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i am very sorry for that .. i could fix some bugs and build it for webGL. 

thank you for your interest :) .

The game wasn't tested properly so there are some bugs in the gameplay but we will fix them soon, and i will work with your tip. 

thank you for the review .. 

HEY I AM THE CODER .. maybe you can be more nice :D i am aware of the bugs but it was too late to fix them unfortunately  .. we submitted 17 sec before the deadline .. I intend to fix the game soon and make new levels. 

thank you for the review 

it will be fixed soon.. thanks for your review 

I really love your review it will help me  a lot with the game ... i am aware of the gameplay problems but we were in a hurry to submit before the deadline so unfortunately the game wasn't tested probably. 

we consider fixing the game and make other levels so i might update the submission in a few days if you want to give the game another try. 

thank you for the review ..