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Really nice work!

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I think I'm going with my first roll, "Defense of Dome"

Excited to make another Pico-8 game!

Happy to help! It's a fun game :)

Hey just a note that you have a .exe listed as linux and mac compatible, maybe you meant to mark the .jar?

Insanely awesome, nice work!

Endless Archery

You should link to the voting page! Fun game.

This isn't possible to play if you don't have a numpad :(

You should post a link to the ludum dare site so we can rate your game :)

Get an error: "Could not #include file: Escarlib/pbu.lua"

This is cool, nice work!

Bumping this, as I've just re-released the game! It's now up to date with the iOS version of the game, only it's pay-what-you-want on Itch!

A fantastic technical achievement, and fun to play also!

This is awesome! Nice work!

The patch works, nice work!

Main menu is a bit messed up on my Macbook (2017 MBP, still on 10.13)

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Endless Archery is the procedurally generated endless arcade archery simulation game you never knew you needed! Hit the target area to advance your journey through five different environments. Track various stats and achievements. Or don't! Endless Archery is also a great game to relax with.

Endless Archery was initially just available on iOS for $1.99, but I've decided to release it as pay-what-you-want for PC/Mac users! Hope you enjoy!

To go off what D-Studios said... I think it would be cool if when you got hit, a chunk of the asteroid visably flew off, making you go faster! (Even though that doesn't actually make sense)

I like the concept for sure. If you update this, maybe add some sort of boost functionality? Maybe have it boost in a straight line for a period of time, so it's kinda risky to use because you might miss your target? Just a thought!

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This booted to a black screen for me (Windows 10, AMD video card). Looks neat though!

 EDIT: Hitting Alt-Enter to go to windowed mode works.

Really neat concept!

Thanks for the feedback!

I think it's possible to add WASD to the web version, I'll give that a try once the rating period is up. I was thinking about having the shields stack, but I wasn't sure if that would make it too easy to accumulate a lot of shields early... Maybe I'll try letting you have a second layer at least. It's not really obvious, but if you pick up a shield powerup while you already have a shield, you get 5 points, so it's still worth grabbing them.

Yeah the asteroid impacts are cool! One of those things that ended up being simple to add, but made a huge difference.

Nice work! Art is very nice :D

P4P best gamejam soundtrack

Glad you enjoyed it!

I'm still working on making a mobile version of my last Pico-8 game, but never say never! I should at least be able to get the web version playable on a phone with a little work.

Glad you liked it :D

Yeah that works pretty well when you first start, but after a while it starts to let a lot through. Also you don't get points for blocking without punching!

This is labeled as Mac and Linux compatible, but it looks windows only?

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What are the keyboard controls? I have arrow for movement and space to jump, but don't know how to pick up or interact with anything. It's also unclear what I"m supposed to be doing :/

You should try and upload a Windows or Mac build if possible, to get more ratings :)

Making coffee is hard :(

The concept was really cool, but I found it hard to actually make progress. Could use some explaining on how each bullet type behaves maybe? Or a simple tutorial. Nice work though!

"U" are the weapon. Clever!

Really fun, nice work!

Thanks for the suggestions, I like the idea of hazards  (like the birds) that could occasionally mess you up. Could be fun!

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Whoops! I'll look into this and try to fix it ASAP :)

Edit: Fixed!

Endless Archery is a procedurally generated archery game, inspired by Desert Golfing. I used it as an excuse to relearn some basic physics, and figure out how to do basic terrain generation. Built with Pico-8. It was my first time using Pico-8 - I highly recommend it!