me a bit startled at first, but then I've approached the scary monster and it did nothing to me. Also, the story behind the company was a mess: were they throwing people down the halls, or feeding them to the beast? why are they doing it? what are they producing? Why are my coworkers such dicks? The game got me interested in those questions, but never actually delivered on answering them, thus the horror has lost its weight for me.

Also, I think I've encountered a bug:

Looks cool! Thanks, I'll check it ou

Bitsy game as a business card! Now I've seen it all.

Seriously, though, neat idea. Looking forward for new games from you.

Thanks for the game!

I was so frustrating no to be able to access the other part of the maze! Yet another great project fell victim to procrastination...

Very nice floor and wall patterns! the screen is very densely filled with tiles, but it never feels cramped or too busy. And I admire your restraint in use of color: it would have been so easy to overuse the colors hack and make the game look too motley, but you've avoided it.

The level design and puzzles are of the highest quality! Maze mechanics are well introduced and strike balance between simplicity and complicacy. It's a pity there's only so little of the maze you can explore! The checkpoint system is neat too, although on my first playthrough I've headed immediately into the warp room and didn't know what combination to use to get out of it. So maybe 911 hint should be included inside the room too.

Also, I think I've noticed a bug: you can get onto the wall from a specific tile without ladder (see screenshot below)

Your welcome!

Oh, so there's a third ending! I'll try looking for it then

Thanks for the game!

A nice story with an interesting twist! I liked the colors: playful pink and dim black contrasted with each other to create this sort of sad but hopeful feeling. I also liked the transition from mundane blockish smartphone interphase to more unhinged and free dreamlike space.

Reading all the messages was interesting. In just a few unobtrusive lines you've made the protagonist a believable person. That's good writing!

Thank you for the game!

I love the concept and the execution too. It has this bittersweet feeling, playful, but also almost tragic. And the music really works well to establish this intricate feeling. Great job!

Thanks for the game!

I liked the soft colors, but they felt a bit out of place in this tragic almost noir story. Maybe more dark colors with sharper contrasts would have fit better? Also, using different palettes for different rooms would have add nice variety. The design for some of the characters was nice, though! I liked bouncer models with their thin waists and large chests and shoulders. As for the environments, I was a bit confused as to where (and when) exactly the story happens, as there were no additional details to better establish the game world. The bloodstain on the floor looked striking though!

I've managed to find 2 different endings, that both have the main character killed. I've spent some trying to find another one, cause I didn't want the story to end on a sour note, but I guess this is a tragedy, after all.

The music I felt was ok, it helped me get into the scene and fit the overall emotion of the game.

I think dialogs are good. It was neat to talk to different people at the bar and get their reactions. They didn't make sense all the time, but I liked the Metropolis reference! If only this quote was actually connected somehow to the main story... Which was confusing. Although I think I've gotten the main plot, there was so little information about the main character or the deed he is redeeming, so it was hard to really sympathize with him. 

Overall I think the game has a good presentation, and has potentially an interesting story at its core, but is somewhat janky on the narrative side. 

Thanks for the game!

The image of the building was confusing at the beginning, but then it struck me that it's a view in perspective! Very impressive, helps to sell the height of the building. With that said though, windows design doesn't really fit this view: they should have diagonal edges too, just as the walls. The color palette fits well with the street, but I feel like more palettes could have been used to better differentiate the interior of the building, especially if it's implied that it is on fire. Also, I think that it would have been nice to have more animations: of the policeman, of the fire, maybe some street details - to make this place look more convincing.

The game almost made me think that it's unbeatable, but then I've remembered my goal and started looking for the suvivor. It was hard, but I've managed to find them. I don't know if I liked this puzzle: on the one hand, it reflected that rescuing people can be hard, but on the other game made very little to suggest that the person will be hard to find and it seemed somewhat unrealistic. Maybe, adding more text descriptions to the objects in the office could hint at where should I be looking. Also, from the inside, the building turned out to be just two stores high and not as impressive as it looked from the outside.

Overall, the story is simple, but well put together and engaging. The game is small but focused and has some interesting ideas in it. I think it would benefit from more visual variety.

Thank you for the game!

