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Submitted by KhalidHSoliman (@khalidHsoliman) — 17 seconds before the deadline

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Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Some concepts that I liked from greatest importance to least importance:

* I liked the animation in the game. The walking style, the idle style, and the running style of the player looked very realistic in the game. I liked this. I also thought the enemy animations looked good. These animations made the game seem more professional and polished. These animations made me more immersed with the gameplay experience and made me feel happier while playing the game.

* The audio was good. I liked the soundtrack. The soundtracks sounded nice to listen to and they did not sound repetitive. The sound effects sounded realistic and were a nice touch of polish to the game. The polish the sound effects added made me feel happier playing the game and immersed me more into the gameplay experience. The sound effects that play when the player got hurt were so loud that the sound effects scared me. I liked these sound effects because they sounded nice and because they scared me. I feel it is appropriate that these sound effects scared me as they play after I got hurt. These sound effects conditioned me to be scared when I got hurt. I feel it is appropriate that the player gets scared when the player gets hurt.

* I liked how you tried to be somewhat creative in this game. I liked the usage of the black hole teleportation mechanic and the flashlight mechanic. These mechanics are uncommon in many games and I liked how you tried to be different in this game.

Some concepts that I do not like from greatest importance to least importance:

* I believe that the tutorial should have been integrated into the levels in the game so that the player can have a better understanding of the tools and mechanics they are given to work with. When I was playing, I memorized the instructions on the How To Play section. However, when I first started playing, I did not know that I had to turn on my flash light. I did not know I was in a dark area in where I could turn on my flashlight. Also, for a long time, I did not know that the rotating roundish black objects in the game were black holes. Therefore, I did not know that I could enter through them.

* The levels of this game should be finely play tested before being officially released as the final product. I was unable to beat the first level of the game since I did not know where to go. When I went through the first black hole, I kept on falling back to the floor. Try having multiple people playtest your game (preferably people who do not have biases towards you and will be honest with you) and try to see how the playtesters play. If playtesters get confused on where to go, you know you have to fix the game and make it more evident on how to progress through the game. Otherwise, when the game releases, players will get angry as they will not know where to go.

* The recharging rate of the flashlight is way too slow in this game. I was initially trying to be more efficient in gameplay rather than trying to have fun. Most players try to be more efficient in gameplay rather than try to have fun. Since I was trying to be the most efficient I could initially, I decided to wait until my flashlight recharged to 100% at the flashlight charging station. My flashlight was initially at 0%. The wait was so long. This wait made me feel bored as there was no challenge and it was just a waste of time doing nothing.

* I wish there was a mechanic in the game that allowed the player to restart. Sometimes when playing, I would mess up so badly I would just want to restart so I could have all of my lives. Unfortunately, the only way to get all my lives back again was to continuously damage myself until I killed myself. This was frustrating as it was a waste of time for me. I did not have fun continuously killing myself. I also wanted to restart multiple times, so there were a lot of times in where I continuously killed myself.

* I do not fully like the way damage and death is dealt with. I particularly do not like that the player can push the enemy when touching the enemy. The player may try to use this mechanic to take an unintended advantage in the game. I also do not like how death is dealt with. When the player dies, the character for some reason just automatically runs to the right. Also, one time the player was running to the right pushing an enemy and sound effects that play when the player gets hurt were continuously playing. I also do not like that a black hole in the first level is covering some of the Play Again button's space. This makes the game feel more unprofessional and unpolished, and this ruins the gameplay experience for me and makes me feel less immersed into the experience.

* There should be a way for the player to return to the main menu. During the gameplay,  I wanted to return to the main menu to explore the UI menus. However, I was not able to. There really should be a way for the player to return back to the main menu.

* Teleporting in black holes in this game seems glitched. For some reason, the black holes shift the player to the left a little bit. When I traveled through the first black hole in the first level, I spawned a little left to the platform that I was supposed to spawn on. Therefore, I just ended up falling to the ground. I was unable to progress further through the level because of this black hole.

