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Dan Sanderson

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Cheers 2purpleswitch. It's always terrifying watching the first video unless I left a major obvious bug in there!

Thanks MAD gaming.

Thanks Smokeyd. Enjoyed your video.

Thank you.

Thanks Jay. You found me a bug too :) Fixed it now. You shouldn't be able to lock the first combination safe. You should only be able to lock your key away in the final combo safe.

Thanks for the video Rosiger. Perhaps try starting the game with less graphic settings because it looks like you're getting some slow FPS, but maybe that's just the video encoding?

It definitely shares a player to player interactive element like Moirai yes. 


Thank you Leafo! 

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I've just released a new game called Boolean Escape. Each person who plays the game tries to find a key which will unlock a door at the end of the game.  However each key is created by a previous player of the game. Encoded into their key is a choice as to whether the door leads to safety (Escape) or something more evil! I'm quite excited to see players interact with the game. If anything we'll see just how kind (or not) the gamers of itchio really are!


Wow, I need to hire you for bug finding! Great bug getting caught in the corner like that. Haven't seen anyone else do that before.

Hey mrsonicmanu Thanks for your awesome LP. I appreciate the time you took to play Pacific and I'm glad you enjoyed the atmosphere. I'm working on another game right now which I hope you'll also enjoy when I get round to finishing it! Good luck with Your YouTube channel 

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Very kind words dude. I appreciate it a lot. I'm glad you enjoy playing my stuff. I'm working on a larger game right now called K-129 [ www.k-129.net ] if you're interested. Also I plan on submitting a little jam game for the Asylum Jam 2017 so keep an eye out for that. 

Your support really does help me to stay motivated to continue creating stuff so thank you a lot. 

I can't be sure... but I've noticed people doing it on my other game Pacific. Seems like they need to be at the top of the list. I deleted their posts from Pacific.

You sure did! Good job 🙂 Something to fix I think. 

Great video as always man!

Thanks for the video man. Great LP. Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry it bugged out for you and thanks for continuing.

Thanks for the LP man. Loved your video.

Hi Aergia. Thanks getting in touch. That was actually a bug that I fixed two days ago so I think if you download it again you should be able to get a bit further. Sorry about that! 

Hello Malice Diary.

Thank you so much for giving my game a play through. You didn't quite make it through to the end; it's good manners to close doors behind you don't you know ;)

Thanks for playing the game dude. You made it to the end! Nice one.

Thanks for playing it! 

Just spotted a bug. If anyone downloaded this in the last 2 hours (I think there might be 2 or 3 people) then you might've experienced the issue. Anyway; this has fixed that particular problem. 

Thanks for the LP! Seeing the reactions of people like you has taught me quite a lot. Hopefully my next game won't leave you hanging as much. 

Thanks for the LP dude.

Thanks so much! Glad the atmosphere got you. I'm working on something else at the moment altogether different. 

Thanks for taking the time to play my game dude. Nice video!

Awesome video, and you identified exactly what I was going for. Atmosphere!

Haha, those spooky tables! Thanks for playing the game dude. Cool video.

Thanks for playing the game dude. Cool video. 

Not entirely sure what you meant about the sounds being repetitive. Yes the beating bass in continuous throughout the entire game; this is was an intentional decision. The game is split into 6 sections; and there are 4 different "sound tracks" that play throughout the game; each changing depending on when you reach the desired area. There are also geiger count style radiation sound effects and some other stuff. Not entire sure what particular sounds got super repetitive, considering you're only in each room for about 2 minutes tops there's very little chance that you'll hear much of a loop. 

Awesome artwork!

Thanks for the play through dude. Awesome video!

Thanks for playing dude. Shame about the video. Hopefully next one will come out ok though!

Thanks for the feedback Rob. Very interesting. I haven't seen anyone else have those sorts of camera bugs that you came across. It's almost like the field of view got completely messed up on your play through. Did you change any of the settings before the game started? Very interested about why it happened to you (seeing the 2nd to last room before you were meant to). Thanks again for the feedback. 

Thanks for playing my game dude. Cool video! Be sure to follow for updates about my next game; which should be coming soon. 

Replied to Mister in Pacific comments

Thanks Mister! Working on something else now which I hope will also have a creepy atmosphere!

Thanks for playing my game dude!! Cool vid.

Unity with a pixelation shader attached to the camera. 

Harshly Critical John gave it a play too:  

Look up Pixelation 1.0 by Dmitry Timofeev. It's a free shader for your camera.