Great use of palette swaps to indicate transition from a dream to reality. The colors are very interesting too: brown and purple is an unusual combination and looks, unlike any school I've been to. It creates a sense of strangeness. Character design is funny! I think it was interesting how her shape was mirrored by some of the backgrounds as if to highlight that it all was happening in her head.

The gameplay was surprisingly varied for the Bitsy game. Switch to 3D looked especially impressive, although it was unclear that I had to press enter to be able to move in it. 

Writing helped build up the anxiety very effectively! I immediately recognized this kind of dream by the kinds of thoughts you might have in your head during it. 

Overall the experience was jarring, but I feel like this was the intention of the game: to create a strange atmosphere of a nonsensical nightmare.

Thank you for the game!

The structure looks impressive, both from the outside and from the inside. Color gradients are very naturalistic and the pixel art is of the highest quality, the whole image feels as if it is a real object in space.

It was interesting to be able to look at the structure from the inside. Alas, it's a pity that there's no way to interact with it and know more about what's going on. 

Overall, it's unfortunate that you were unable to finish the game as you've planned. It would have been interesting to go on an adventure in this strange structure and explore its history. Although, this ironically makes your game a perfect fit for the theme "unfinished business" :)

Предлагаю автору игры организовать турнир на звание лучшего исследователя дальних земель.

Со своей стороны готов оказать организационную поддержку!


I'm glad you've found my game practical :)

The game is very sterile visually most of the time, but this works great to create the kind of sterile corporate environment. The palette swap was very effective and was even kind of frightening. I also liked the main character's shrugging his shoulders animation as if saying 'I don't know, maybe', which kinda fits his personality. All the office objects are simple and minimalistic, but easily readable and even somewhat elegant in design. With that said, I didn't immediately recognize a + sign as a mannequin head, M in the PM sign looked more like H, and also Jane's model looked a bit blurry and strange. Also, nice choice of the background color for the web page: the contrast highlighted the game space nicely.

I was somewhat confused by the ever-present dollar signs. No text appeared when I picked them up, and they have seemingly had no effect on the game. But they looked especially out of place right after the scene with the mannequin destruction and in the maze.

The story is really strong. An interesting detail: a subtle outline around the edge of the screen makes the office look like a cage with no exit. This is almost unnoticeable, but it creates this claustrophobic atmosphere and foreshadows mental breakdown. Also, it is interesting that the character enters just once and then he sort of never leaves the office, as if his life outside of it doesn't exist. The environmental storytelling through objects that people have left in the office works well to explain the world outside and how it affects the main character. Also, the breakdown itself is striking and is very emotionally truthful. Some of the lines, though, did confuse me a bit. For example, I didn't understand what "mannequin Fridays" means, why is Kevin calling one of the mannequins "bitch" and why are there mannequins in the office for that matter. Also, Kevin's transition to mannequin talking has happened too soon for it to be understandable. I think adding some more events before this would have made his reasons more clear. The maze as a metaphor for alcoholism is great, but I wish there were more details about how exactly Kevin was able to defeat it would and get back to work. I think that the moment at the end, when the outline that surrounds the screen breaks to reveal the exit is really strong. But I've noticed that you can leave the office whether you have talked to Jane or not and this actually gives you a different ending line. While it's nice to make room for different player choices, in this particular moment I felt like the ability to leave the office without making a connection with Jane is making the final statement of the game weaker. Kevin was stuck in the office before, being unable to leave, but now he suddenly can do this with no apparent reason. For me leaving the office without talking to Jane was never a viable or an interesting option, so there's no real moral choice here.

It's a small thing, but on the technical side, I've noticed that some of the dialog lines were interrupted by room transition, which was a bit distracting.

Overall, I must say that this game struck a chord with me. As a fellow game developer, I know first-hand about the mental health issues that accompany this job. And you were able to present them in an earnest and believable way, which is a big achievement! One thing I might suggest is adding disclaimers to the game description that the game contains swearing and depicts such issues as alcoholism, mental health disorders, and depression. But aside from that, I think you've done a nice job tackling this painful issue.

Спасибо за игру!

