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Submitted by HumanBean — 10 minutes before the deadline

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2 Colors#424.2654.455

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Ilya Polyakov

Mark Zamlinsky

Ali Yildirim

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Some concepts I liked about the game from most important to least important:

* The art style of the game was interesting. I liked the sketches and animations of the characters. I also like how the game starts with a camera zoomed in on a coconut, and then the camera zooms out when the player press the space bar to play. I liked how the camera moved to show the image that had the text "SUCCESS" when the player won. I also liked how the camera zoomed in a hidden disappointed face on the tree when the player lost.

* The audio was great. The audio made me feel like I was in a beach paradise. The soundtrack was nice to listen to and it was not repetitive. I liked the sound that played when I won because it made me feel like I was good at the game. I also liked the sound that played when I lost because it made me feel bad for losing in the game and it made me want to do better in the next try.

Some concepts that I do not like about the game:

* This game is way too short and easy. There should be more levels that try and test the mechanics of the game. These mechanics should test the player's skill in making important strategic decisions and make the player feel good when winning levels. Instead, this game is only just one easy level that can be beaten in less than a minute. This causes the game to not be very engaging. The player will not feel too happy when completing this game as the gameplay experience is way too short and therefore barely meaningful.

* The game should allow the player to drop coconuts in whatever order the player fancies. This way, the player can use even more strategy to win the game. It is unfair that the game does not even tell the player the order of the dropping of coconuts. Not knowing the order can lead to defeat and this can be frustrating for the player if the player loses. This is because the player lost unfairly as the player did not know what should have been relevant information. Since having an already picked order of coconuts makes the player feel too limited in choices during gameplay, you should allow the player to pick which coconut the player wants to drop every time the player has to drop a coconut so the player can make interesting and strategic decisions.

* Whenever the player wins or loses a game, the game should just automatically restart the game. The player should not have to waste time manually pressing a button to restart the game when the game can do that for the player. Making the game automatically restart itself will be beneficial to the player and will make the player happier with the game and more immersed into the gameplay experience.

*There is this glitch in that if the player drops another coconut once the player wins the game, the sound that plays when the player wins stops playing when the coconut is dropped. 

* The configuration window should be removed. This is because it has input settings. In this game, it seems you like you did not use any commands related to Input.GetAxis. This means that changing the settings in the input settings of the configuration window will not change the controls of the game. Therefore, the input window should be removed as it is useless in gameplay. The input window should also be removed because there is a lot of information there that might confuse the player. This confusion can frustrate the player and put a burden on the player. Therefore, the input window should be removed. The input window can only be removed if the configuration window is removed. Therefore, the configuration window should be removed.


To be honest I'm a little bit confused right now, especially after the laughter of the coconuts tree :)

Very creative game idea, great Job.


Strange game, short and really funny.


The story checks out! Very cathartic.


Nice work! Art is very nice :D


Oh my, this was very enjoyable!
Very surreal, which makes it even better. Not much of a game, but still worth playing!