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Pour beams of #light down your #face.
In a distant future on uninhabited Earth semi-digitized humans fight for processing power distributed by central server.
Is no place to put the piano? is not a problem with the air piano!
Fast paced game where you cast shadows with your hands to control the flow of rally cars.
A two-player game about Right Hand and Left Hand.
Survival horror VR experience based on a real location
A meditative virtual reality experience about inspecting space debris in a weightless environment.
A musical experience made possible by the Leap Motion
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Arcade game in which player pilot a paper plane with Leap Motion.
Education for the third millenium
Shoot the targets to score points.
Fight lung cancer cells inside a patient's body!
Zeus' last blanc canvas, create, form and destroy as the ancient god Zeus. Made for the Leap Motion 3D Jam
A Leap through Music!
Fully immersive VR experience with multiple layers of interaction
Space is awesome.
Control fire. With your hands.
Leap Motion 3D Jam
A new approach to gesture interactions in VR!
Narrative exploration game using Leap Motion imaging for hand tracking
interactive art, space, vr, music, interactive, game
Fly over an endless ocean controlling abstract geometry with your movements
Control a ball with telekinetic powers
A Leap Motion based Music Game
Explore a procedurally generated maze with Leap Motion
Leap Motion technology sandbox
Local multiplayer game between two Leap users. Verse a friend in Rock Paper Scissors. More matches come soon
Experience flight as you soar BrickBird across Scribbly Desert
for now, you will crawl
A game of discovery.
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