Визуально игра очень приятна! Теплые, нежные цвета, без резких контрастов, но достаточно хорошо отличимы на фоне друг друга. Мне очень понравился дизайн персонажей и анимации. Также видно, что в проработку деталей окружения было вложено много сил. В то же время, некоторые объекты не совсем хорошо считывались (например, холодильник или стол). Особенно интересно выполнены экраны телевизора и планшета! Правда, жаль, что на экране новостей нет анимации. Но зато Totally Spies выглядят отлично!

Поначалу немного сбивают с толку триггеры на сцене. Но когда понимаешь, что за ними скрываются интересные описания или диалоги, начинаешь методично исследовать каждую сцену, чтобы ничего не пропустить. Правда, жаль, что во многих сценах не сообщалось новых деталей и персонажи ничего не говорили. На мой взгляд, это упущенная возможность. Вообще же исследовать игру в поисках различных концовок и новых деталей было интересно! Разочаровывало, когда оказывалось, что некоторые пути не ведут к новым концовкам (например, экран с рыбалкой и охотой). Также в сцене с циклопом геймдизайнер призывает не убивать его, но игроку и так не предоставляется такой возможности. На мой взгляд, можно было бы добавить переходы между сценами, чтобы обратить внимание игрока на то, что время прошло и история сдвинулась дальше.

Мне очень понравились персонажи Лили, Влада и Джули. У каждого из них чувствуется свой характер, и поданы они с юмором и душой. Однако, жаль, что в некоторых сценах с персонажами невозможно было взаимодействовать. Диалоги сквозят легкой, ненавязчивой иронией над абсурдностью ситуации, в которой мы находимся, и читать их приятно. Но есть несколько странных мест, где текст читать совершенно неинтересно (рыбалка и охота). Также странно, что перемещение в эти экраны не ведет к другой концовке. По идее персонаж отвлекается от общего дела на чтение статей об охоте и рыбалки, но почему тогда это не приводит к тому, что он срывает процесс придумывания игры? Также, стоит уделить больше внимания вычитыванию текстов на предмет грамматических ошибок.

К сожалению, игра не лишена некоторых технических проблем. Из-за большого разрешения игра не помещается у меня на экране компьютера и окно приходится прокручивать. Переход в полноэкранный режим решает эту проблему, но все-таки хотелось бы иметь возможность играть и без него. В игре есть несколько нелогичных переходов, когда персонаж выходит в один экран, и тут же попадает в другой, или когда возвращается на предыдущий экран, хотя по идее должен был бы пройти на следующий. Также подсвеченные клетки с переходами иногда работают странно: в некоторых сценах они никуда не ведут, а также после первого прохождения с них исчезает подсветка.

В целом игра оставила очень приятные впечатления и заставила не раз улыбнуться. Интересно, как автор сумел рассказать увлекательную историю о том, как у него не получалось приступить к созданию игры. Стоит уделить время исправлению технических ошибок и некоторых нелогичных переходов, но в целом игра замечательная!

Thank you for the game!

I liked the bird's design and animation, and the word PISA in the list title looked interesting too. With that said, more contrast between sprites and background could have made sprites stand out more. Also, the tower and the background would have benefited from more details. The tower especially looks too abstract and simplistic to me. But overall, I think that the minimalist visual style looks fine.

The idea to link in-game time to character movement is interesting! But I feel like it could have been used to create more interesting situations. For example, what if after talking to the bird you could go back in time and talk to the cat again, but this time saying that you will not build the tower?

The story is short and funny and I liked how abruptly it ends - this adds to the overall absurdist humor of the situation. But it feels like some key information is presented poorly. For example, it is unclear what the word PISA, in the end, has to do with the plot about the architect who tried to build the tower. Is it a hint that the game takes place in Pisa and we were building the leaning tower of Piza? Was the tower leaning by initial design, or was it leaned because the bird hit it? I was unsure if any of this is the case at the end of the game.

I think I've encountered several technical issues. I've managed to walk above some of the transition points and have gotten to the end room without triggering the bird to move down.

Overall this game made me smile but also left me confused about what it was trying to say. I think that this can be improved by fixing the bugs, adding more narrations in some key moments (to explain what's happening), or adding more visual details to tell the story.

