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A topic by Dan Sanderson created Jul 24, 2019 Views: 225 Replies: 15
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Hello everyone. I'm Dan. I've made a few games now, one or two for game-jams but mostly just for fun. You can check out my other games here. The longest game I've made was probably about 45 minutes play time, but normally they come in at around 10 minutes. 

It's always intrigued me about fitting content on such small hard drive space, but maybe that's because I'm an 80s kid so used to waiting for the Amstrad cassette tape to play through before the game was loaded. 

I'll be using QBasic to program my "game" in... Not sure still what I'm going to make but made a little progress already.

Hi,  I'm nealith, and this will be my second game for a gamejam.

This game jam begin at the same time than the LOWREZJAM 2019I thought that it would be interesting to make something for both. Also, I already heard of "HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB" and was interested in the idea to provide a game that have technical constraints :)

I don't know if I will go for resources given for the 13kB game competition or if I'm going to do my own


Welcome Nealith. Glad to have you onboard. Sounds like you've got lots of options to play with. Looking forward to seeing what you come up. 

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Thx :)

Currently I give a try to make a c++ engine built to web assembly with emscripten, but it's ... hard, 26.3kB compressed


Hey I'm Ben. I like to make small games that are punishing and difficult, and I figured the constraints of this game jam could be a good way to have the punishment inflicted on me instead of the player for once. I'm not really making a very complex game, but I have been enjoying it a lot so far and am shooting for it to be under 5kb (unzipped) when it's done. Also, hey again Dan! Hope all is well.


Welcome Ben! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 5kb?! You could do 6 and fit on the agc. 

Hello, Josh here! My very first game jam ever was Floppy Jam (had to theoretically fit the whole game on 1.44MB of disk space, thankfully I had a few years of programming experience under my belt!)

I figured this could be within my grasp, as I enjoy tight technical restraints. Hope to produce something worth playing.


Hey Josh. Sounds like you’re well equipped for the job! 32k though!! What a challenge. 

Hey all, I'm Namgo! I've never made a full game before, but I've decent programming experience, and game development is something I would very much like to try.

My friend introduced me to earlier today and I just saw this jam, making games in as small a space as possible will really push me to make something interesting without relying on external tools. I'm taking heavy inspiration from the Demoscene ( where small executable sizes are a core aspect, but it is done with computer art.

I'm going to write this in JS and WebGL. WebGL is something I've approached but have always gotten around having to actually do, with Three.js -- but three.js even when minified and compressed is still too big. Like Ben, I'm loving how hard this is going to be to develop.


Maybe you should take a look at

It's one of js13kgames's resources

Thanks for suggesting this! I was assuming I'd have to just write a webgl engine from scratch, but this is perfect and I'm making solid use of it.

That's what I'm doing finally, writing my own engine in ts and webgl, 7ko without zip xD


Welcome Namgo and welcome to! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Be sure to keep us up to date in the Work In Progress thread.


Hey everyone

My names Alex Delderfield.  Ive participated in Ludum Dare a bunch of times, venturing out into some other gamejams currently! Ill also be participating in LOWREZJAM this year too. So my focus will mostly be on another game until later in August, but I will get the ball rolling here as well. 

So for AGC-Jam I'll be learning how to do a bit of gamedev in BASIC on the Commodore 64, something Ive been iching to get into for a long time!

Ive created a progress thread for whatever game I end up making here:

Im most active on twitter at the moment and I'm on the lookout for anyone else doing the jam - you can follow me here:


Hey Alex. Glad you’ve joined! Hope you enjoy the challenge. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. 


Thanks Dan! Certainly great to see so many people signing up, it's a cool jam idea so not surprised :)