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The Hermits Club: all solo TTRPGs and LARPs on

List of all solo tabletop roleplaying games on, and also some game poems and larps (live action roleplaying games) or semi-larps. Please tell me (on Mastodon or itchio comments) if you want to collaborate on this collection, to complete it together! Join the hermit club! ☺

Looking for French-only content? Look at this collection.


+ List of solo Game Jams:


​An evil spirit possessed an arcade. As the newly-sentient Hero find the missing game code pieces to stop the chaos.

Journaling, based on Fireflights

The worlds last hope.

‘Craft your unique flower character and navigate the complexities of existence, love, loss, and renewal.’

A solo/co-op game using the Guided by Firelights system

based on Fireflights, inspired by games like Hollow Knight and Don't Starve

A ttrpg about collecting shiny items for your magpie nest.


You find yourself as a ghost stuck in between a realm of life and death.

based on Second Guess System.

Being a ghost without memories

A sexy solo journaling game for fresh slug people.

based on To Change.

NSFW art (nudity, etc)

Transformational TTRPG using tarot

(solo option: journaling mode)

Play a TTRPG where you design TTRPGs. Exciting!
GDR solitario d'avventura e avanscoperta

{Italian only}

A journaling game to tell stories about the stars


Solo-RPG powered by Firelights SRD

based on Fireflights.

Stage magician in Las Vegas

A solo journaling game where you face demons. | Un juego de diario en solitario donde enfrentas a demonios.

journaling based on Fireflights, inspired by 3:16 Carnage Among the Stars

(Spanish available)

An invasive game

pamphlet, daily-based.

CWs: Surveillance, anxiety about eye contact and gaze, social media, doxxing, compulsive thought patterns.

An intense survival hex crawling RPG

hexcrawling analog horror game

Tabletop stargazing
A solo TTRPG of survival and sanity in an ever-changing, enigmatic house. Write to explore, hope to survive.
A solo journaling game about embracing your past

journaling, based on Fireflights

You work at the greatest library built ever. Now, a god had taken the library with you, and brought it to their realm.


Defeat the evil Ardus Kane and rescue Princess Shalyn!


a weird west solo storytelling texas holdem hack
A zine for non-play

Text and D66 call for action. Radical Futures jam

Fight for a better world my friend though this 1-word RPG for 1 or more players.

1 Word game. Radical Futures jam

A suspenseful solo TTRPG, where cards and dice drive your journey into darkness.

based on Caltrop Core

A solo RPG, guided by Firelights and played with Uno cards

based on Firelights. Requires a Uno deck

Small game about writing Story is creative way
Print me out and take me down to the shore at low tide to see how many creatures you can find!
A solo push-powered TTRPG of cunning and thievery.

based on Push and Colostle

An exploration-focussed solo journaling TTRPG about restoring Spirit to the Wastes.

Journaling, based on Firelights

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