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Change your username & URL

This is the most common support email we get, so I think it's worth mentioning on the blog. If you need to change your username & URL then you can now do so directly on the account settings page:

We'll automatically set up a redirect for you, any old links you have floating around will still work. This works for purchases and download keys you've distributed as well.

In order to keep changing usernames at a reasonable level, you must wait 1 week after changing your username before you can do it again. Make sure you think it through before you hit save. If, for whatever reason, this limit is preventing you from doing something you need feel free to send us an email.


(and special thanks to Gran PC his first feature launch)

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Can you remove the redirect on ?I accidentally used that name on an off-account and now i cant use it on my main account. I'd like to reuse that name


You have to contact support to handle account changes. Please ensure that if you want us to make a modification to an account you email us using the email address that owns the account, or we may not be able to process your request.

I have waited for 2 Weeks and my Name can't be changed, any help?

Deleted post

Message support and they can remove it for you.

Does it work similarly (with an automatic redirect) if you change a specific game's name and URL?


Renaming a project URL also creates an automatic redirect. You don’t have to worry about any broken outdated links

That's excellent—thanks so much!