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The Lone Wolf Discord server is hosting a solo game jam! Solo tabletop gaming is all about playing tabletop games by yourself, without a group. Some games are designed for solo play like Ironsworn or The Wretched. Other people adapt traditional games like D&D or OSR systems to work with one person. Other people come up with their own original ways of playing.

A solo player has to account for the roles of both GM and player, so people have come up with Game Master emulators, generator tables, even player emulators, in order to offload some of the creative work.

That's where this game jam comes in! Make something that someone could use when they're soloing. Be ambitious and make a whole new system. Be realistic and come up with a few tables to generate something. Develop a setting or some NPCs. Write a new oracle, muse, or game master emulator. Make a journaling game. Anything goes as long as you can tie it to solo gaming.

The server is full of people who want to develop something but also want a bit of a push to get it done. Join us in making something! And to honor that, please make something for this jam. It's alright to submit to multiple concurrently running jams though if you feel that's appropriate.


  • Be a good human
  • Submit something related to solo tabletop RPGs
  • Make something new - You can have started work on this before, but please do most of the work during the jam period.
  • Respect any relevant copyright and licensing.
  • Video games are not allowed


This time, we're offering a selection of inspirations to spur creativity. You may choose to use any, all, or none of them.

In solo fashion, some random nouns to spark ideas: Poet. Quarrel. Suffering.

A suggestion for mechanics is: A Magic System.

It's your choice how you include any of those sparks, to what extent, and where.

If you have any questions or want to chat about your game, please join us at the Lone Wolf Discord server. We're friendly and very rarely bite.


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A tiny-yet-complete Oracle for Solo RPG
Move your Solo RPG stories forward without a GM
A solo roleplaying card game about a magically twisted being in a strange world.
A solo diary about journey into darkness. | Un diario en solitario sobre el viaje a la oscuridad.
A solo journaling game about train stations.
A cozy beekeeping RPG for solo or group play.
solo one page fantasy rpg about parting with your dead mentor and brewing potions
A One-page GMless Exploration RPG for 1 - 8 Players.
Solo Fantasy Adventure Game
Play the ultimate alternative reality game
An emotional micro solo journaling TTRPG about healing your wounded inner child.
In the beautiful valley of Dweomerdale, magic is a way of life, and you are studying to be a sorcerer.
solo gothic rpg about curses and past sins
Sci-fi solo journaling game where you are a necromancer on a colony ship and things are going poorly.
solo witchy exploration game
generator table for science fantasy ttrpg
A solo-rpg that follows a group of solarpunk rangers contracted by scattered communities for help.
A system-free ruleset for casting magic through poetry.
A Bleak Roleplaying Game of Desperate Adventures
A solo journaling horror RPG. Being a psychic seemed cool, but it’s more than you can handle.
A journaling solo-rpg that follows a volunteer fleet dedicated to eco-projects and helping coastal communities.
A post-apocalyptic solo TTRPG using the VRBS system
A 199-word RPG for 1 player, letting you RP as an owner of a new library.
A hack of 'Alone Among the Stars' in which you must tend sheep in the mountains.
A light-hearted micro solo journaling TTRPG about rewriting some tales the way they actually happened.
Visual rolling table for TTRPGS, for GMs or solo players! Made for the Lone Wolf Game Jam MK2!
This is a game in where you go on a journey. Play as an Apprentice, and use your senses to cast spells.
Help a stray cat find a home or fall to fate!
Hunt bounties and hoard gold in the Feywild West.