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The Hermits Club: all solo TTRPGs and LARPs on

List of all solo tabletop roleplaying games on, and also some game poems and larps (live action roleplaying games) or semi-larps. Please tell me if you want to collaborate on this collection, to complete it together! Join the hermit club! ☺


+ List of solo Game Jams:


A solarpunk game about caring for others and those around you


You are a time-travelling discordian magician in a race against time and weird stuff keeps happening to you.

Based on Honey Heist and Wretched & Alone

Solo space adventure
The story of a dog trying to be the goodet dog to get a chew toy from Santa!

based on Second Guess SRD

walk for 12 hours, write a dictionary, create a map

"fluxus" tagged: need to read&test this game asap

A solo journaling game about regaining what you lost


A Christmas Ghost Story Solo Journaling RPG


An accurate simulation of tabling at a zine fair.
Create characters from the memories they left behind.


After years of war, will the things you learn encourage you towards peace or more violence?


A solo pen-and-paper ghost hunting TTRPG!

dungeon crawling/exploration, survival horror

A game about the rival that every ttrpg must face.

Choose a game on itchio, talk about it, rate it, share it, leave a review, etc. You have 2 weeks to bring it up in the itchio ranking

an rpg/excuse to walk around and think about things

Walk around your city. Requires writing material.

You'll need to look around you to find the past (plaques, memories...), the present (construction area, etc.) and the future (abandoned places). Take notes, then you reflect on it.

A great short game to feel what is solarpunk.

Face à un phénomène qui nous dépasse

[French only]

A solo journaling game about a spooky monster.


A Game to Play to distract yourself from work
Jeu de rôle minimaliste à faire en solitaire

[French only]

Petit manuel pratique de promenade temporelle (à l'aide de post-its)

[French only]

A Solo Overland Jorney and Dungeon Delve Game on a business card
A Wretched and Alone game about trying to get by.

based on Wretched and Alone

A Contemplative Encounter Solo Journaling RPG
a larp solo game about a voyage on the sea
A game about getting shit done, while pretending you’re a wizard.
Solo Scrapbooking TTRPG about being a teenager with a lot of feelings, obsessed with a single song
A solo exploration & survival tabletop game
Curate collective memory. Lose yourself.

journaling / based on Second Guess system

A cootie catcher solo story-game about cats and dreams
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