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The Hermits Club: all solo TTRPGs and LARPs on

List of all solo tabletop roleplaying games on, and also some game poems and larps (live action roleplaying games) or semi-larps. Please tell me if you want to collaborate on this collection, to complete it together! Join the hermit club! ☺


+ List of solo Game Jams:


An (entierly unoficial and unauthorized) game about the app we love/hate


Reglas para jugar en solitario Cairn

[Spanish translation of Barrow Delver]

A solo journaling RPG about digging through the miscellaneous stuff your loved ones have left behind

journaling. Requires writing materials + 2d6

"sorting through the boxes of stuff a loved one has left behind. […] We are stuck with what they left behind, always balancing whether it holds enough sentimentality to keep or trash."

A solo journaling game about art pieces

journaling. 30 min. Requires writing materials + 1d6 + standard card deck / Based on Alone Among the Stars

Juego solitario en una tarjeta de presentación

[Spanish only]

A gay seafaring poetry RPG for 1+

writing poems. Requires writing materials + a standard 54-cards deck

Short solo journaling rpg about your first day running a tavern and the interesting people you meet!

journaling. Requires writing materials + 1d12.

"you play as the new owner of a tavern."

A one-player RPG of confidence and self-care.

business-card-sized. self-care, motivation, gamification

Oh love, my love.

journaling. [tender-erotic content]

Print-and-play solitaire sci-fi game
A solo RPG that lasts 28 days and 11 hours


"insular, slow and self-reflective"

minigame for ttrpgs or life

lyric, comics

A queer vacation module full of hot sauce and hookups for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG for one player.

(solo mode)

A solo, survival-horror, manor-crawling adventure

Requires a set of TTRPG dice and writing material.

"inspired by Pelle Nilsson's Dark Fort game"

A two-page solo LARP/TTRPG for aspiring plant owners

larp/daily gamification. Requires a seed, gardening tools, writing material and patience

Solo-Micro-RPG na podstawie opowiadania Philipa K. Dicka

[Polish only]

a solo journaling game about late nights, car lights, and everything in between.


Un petit jeu de rôle fun sur la vieillesse

[French only]

A solo RPG inspired by Twin Peaks

"inspired by Twin Peaks and influenced by Carved from Brindlewood and PBTA games."

Playtest for the solo/cooperative exploration TTRPG.


A solo journaling game of discovery in your final days

journaling, based on Alone Among the Stars

Solo Roleplaying Wushu

solo rules for Wushu

A solo Magical Agrarian adventure!


Experience the battle of the band (names) with this one-page solo RPG!
Explore the Outskirts. Travel its backroads. Brave the ruins of St Louis.

(crowdfunding - if $1,000: Solitaire Adventure)

a solo RPG of imprisonment, revenge, and wishes

Requires a Tarot or oracle deck / 1H

Playtest for a solo soulslike TTRPG
Grab your composure and a d6

business-card-sized, self-care

You are a journalist traveling America in a RV in an attempt to prove the existence of the supernatural.

journaling, based on Alone Among the Stars

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