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Works in Progress Sticky

A topic by Dan Sanderson created Jul 26, 2019 Views: 143 Replies: 4
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Let’s post some screenshots here, both of your games and the code! Love seeing some old IDEs (if you’re using one). 


My game isn't very screenshot friendly since it's just an ASCII endless runner that takes place on the moon, but here's a screenshot of a function I wrote to play note sequences/sound effects during the game. I'm using Vim since it's my primary editor both at work and for side projects, and I've configured it a lot over the years to be more IDE-like. 

The game is almost finished now and is  only ~4.5 kilobytes (2.5 kb zipped)! I'll probably put the project up on my Github as well once the jam is done. 


54 days ago! I’m such a bad host. I haven’t played your runner yet, I’m going to wait till the deadline and then take a few hours to play all of them! The file size you’ve achieved here is incredible! You could squeeze it into an 80s Casio watch! Great work Ben! 


also, great for sharing it on your GitHub 

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Nooooooo! I bit off more than I can chew and like a student at University left it till the last minute! My game is like the movie Alien, sort of and FNAF mashup. Fisher is stuck on their ship, it’s lost all but vital power and there’s an alien onboard trying to eat her! You’ve got to get her to docking station to escape before the alien catches her. Using CCTV you have to guide her away from the alien using chat commands. The more cameras you use, the more power you lose!