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Your perception determines your reality in this object-permanence breaking puzzle game.
Submitted by Gamer Time inc. — 2 minutes, 44 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#403.9743.974

Ranked from 39 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does you game fit the theme?
This game fits the theme by having puzzles designed around cubes that are not real depending on if they are being viewed.

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
No. The trees, grass and rock models as well as the outline code were free downloads from the Unity Asset Store (credit with links given in project description). Everything else was modeled and programmed from scratch.

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Super neat idea, and I think you showed off your core mechanics well in each new level.

I'm not sure I beat the second-to-last level correctly ("Hanging Around", I think it was). I got stuck in the side room with the box, and I just sprinted backwards at the green wall repeatedly until I was fast enough to get through. Was that intended?

Also, I have a few quick comments regarding accessibility:

- I'm glad that you picked Blue and Green for the block colors, since those are easier to distinguish with colorblind vision.

- Please always check "Scale With Screen Size" on your Screen-Space Unity Canvases!! It's a simple, quick way to make your game loads more accessible by having standardized and reasonably-sized UI elements across all screen resolutions. I did not even notice the dialogue at the top of the screen for a while since it was so small ;)

- I really appreciate your sensitivity slider. Those are super important for first-person Unity WebGL games

Great job!


i love it! every puzzle is interesting and the mechanic is really cool, very well made :)


Spotlighted your game in my video!

Really fun game! I enjoyed the build up of the difficulty across the levels and the soothing ethereal soundtrack helped me keep my anger in check during the parkour level. Great job guys!

Clever, and the puzzles are very well-designed. Definite Portal vibes. I think this is nicely done.


Great game pretty fun and interesting puzzles, really liked the audio design and the difficulty curve is pretty nice ending in the hell of a parkour section that surely didnt take me like 20 minutes to beat, Puzzles great but the movement feels a bit off with no momentum or anything so the jumping felt too floaty and not really precise, like when you jump and turn mid air you shouldnt be able to move at full velocity on that direction but ofc this is just for the last section since it was all about platforming.

Really intersting puzzle game would to see more of it, great job


Very cool mechanic and very good level design. My only complaint is it's very punishing, especially when you get to the parkour. Maybe have a deadzone just at the edge of the screen so you can glimpse the platforms without them deactivating. Or a slight delay so if you look away quick enough they don't deactivate. But overall very cool game, great work!

Lots of fun! Great use of time!


Really clever mechanic! Definitely Portal vibes. Played at , thanks for stopping by!


That was a really fun game, idk if it was just me but it gives me portal vibes 😂

I really like the concept, that parkour level was the death of me😂
idk if it was really implemented but I think it would have felt nicer with a coyote jump implemented in the platforming, I sometimes were just a second off jumping,

But everything feels really nice, and the difficulty curve is well implemented,

Great work!


Great game! Really fun, and I'm impressed with how many levels you were able to put together during a single week. This really feels like it could become a full-length game!


great looking game and tight controls - portal 2 vibes


cool game bro. do you mind rate my game too thanks!


Thank you for the review! I have already rated your game (:  I really liked it


i rate it 5/5 theme

please rate my game too


Thank you for playing! I've rated yours!


fantastic entry! I couldn't finish it because of a missing stair collider but the idea and execution is really great.


Thank you! I'm really sorry to hear that you could not finish? Which level was missing a collider?


i believe it was the third or fourth level where the staircase had no collider


Game is really cool and fun but the second parkour bit is really frustrating because I can't see what I'm standing on. Other than that the puzzles and visual indicators are really good!


Very cool game, I loved every seconds of it, even when I struggle at something. I think you could have improved the room with the green box, the X mark on the ceiling, and green wall behind. Make it in a way that the player has to look at the wall when they are placing down the green block. That way, the player can see that there's a wall being activated by the button. You provided a small hole though, so I can't really say that you didn't think about that. Also at the last level, I was too dumb and forgor that sprinting was a thing. Probably it would have been a lot easier for casual players if you disable movement controls in the air - let momentum do the work!

Other than these, everything else is just amazing!


Super neat idea and pretty fun to play. Its also does a decent job at introducing the mechanics.

Some buttons felt inconsistent, as to what they can be activated with. There was a button which wouldnt activate when i stood on it, thats not a big issue but consistency is important i think.

Congratz on submitting a solid game!


Thanks for the feedback, Player interaction with buttons was something I implemented kind of late and probably should have just left out. I ended up disabling most buttons with the player to prevent puzzles from being bypassed.


I think its good that players can activate buttons to see what they do! But i see now why you disabled it for some of them, its a game jam, cuts have to be made.


Solid Game! The graphics and music were nice! Good Job!

Awesome game! Playing this game was soo fun, I really liked the different puzzles that were based on your perspective. Unlike other people, I actually was able to do the parkour pretty fast +1 from me.

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