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Only light can protect you against the dark.
A hand-drawn, interactive searching game
A turn-based sci fi / horror roguelike.
Spin a web, eat bugs, earn points, and have fun!
Play in browser
An ambient musical toy
procedurally generated dungeons with various amounts of items to collect!
Help the King of the Cosmos build a Snowman!
You're all turned around.
Enjoy a fun-filled, chaotic day out in the park with up to four players... and lots of deer!
Un jeu pour 2 à 4 joueurs dans l'univers délirant du cosplay et des conventions japonaises !
A VR tech demo and vaporwave art experience directed by Mercurius FM.
Explore a puzzling world that cannot be solved.
Find your safe place.
The art of stealing art!
Get the acorns before the other squirrels do.
Shakti Unleashed is a fast-paced endless running shooter where you play a deity escaping a city in the clouds.
Climb as high as you can!
Throwback Minigame Party
Control the sun to reveal secrets!
Play as a mom or a dad for one day. Can you achieve it ?
Ego Hearts is a small experience about death and what do we leave behind it.
In this one button Bullet-Hell game, the only enemy is yourself.
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Hunters, find the right Moople within all the fakes ones while he's trying to escape you !
Ride flying dogs on a road trip through the sky for up to 8 players (online and/or local).
How long can you protect the earth?
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