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Cash_Out Demo Day 18View game page

another day... another demo..
Submitted by Untouch — 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline

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Nice thing to have a visual setup at the start of the game, gives out quality feel. Although there's quite some text in menus, pretty hard to read when just starting out.

When starting game got a nice tingle when saw that stuff can be unlocked. I guess I'm a sucker for progression.

Got stuck after killing first guard, the sneak-grab combo was hard to grasp, so I just bruteforced it through. Stuck: 

The second picture shows attempts to murder the guard, but I wasn't able to do. The thing coming out of guard while holding mouse button didn't make much sense. Also, by holding the guard and facing wall with him, I could glitch him out of the room. That's probably what happened in play of my first screenshot. 


Hard to tell how impactful these stats are that you choose at the beginning though.

pretty odd game, but it's fun and interesting. 


I'm totally for a heist game, love the concept. Here are some pointers, some of them are personal preference:

  • nice art! The only feedback i have is that sometimes visibility for important things as weapons arent 100% especially if there is a bunch of other things in the room
  • I dont know what your design goal is but stealth isnt needed when you start out, it's quicker and easier to shoot enemies. I also didnt get the choke out mechanic 100%, it worked sometimes but sometimes it didnt.
  • It felt a bit weird that enemies respawned when rentering rooms. In the same vein, placements in certain rooms (depending on where you entered) wasnt optimal, ended up right infront of cameras or next to enemies.
  • Nice weapon variety, love the names. 
  • Very cool abilities, will be fun to play around with them in the future.

Good job!


Gameplay video.

UI seems a bit busy. Also there don't seem to be any disadvantages to being seen (aside from being shot at), so I just murdered my way to the cash pile.


Blackscreen is a problem with windows 10, can't fix it unfortunately.


Long Load times, cool setup, blackscreen on fullscreen.
game feels a little clunk at the moment, maybe an isaac minimap would be cool for the getaway, but its a solid foundation c: