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A journey into a strange and dreamlike world
a VR game by Shannon Galvin
Outwit gravity, explore new worlds.
Choleric Vision - Stay Calm
In a distant future on uninhabited Earth semi-digitized humans fight for processing power distributed by central server.
A speed reading game: quickly read through a recipe to find out which ingredients to throw into a huge cauldron.
Mis-representation of mental illness in video games
a strange vr experience
A visual sound experience
surreal horror / exploration game for VR
Don't waste time and don't look back. [SCHRIIIIIEK]
VRJam beauty and the beast
A story-driven VR game set on an alien planet where you must assist the natives to gain their trust and help you escape.
Escape into a vibrant world of whimsy, wonder, and new friends.
The VR rhythm game
a full re-creation of Serenity in VR
Jet and fly at ridiculous speeds in VR
VR Relxation for Google Cardboard
Space is awesome.
Live in your music with this VR music visualizer.
Experience a magic fraternity initiation ritual first hand
A 3D Music Experience for VR
A rad neon VaporWave Reef
Survival horror VR experience based on a real location
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