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Want to make a TTRPG that uses real-life activities for action resolution?

Come create something using the Lay On Hands SRD!

Other things you could do:

  • a mod that re-themes Lay On Hands
  • new character archetypes for the game
  • game specific settings or adventures
  • a game that reuses The Oracle
  • a game that reuses the list of Moves
  • a game that reuses the original dexterity element of Lay On Hands
  • a game that uses a different form of dexterity element
  • something completely different and awesome

I'll be kicking around here ready to answer any questions you might have or just generally lend a hand.

Hold up... what's Lay On Hands?

Lay On Hands is an odd solo game about a wandering healer in a post-apocalyptic world. Instead of dice it uses physical drawing/writing tests for resolving action — find out more. There are lots of different elements waiting for you to hack.


Every submission added to the jam will get entered into a raffle. One randomly-chosen creator will receive some physical goodies. Currently these goodies are:

  • 1 x Lay On Hands (print edition)
  • 1 x Tundrabower setting for Lay On Hands (print edition — coming soon, very limited run)
  • 1 x DODMAN business card pointcrawl generator (print edition)
  • 1 x Haus of Valley sticker
  • 1 x original print

Additionally, I'd love for some designers to join the Haus of Valley. If you a) make something for this jam, b) would like to get it into print and c) would struggle to accomplish this yourself, please get in touch with me.

Rules & Guidelines

  • entries must use some element from the Lay On Hands SRD
  • be kind to yourself and others, free of bigotry and hate
  • submit as many works as you like
  • tweet about your submission and use the hashtag (#LayOnHandsJam) or tag me (@valleyofalfred)!


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A post-apocalyptic TTRPG setting for Lay On Hands and beyond...
3 character archetypes for Lay On Hands
Character archetype for lay on hands loosely based on the Filipino "Albularyo" and "Manghihilot"
A Lay On Hands Archetype inspired by Jewish folklore
A single player narrative game focused on performing research in the SCP universe.
A nature themed character archetype for Lay On Hands
A Lay on Hands Expansion by Watt
Two Character Archetypes for Alfred Valley's Lay On Hands
A solo mini-game on being a Weather Oracle and attempting to control the weather above you
The Big Hand and the iffs
A character archetype for Lay On Hands by Alfred Valley.