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A jam submission

Rio NightsView game page

Top-down, fast paced shooter
Submitted by canovi — 2 days, 8 hours before the deadline

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Really fun! I like the aesthetics and the shooting has a satisfying feel. I'm not a fan of bot movement options. I'd prefer it if it was simply W to move up, A left etc. Looking forward to see what you'll be adding!


The aiming is fucked, the gun should always point at where the cursor is.

The isometric controls are bizarre in a game like this, I think it would be better if they were relative to the camera instead of the level.

Lighting is too dark and uniform and it's hard to see weapons on the ground, who forgot to pay the bills? The field of view is too small and it's easy to get killed by someone offscreen, maybe make the camera follow the player's cursor a bit.

The gunplay is pretty satisfying once you get used to the weird controls, clearing a room with the FN FAL was fun, it certainly has that Hotline Miami feel to it. Running out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight and being chased by bad guys while you scramble to find another gun is exciting and I could play this for a long while when it gets more polished.

  • Dope esthetics. But the main game is too dark, it's slighlty too hard to see enemies.
  • Also the main control scheme doesnt really work, i think i know what you were going for but it doesnt lend itself to this real time gameplay, the alternative way is way bette but even that breaks at times. is there a reason you dont do the regular direction movement?
  • Also the mouse doesnt really line up with the aiming, also i would like it to be quicker but maybe you want it to be slow turning like that.

But i like this, following!