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In July 1969 Nasa famously landed two people on the moon. As Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the lunar surface spare a thought for Michael Collins; alone on Apollo 11 orbiting the Moon awaiting the rendezvous 21 hours later. When Apollo 11 passed behind the Moon Collins had no communications with either the lunar surface or mission control on Earth. He was utterly alone. 

Let’s make some games that Collins can install on the Apollo Guidance Computer to help him pass the time. With 32k of disk-space to play with you'll have to get pretty creative!

What can I possibly make that's only 32k?

Well, you can probably forget about using Unreal or Unity; but how about going old school and trying QBasic? It still runs on modern PC's and you can generate some tiny EXE files. It even runs on MacOS (instructions here). Or, what about using HTML and Javascript? Providing you're pretty careful with the imagery you're using you could come up with all sorts of interactive experiences for under 32k.  There's no rules as to what you make, or how you make it. The only rule is the file size.


I'm not particularly bothered about themes; I think there's enough limitations already. If you can make anything that's entertaining and comes in at under 32k you're already winning; but if you want some inspiration here's a few links:



  • Your submitted game/experience can be no more than 32k (Disk Size).
  • Zipped files at 32k or less will be accepted.
  • Provide a ReadMe explaining how to run your game.  


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A DOS game about Aliens.
A Minecraft clone made in QBasic
A Commodore 64 Experiment - Written in BASIC [2019]
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A small (< 3kb) ASCII endless runner, created for the Apollo 11 GC Game Jam
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