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A member registered Nov 15, 2014

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Love it! You should combine forces with First Person Soar! http://itch.io/jam/7dfps/rate/13738

Also, I would totally pay some money for this.

Gorgeous!  I've always wanted such a simple game. 

I can't help myself from suggesting some ideas...

  • I feel like the flapping should give you more vertical lift than propel you forward, and forward motion would require gaining some height and then diving.
  • The control guide says to put both sticks to the side for a turn, but it seems best to put one stick up and the other down for a turn.
  • Given the above, any chance of a vertical axis inversion option? Turning feels reverse to me.
  • I would feel great to have flapping be analogue with the triggers - the flap occurs on release, with power in proportion to the depth it was pressed.