* The pixelated text was kind of hard to read and was very illegible. A person with eye problems might even have a harder time. Try making the text look clearer so players do not have to strain their eyes to read the text.

* The writing in this game needs to be proofread. I found many areas in where some letters should have been capitalized.

*One key really should not have two functions.  I know pressing a key and holding a key are different, but the player still might accidentally activate the other function rather than the intended function with the one key.

* The name of this game is Astronight, but when opening the application, a different name is written next to the Unity icon in the application. This name written next to the Unity icon is clearly not a clear formal name for the game. This inconsistency between these two names looks unprofessional and this frankly ruins my immersion into the game.

* When the player first opens the game, the player is prompted with a configuration window. The configuration window allows the player to change the screen resolution. When the player is prompted with the configuration window, the player may change the screen resolution to create a smaller window for the game rather than playing with the default screen resolution. This may cause the UI to act strangely during gameplay. When I played this game with the smallest screen resolution possible, I found that the UI icons during gameplay were way too big. The other UI elements were fine though. Thought it is possible to make the UI adaptable to changes in screen resolution, I would strongly recommend removing the configuration window in Unity.  You may want to remove the configuration window because of the input screen in the configuration window. The input screen may  confuse some players due to there being a lot of information. The input screen is not exactly explained too well, and it can be overwhelming and a burden to players. Also, your game allows the player to change the values of the game's controls in the input menu. This is a problem because if the player is able to make changes to the controls of the game, the game's tutorial will still show the player that the default values of the controls are the values of the controls even though that might not be true since the player could have changed some of the controls. Also, another problem is that the player can make changes to the controls so that two or more controls share the same key. Whenever the player uses this key, the player will execute all of the controls that share this key. This can cause some problems as the player may only want to use one of the controls when pressing the key. However, this would not be possible to do since the player made two or more controls share the same key. Therefore, completing the game could be impossible or at least very hard to do if the player makes two or more controls share the same key since the game might expect that exactly one of the multiple controls that shares the same key is executed in specific instances.


I really love your review it will help me  a lot with the game ... i am aware of the gameplay problems but we were in a hurry to submit before the deadline so unfortunately the game wasn't tested probably. 

we consider fixing the game and make other levels so i might update the submission in a few days if you want to give the game another try. 

thank you for the review ..  


You are allowed to fix glitches in your game and publish it as a post jam version. Players will then be allowed to rate the post jam rather than the original glitchy version. The post jam can only have bug fixes though if you want it to be rated. The post jam goes on the same page as the original jam entry. It is just another downloadable file.


The graphics are awesome! Great job!


Veeeery nice art, but I can't figure out how to jump anywhere with a jump this useless. Can't say much more 'cause I got stuck in the first level.


it will be fixed soon.. thanks for your review 


Wow, the graphics are amazing. Thou to be honest you didn't do to well on the programming part, It would be awesome if you teamed up with good coder.


HEY I AM THE CODER .. maybe you can be more nice :D i am aware of the bugs but it was too late to fix them unfortunately  .. we submitted 17 sec before the deadline .. I intend to fix the game soon and make new levels. 

thank you for the review 


First of all, I want to say that the art looks really good and I like the flashlight mechanic to make your way through the level. However, there are some problems to solve.

The jumps should give you more height, it's too hard to jump over the enemies at first and you get frustated very quick. Also, the portals seems bugged, for instance the first one that you pick teleports you a little bit off to the left and it's easy to fall by mistake from the platform.

Also, a tip for getting more views, I'd recommend indicating the platform of the game so it's easier to download from the application and, seeing that it's made in Unity, you could try to make it playable on browser, it's not hard to do and it improves a lot the accessibility.


The game wasn't tested properly so there are some bugs in the gameplay but we will fix them soon, and i will work with your tip. 

thank you for the review ..