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Solo Journaling RPGs are physical games intended to be played by one person. That one person will follow events, characters, and locations prompted by the game, often decided by a roll of the dice or a drawn card. The player is expected to write a journal entry for each 'event.'

For example, the player might be asked to roll a d20 to decide the event prompt, a d12 to decide where it takes place, and a d20 to decide who all is present. (These are not the only categories; anything you can think up can become a category!) The player would then write a journal entry recalling or experiencing this event from the point of view of their character.

Some solo journaling RPGs ask the players to write a limited number of entries per day (i.e. one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one at night) and not continue the game until the next real-life day. Some have the players track relationships or experience with people or places by recording how many positive- or negative-ending event entries have included those people or places. Some suggest that the player sketch things from their adventures along the margins of their entries. There is plenty of variation to be had!

Here are some examples you can use to get a better understanding of the concept:

And here are some completely optional SRDs you can use as guidelines:

As for your game...


  • Guidelines to get the player started (this includes prompts, though the specifics are completely up to you)
  • Dice, cards, tarot, or some other medium to allow randomization of prompts
  • A story, setting, or concept to make your RPG unique
  • The ability to play the game with only one player (even if you can optionally play with more than one)

Highly recommended, but ultimately optional:

  • Prompts for creating people, places, or things
  • Prompts for events that may happen to or around the player
  • 'Achievements' that the player might organically come across
  • Win conditions (i.e. "you run out of cards" or "you fulfill your goal" or "you fill your notebook"

And that's it. There is no theme. You have a week and a half, approximately. Make sure your submission is complete and playable, but feel free to continue developing it after the jam is over!


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