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What is The Hints and Hijinx Jam?

The Hints and Hijinx system is a purpose-built solo mystery system that's easy to design mystery games for, & puts the power of deduction in the hands of the player.

This is done by a clue gathering mechanic, where the player needs to overcome a challenge or complication with one of their skills at thirteen different locations.

On failures, their skill’s dice rating can degrade, making finding future clues more difficult. After their investigation is complete, the clues they gathered are used to make a hypothesis.

The more clues the player can string together to create their hypothesis, the larger the dice they roll to see if their character’s hypothesis is correct. On a 5+ die roll, their deductions are correct and the mystery solved!


Jam Rules

Your Content

To participate, you need to submit content that is compatible with Hints and Hijinx - games, rule supplements, clue tables, complication tables, mystery introductions, etc. If you have already created something, or fall short on the deadline, it's totally OK! Just contact me and I will send you a custom submission link to add your game to the list.


You can price your content as you wish. You deserve to be paid for your time and work. You can use a "Pay What You Want" model, or make it paid. Use the model that you are the more comfortable with.


To make your game reach as many people as possible, use the #HintsAndHijinx hashtag on social media, and don't hesitate to tag us @PandionGames so that we can help you boost it.

Size and Scope

You can submit any size game or supplement. From a single clue table for others to use, to a full game.


Hints and Hijinx is released under CC-BY 4.0 License, meaning can make whatever you want so long as you credit Pandion Games. Include the following text in your game:

This work is based on The Hints and Hijinx System, product of Pandion Games (, developed and authored by Andrew Boyd, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License ( 

You can use - and are encouraged to use - the Hints and Hijinx logo.

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