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THE JAM IS ACCEPTING LATE SUBMISSIONS! Please reach out if you have a project you would still like to submit.

It has been one year since the launch of the Anamnesis Kickstarter. To celebrate, I'm hosting a jam for projects inspired by Anamnesis! The jam will run from 01-Nov-2022 to 31-Jan-2023.


  1. Submissions can be anything that takes inspiration from Anamnesis. Games, supplements, stories, artwork,  whatever you can think of.
  2. Both old and new projects are allowed to be submitted.
  3. This jam is NOT ranked, so don't worry about making a "perfect" submission!
  4. Anamnesis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), meaning you are welcome to distribute and price your creations however you wish.
  5. NSFW projects are allowed but must be clearly labeled as such.
  6. No AI art allowed.
  7. No hate speech or bigotry. This will result in an immediate ban from the jam.
  8. I reserve the right to remove a project from the jam for any reason, without explanation.

Here are some ideas of projects you could make!

  • A hack of Anamnesis that uses the game's mechanics (i.e. answering prompts with tarot cards) to create a new game with a new story. For example, each Act could be a different part of an Arthurian-style quest. A great example of this is Yourself by Kaden Ramstack.
  • A supplement that adds a new Act to Anamnesis with original prompts.
  • A short story about the events that occurred when you played Anamnesis. This could even be a prologue or epilogue to your game.
  • A drawing of the character you made through Anamnesis.

Once you've submitted your project, consider posting under the hashtag #AnamnesisJam on Twitter! Also feel free to tag me @GoblinMixtape, I'd love to shout it out.

What is Anamnesis?

Anamnesis is a singleplayer journaling game about self-discovery, reflection, and identity. It uses a deck of tarot cards to tell a story of someone rediscovering themselves after memory loss, and figuring out how to move forward.

The Designer's Commentary Version was nominated for a 2022 ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book.

If you do not own Anamnesis, you're welcome to grab a free community copy from the game's page! If the community copies are out, let me know and I will restock them.

All art on this page is by Victor Winter!


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A solo ttrpg of identity and self reflection
A solo tarot-based journaling game to remember your past lives.
A solo play writing game
A solo-journaling game about waking up alone in space.
A tarot-based, solo journaling game about ecological collapse
A solo journaling RPG about the perils and trials of home ownership.
A solo tarot rpg about an Arthurian lady protecting her own.
we are not alone
Anamnesis X To Change
A solo journaling TTRPG about human cadaveric dissection
A solo journalling game about being an alien living on earth
A solo TTRPG about a character fighting for agency within their story.
A Dice-based system for picking Major Arcana cards, which you can put into your games.
a reimagining of Sam Leigh's solo journaling game ANAMNESIS
A solo journaling game based on Anamnesis
A game about finding yourself alone, and finding yourself, alone
A browser-playable solo journaling tarot RPG for the Anamnesis Jam
Role Playing
Play in browser
An Anamnesis hack about failing to start again
a solo tarot-based journaling game to identify yourself amongst the crowd.
An audio drama about memory and mistakes
A solo journaling game about rural exploration, mysticism and connection with nature. An Anamnesis hack.
a suit about memory loss, inspired by the game Anamnesis, and designed for use with ghostbox
A game of changing your name.
A supplement for Anamnesis
A two-player journaling game about two lovers, reconnecting after a messy breakup that sent them both reeling.
A solo ritual and journaling game for individuation through the tarot and nature
A tarot journaling game for one player about an assassin back for one job
A solo game of drinking and introspection
A more rural version of Act 2 for Amanesis