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Hey all! As I mentioned in the introductions, while I have some development experience, this will be my first full game. As such, I'm definitely making progress a lot slower than the rest of y'all; it took me quite a while to even come up with a good idea to make a game out of, but I figure that since we've all got two months until the deadline I shouldn't worry too much.

Over the past few days I've slowly started to learn what it means to write good games. I've watched a lot of interviews and in-depth analysis of games. It's not easy, and I really respect the work everyone puts into these games.

I'm making a remake of Bubble Bobble, with a bit of a twist; I'm remaking the game with themes from the German language picture book Das kleine Ich bin ich, The Little I Am Me. It's a really happy story about a little creature finding that it doesn't need to be like everyone else, it's perfectly okay to be unique.

I'm using the engine that Nealith recommended, it's quite small and effectively provides a wrapper for webgl in a really convenient way. The only thing I'll change about the engine's code is adding ES6 exports, provided that doesn't end up bloating file size, although I have no reason to think it would.

My first task was to ensure that the creature can sit on a wall without falling through, which I accomplished but it took me longer to do than I thought -- programmatically it was straightforward, but something about graphics programming really tripped me up!

The original game had 100 levels, which is going to be tricky to pull off in such limited space, so I'm considering doing procedural generation instead of custom level design which will be small, but challenging to pull off correctly.

I'm writing on Emacs, which is a 46-or-so year old editor, but that's kind of cheating because it's constantly updated and works perfectly on my computer, plus I always use it.

Thanks for suggesting this! I was assuming I'd have to just write a webgl engine from scratch, but this is perfect and I'm making solid use of it.

Hey all, I'm Namgo! I've never made a full game before, but I've decent programming experience, and game development is something I would very much like to try.

My friend introduced me to earlier today and I just saw this jam, making games in as small a space as possible will really push me to make something interesting without relying on external tools. I'm taking heavy inspiration from the Demoscene ( where small executable sizes are a core aspect, but it is done with computer art.

I'm going to write this in JS and WebGL. WebGL is something I've approached but have always gotten around having to actually do, with Three.js -- but three.js even when minified and compressed is still too big. Like Ben, I'm loving how hard this is going to be to develop.