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Entrancing musical falling block puzzler 路 By davemakes


A topic by LiamD created Aug 09, 2020 Views: 602 Replies: 11
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Hi, so this looks awesome! Will you be supporting Linux?


I've gotten a couple requests for Linux so far, and I believe it's a possibility, but I'm hesitant for a few reasons. Primarily, I don't know hardly anything about Linux and I don't have any Linux machines to test on. I'm extremely wary of taking money for a version of the game I'm unsure of and have no way of troubleshooting if there are issues. I'm sure y'all hear this a lot, and I'm sorry because I think the spirit of open source is extremely cool, but with my limited time and resources I don't think I can manage it right now. We'll see down the road!


No problem :) 

If you do look into it, happy to help. Reach out to us here any time:


To be honest, if you simply added a Linux build to the purchase with the caveat that it's completely untested even that would be a great step. Then if it works out of the box the problem would be solved, and if not then no big loss 馃槃 I'll also add a +1 to the number of people who'd be willing to debug should that be the case!


it's very easy to set up a virtual machine for testing, if that helps. no need to have an entire machine dedicated to linux. you may also find that technically-inclined players will be willing to help you troubleshoot problems.

I can understand your point and of course you're not obligated to support any particular platform though. I agree with the other poster that supplying an explicitly unsupported linux build would probably be good enough. I will probably roll the dice and buy the game, since another player said the windows version worked via wine.


Subscribing to this topic and posting here to let you know that if you ever do make a Linux build I'd be happy to test it on the two machines I own. No pressure though! Thank you for making something beautiful! <3


I can confirm this is very playable under wine and dxvk. The game window behaves a bit weirdly in fullscreen but in windowed it works perfectly.


i would also like to see a native linux build! i'm happy to test as well.

id also love to see a linux version im happy to test but im not the most technicly inclinde haha how easy is it to get set up under wine for any one whos tryed it? 

also is there any plans for a mobile/ARM/rasburrypi  port? these seems like a time waster that whod help me chill for a bit when i need it hahaha but im on the fence cos of  linux/mobile support right now maby even a 3ds homebrew/ and or gameshell port? thos 2 are rather niche but whod be cool :)


it runs very well in wine! just download the windows version from the download page.

for a raspberry pi build there would need to be a linux build. depending on what engine dave used i think an android/iOS port would be fairly simple, though it would also require them to go through the process of applying to list on the respective app stores.

Deleted 2 years ago

make sure wine is installed first. if you're on ubuntu the command would be "sudo apt install wine".

then download the windows version of the game from the website and unzip it.

open a terminal and "cd" to where the game files are, then run "wine Mixolumia.exe".

hope that helps!!

thaks dude !