Thanks for the reply!
I'm glad you've liked my game!
Have you managed to puzzle through the testing phase?

Thanks for the game!

I'm glad that the learned cat has finally had a day-off. He deserved it after all his years of service. Creative work is exhausting, after all.

Also, kudos for re-imagining the Russian classic. It was nice to see all those characters that I knew from childhood in a more relaxed and sort of 'behind the scene' setting.

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I did not! But it sounds cool, where can I try it?
I'll gladly leave my feedback on it too!

As I've noticed working on bigger projects that require 100+ rooms/palettes/dialogs, navigation really becomes an issue. Some system for these objects akin to what we have now for images would be super helpful. Also, it would be nice to overall improve image navigation: add an option to create folders and subfolders, sort things alphabetically and by creation date, select multiple items at once, change the size of the miniatures in the explorer, etc.

As of recently, I've also noticed several annoying bugs:

1. can't duplicate dialogue with multiple nested conditions

2. when multiple exits with conditions are placed above each other, only one of them works

3. when adding a lock or a dialog for an exit for the first time, can't select an already existing one and have to create a new one (this one more of a usability issue)

Thank you! I'm glad you've liked it :)

Thanks! I'm glad you've liked our humble attempts at recreating sealife images :)

No problem! Glad you've found my comment helpful

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Thanks for the game!

Nice music and color! This story felt like a teaser of something bigger.

P.S.: after reading the comments I realized there are multiple endings and replayed the game several times, but failed to find one. Alas, Atlantis secrets will remain hidden from me!

Thanks for the game!

I liked the adventure and exploration elements, although transitions between rooms were jarring and inconsistent sometimes. Some of the quest items were also barely noticeable thanks to them being the same color as the background. Nice title screens though!

Also, this story of the tribe's gold in the end is really elaborate for no reason, which was weird! 

Thank you for the game! 

I liked how friendly and kind it was. Also, the background animations blend almost seamlessly with the game itself - nice detail blending the game with its page!

This was cute!

The game ends somewhat abruptly, but the mermaid's image is very neat. 

And also - I'm glad I'm not a fish, or else I would have troubles playing your game :)

Thanks for the game!

The close-up of the hand was very cinematic, and I liked that you've restrained from closing-up on anything else, given the subject matter of the story. Also, music is very interesting: it sounds almost like some twisted clock and helps build up an uneasy atmosphere.

Thanks for the game!

It was pretty challenging but interesting!

Oh, caves would be perfect for the next jam! We should definitely pitch this theme

This felt so quaint, almost like an old music box or a fold-out book with fairytales, or a filmstrip my parents used to show me when I was a kid. The music score is very fitting, and I liked how the seamlessly 'story space' shifted into a literal undersea cave, as the story got darker and the narrative changed its perspective.

Beautiful work! 

Thank you for sharing this experience! It made me remember the first time I saw the sea and was amazed by its beauty.

Favorite line: 'Oh, I'm fine, just dead'.

Thank you for this strange little experience!

Thanks for the game!

The sound effects are fun, and I liked how goofy the story ends. I also liked exploring some of the areas - especially caves.

With that said, the game's so lush with colorful detail, that I had some troubles finding points of interest sometimes. Pointing arrows helped, but they somewhat took away from the exploration. Also, sometimes it's not clear what tiles are passable and what aren't.

Cool, thanks!

Would you agree that this game offered a complete immersion? ;)

I played on my laptop!

Wow, cool, a secret ending! We never got to it though, you've managed to hide it really well.

It is quite challenging, but just enough to keep me trying to replay it to reach the high score. I liked how controls are responsive an how little red arrows appear whenever a new asteroid is about to spawn.

With that said, after reaching the score of 14, asteroids and coins just stopped spawning for whatever reason and I kept floating in a complete void. I guess that meant that I've reached the true deep space?

Thanks for the game!

It is quite challenging, but just enough to keep me trying to replay it to reach the high score. I liked how controls are responsive an how little red arrows appear whenever a new asteroid is about to spawn.

With that said, after reaching the score of 14, asteroids and coins just stopped spawning for whatever reason and I kept floating in a complete void. I guess that meant that I've reached the true deep space?