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Jmcm16 here, great job on the feel of the game! The graphics and sound were really well done! That said, I wished there was a bit more to explore in the world and a nice sound to let me know when I'm taking damage. Otherwise, well done!

I did enjoy this game! It was a bit awkward playing (since I did it single-player), but nevertheless I did get to see how it worked. The player feels like they slow down far outside of sandy areas, probably should tighten up the collision box. Also felt strange how the level would just reset when the cloud would attempt to exit the play area. It would be more helpful to just lock the cloud inside the play area. Otherwise, a really solid entry! Which team member did what task?

Thanks! :)

Thanks! I am working on creating more emphasis on shooting down the barn, particularly in relation to story. I've had a lot of fun iterating on this project! (BTW, AI was my learning task of this Game Jam, as I wanted the planes to do a bit more than just constantly moving towards you. Rather, I wanted to give them a limited ability to dodge obstacles and overshoot you.)

Jmcm16 here, brilliant! One thing that would help would be a pair of spinning arrows near the mouse that show which way the Tornado spins. Otherwise, can't say much more! Well done!

Jmcm16 here! Addicting. Entirely. I made it up to 40,000 high score.  Other than the audio becoming a bit excessively loud, it was an intense bullet-hell!

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Jmcm16 here, looks fun and  I would like to play! Unfortunately, no Windows/HTML/Mac builds ;(

Thanks for the extra builds!

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Jmcm16 here, looks great! I played this a lot longer than I intended to. Every action was satisfying and the payoff was great! Would love to see more interesting challenges, interactions, and levels. Overall, great work!

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Jmcm16 here! 3 Cookies are the driving force behind this game! Did discover a fun bug where if you click on multiple seeds, you can plant them in the same hole. This lead to some fun resource collection! Simple and effective, though I wish there were more sound effects for feedback when performing an action. Still had fun!

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Jmcm16 here, was fun! The RNG/randomness makes the game a little bit annoying when losing so much, perhaps having a certain amount of strikes would result in death, meaning you could survive a double strike (losing your roof and then getting struck once.) Double strikes are a punishing way to lose even properly managing resources. Overall, was still really fun to play! (Also, high score was 2:16)

Thanks for playing and your feedback! 

I'm glad you liked the small touches! The rain particles are in 3D, so they disappear below the floor. I might change the rain to move from top to bottom. The game is getting a lot of features to aid with feedback (including health/gun bars and smoking animations when health is low.) The world is getting a lot more variety to show how the plane is moving relative to the world.

It would be better to put the story in the game, and maybe I could attempt it if time remains. But a build I just pushed will soon have a LOT more ground coverage for landmarks and obstacles to dodge/weave. Also, you'll be able to change elevation, just like the AI (this was a bug.)

Thanks for feedback! Yes, destroying the Barn is the target of the game, as well as all remaining planes, and a new build will soon add rudimentary controller support. A Windows release is also in the works for control mapping.

Actually, if you angle your entry just to the left of the whirlpool center while rowing in a bee-line fashion, the way the whirlpools work makes it fairly easy to use as a speedboost.

Got sub 2: 1:21 - It takes very clever use of the whirlpools, and I threaded the ending just right from the last whirlpool. Feels a little RNG, but some patience can make it work.

Really fun, then I found an exploit near the floating spike islands over the sea of spikes. Found a way to make a constant steady stream of jumpmen. Yeah, no skill, just spam, and a massive framerate drop due to physics. Did stabilize after about a minute XD . Thanks for making it :)

I've made it in about 2:30. Speed run community forming already?

Note: v1.1 is the Officially Fixed

Good news: I'm releasing very soon version 1.2, which includes a  log output that you can enable! Hopefully, it results in better game support :)

Sorry to hear! If you don't mind my asking, from what .net did you have to upgrade from and which .net did you have to upgrade to?

Finally got to try the working version, and no worries, bug fixing is what I'm currently doing as well. In fact, I introduced a game breaking bug not 2 minutes before deadline on my submission XD

Got a chance to look at it. Great job! The art style was done really well, and for fitting it all on the size of a floppy, I would say this was excellent in my book!

Fair enough. Most of my code is so readable, which probably was the only reason I finished. Probably the bigger systems are what need the most documentation, and some renaming of methods. Sometimes I would write a random name, and then all of the sudden be looking for it only to say "Now, why did I name it that? That's not even what it does!

Sounds cool! Tomorrow, I'll look at documenting my code a bit and documenting my custom level files (which are plain text, you could mod the game in the Rooms directory!) and I will see if I can't take a crack at these bugs before the file voting day. Also need to look into  a better profile pic. Wasn't a big concern on a deadline XD

Hmm... That's strange. I'll look into it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

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Uh oh... Could you tell me where you encountered the error screen?

*EDIT: Looks like I found a new problem... I named a file wrong in the 3rd Dungeon Room. I'll keep looking for the music bug, and in the meantime find more bugs to fix...

Thanks! I spent probably 80-90% of the Jam building the engine, and the last 10-20% was actually building all the assets for the game. Perhaps I should share my source code online for others? (Not like the engine's really that proprietary...)

Sweet! Glad you’ve considered all platforms in your control schemes :)

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Cool! In the mean time, I will try it out on Mac when I get a little time :)

*Edit: Had an issue, it couldn't load a library: 

dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/sdl2/lib/libSDL2-2.0.0.dylib

  Referenced from: /Users/WorkAccount/Documents/Inbox (To Be Filed!)/LONEBOTS/lonebots

  Reason: image not found

Abort trap: 6

Thanks! Had a game-breaking bug introduced right before launch...

I'm unable to play. The game becomes bigger than the canvas can display.

Charming entry, with a hint of googly-eyed problem-solving. What could be cuter?

Though a bit repetitive at times, it still was very fun to play. And given the fact that you did Two Color, Coffee, and Floppy Jam to top it all, it was very enjoyable to play!

Excellent level design! Was fun/challenging/hair-pulling-frustrating all at the same time. Only had myself to blame XD

A really fun take on the RPG quests. Also enjoy the humor of the parents roaming around the house like they have nothing better to do.

It seems like using the Escape Key on the web versions of the game make it difficult to exit menus properly in full screen...

Great job on audio! That's the one thing I didn't know a whole lot about for this Jam, and I also used .net!

Really good! I would have enjoyed a bit more variety in the gameplay and look, but overall it was enjoyable!

Hey FMProductions, any chance you can include your game files on your game page so that it's a valid entry?

Any chance this is on Windows? I do have a Mac for testing.