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Thanks for the video! Glad you enjoyed the teaser. Despite not catching the controls you seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. Please consider leaving it a rating if you enjoyed it. Cheers mate.

Thanks Will and sorry for taking so long to reaspond. I loved your video. I’m super excited to work on a larger version of the game. Please consider leaving a rating if you get a chance (and haven’t already).

Thanks Neco.

Thank you for playing my game. I hope you enjoyed it. A little rating would be greatly appreciated. 👍🏼 Thanks again. 

I always look forward to seeing you play my games and this time was no exception. If you haven’t already please give the game a rating. Thanks for your ongoing support. 👍🏼

Well I certainly can’t ask more than two thumbs up! I thoroughly recommend watching the films. Dawn of the Dead is a masterpiece. Day of the Dead has the feeling of claustrophobia and apethy throughout. Night of the Living Dead is just a classic. Thanks again. Please consider leaving this teaser a rating if you have time. 👍🏼

Thanks Drunken Cat. Glad you enjoyed it. If you haven’t already please consider leaving the game a rating. Thanks again. 

Thank you very much. Kind words. I’m really keen to take this teaser further and expand into a full game. Thanks for the video. Please take a minute to leave the game a review if you get time. Thanks again. 

Obviously a Romero fan! I hope you enjoyed it. An interesting concept for you YT channel. Thanks for playing. If you have time please consider leaving the game a review. It really helps. Many thanks. 

Danke Rostiger. Du bist mine 1st YouTuber. “Pacific” zwei jare ago. My German is terrible 🙂 🇩🇪 Please if you enjoyed leave th game a rating here on itchio. Many thanks. 

Thank you! I hope the future direction doesn’t disappoint you. I’m really excited to move this forward and have already built quite a lot more. If you’re happy to do so (and haven’t already) I love you to leave the game a rating. That’d be just awesome! 

Thanks Xtella! Glad you liked the style. Did you leave the teaser a rating? I’d love to get a few more stars! Many thanks. 

I really enjoyed watching this; thanks for taking the time to make a video. If you could spare just a little more (if you haven’t already) could I urge you leave the game a rating please? It’s make my day 😉

2am is a brave time to play this! Thanks for giving it a shot. I’m glad you’re excited about a full version. If you liked this teaser please consider giving it a rating on itchio. It really helps the games reputation. Thanks again. 

You win the prize for the best door reaction! Thanks for playing the teaser and look out for the full game whenever I get round to making it! I’d really appreciate a rating on itchio if you get the time. It really helps me out. Cheers Jonny. 

Thanks for taking the time to play my little teaser buddy. A couple of jump scares in there 😉 Thanks again, giving it a rating if you get a few mins pretty please! 

I’m really excited to work on a fuller version of the game. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Thanks a lot for making this video. I’d really appreciate a rating if you can spare a couple of minutes. Every little helps!! 

Thanks Steve. Great video. I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you’ve got time I’d appreciate it if you could leave the game a rating for what you think it deserves. Many thanks!

Thanks a lot for giving a try. I enjoyed watching your video. The atmosphere is definitely a teal focus of mine. I’d be grateful if you could the game an itchio rating if you haven’t already. Thanks again. 

Awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the atmosphere. That was my main focus. 

Hey Modus. You're not being dense, well maybe just a little bit :) You need to find something to stand on to reach those other screws. Perhaps the screw driver can unscrew other screws?

Thanks Neco. The arms bursting through the walls is actually an iconic scene from Day of the Dead which I was nodding to at the end of the teaser. You'll notice I also managed to get the same calendar on the wall!

I enjoyed this. It was an interesting experience. The sounds were very good. I couldn't put my finger on what it was I was hearing. At times it sounded like a living creature, at other times more like radio static. I will dip back into this strange world every now and then because I like it there. Thanks for making it. 

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First up, it looks great. I love the way it gradually deteriorates the longer you play with the walls turning mouldy and items of furniture getting messed up. There's something quite unsettling about the monster. He seems so docile and somewhat friendly, perhaps curious. Then I started to feel sorry for him; because his house is getting all messed up. 

I'm assuming I can't get upstairs right? Not just me being a dumbass?

I think I might've waited a little bit before starting with the transformation. When I first saw the kitchen table crooked I wondered if it was always like that or if something was going on... but then because lots of stuff started happening rather quickly the mechanic soon became known. 

The music is lovely too. Peaceful yet the minor notes thrown in leave you feeling somewhat unsettled. Great job with Maguntsche!

It looks really beautiful! The sunset colours and the whole environment was very convincing. I love the concept of a monster that you can hear from miles away. Really good job!!

Thanks buddy!

Thanks for playing it dude. I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're not the first to get spooked by the doors! They are totally unnecessarily violent; I love them! Thanks again.

Ah I’m so happy to hear that. Thanks for the video. I look forward to watching it later when I’m home! Thanks dude, appreciate you taking the time. 

Glad you didn't or I wouldn't have fixed it! Cheers Step. 

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I found the issue and it's now fixed! Long story short there was a bug if you scrolled mouse wheel BEFORE picking up first item. That's sorted now; thanks for mentioning it, I wouldn't have ever found it on my own!!

Thanks Will. I really enjoyed your video. First Winter is now finished, so that isn't get touched anymore, aside from little bug fixes if I spot any new ones. I'm working on a new game now about zombies. You can check out the teaser for it here:

Wow! I can not believe this game has been live for so long and nobody has even noticed that bug at the start where you walked through the wall. Unbelievable! I'll have to get round to filling that hole. As for the mouse cursor, it's really annoying. I will put a patch out for that to hide it automatically when you close the menu; however if you had just clicked anywhere on the screen it would've hidden; but you weren't to know that. 

Thanks for taking the time to play my game. I'm glad you enjoyed it. All the best. 

Really appreciate the comments and thanks for sticking your neck out and purchasing First Winter. I'll be sure to check out video later today!

Sure was a lot of fun and the combat feels really good. Kicking a snails face in never felt so good! I had a little trouble trying to pick up cookies. But you nailed the brief of making a PS1 style game. A lot of work went into this; well done!

Thanks dude. Teaser demo will be ready tomorrow evening. 

Thanks dude. The teaser is almost finished now.

I thought this was great! Good job. Totally unsettling. Music was wonderful. Such simple graphics but it did a good job of keeping me anxious throughout the whole thing. Nice job and if this is your first game then I'm really excited to see what else you can come up with. Nice one.

That’s a great idea. I often have stuff to share but don’t really know where to do it. I’ll get my writers hat on. 

That means a lot! Thanks man.

Thanks Jay. I think you might like this.