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The included PK3 can be loaded like any other addon WAD. If you're running on Windows and have doom_complete.pk3 in the same folder as your gzdoom.exe, you can run "gzdoom.exe fullrun.pk3".

Just copy ATTACK.WAD and the other 19 WAD files (Canyon, Blacktwr, Virgil, etc etc) included with the Master Levels into the same subfolder "source_wads" as you have doom.wad, doom2.wad etc, and run WadSmoosh. The window that pops up should show "The Master Levels" in the episode list.

Hmm, good catch this is a rare one. Not exactly sure what might have caused it but the code should catch it now. Try the build I just uploaded, Build 71.

Darn, good catch. Next version should fix this.

PSX, GBA, Jaguar etc versions of maps already exist as freely available (painstakingly manually reverse engineered, as I understand it) PWADs, so I'd say just run those as mods.

Do you see any errors in your wadsmoosh.log after running?

The doom_complete.pk3 file is actually just a ZIP file with a different extension (suffix), and you can open it using whatever you normally use to inspect and edit the contents of ZIP files. Just inside it, you'll find a file called MENUDEF.TXT. Simply delete it, then try launching in Zandronum again.

You should be able to make a WadSmoosh-compatible version of plutmidi.wad by renaming all the lumps inside to P_TRACK instead of D_TRACK.

What WadSmoosh produces is an IWAD, PK3 just denotes the format used (ZIP instead of the classic WAD format).

Much of what WadSmoosh does, with regard to defining custom episodes, intermission screens, and texture replacements is due to ZDoom functionality that most source ports don't have. If there's a source port that has equivalent features (maybe Eternity?) and someone wanted to make a fork (not a branch) of WadSmoosh that produced an all-in-one IWAD for that, they'd be welcome to - WadSmoosh's code is released under an MIT open source license - but I only use GZDoom so that's all I'm willing to support. <- This is the issue that causes the menudef error, so when Zandronum 3.1 finally comes out, you shouldn't need to do the hack described above.

I'm not sure, what screen resolution do you have GZDoom set to? It's possible GZDoom has code that draws in a smaller font if the bigger one would put entries off the bottom of the screen, but that's pure speculation on my part.

Yes, with the caveat that you'll need to open up the doom_complete.pk3 file WadSmoosh generates, and delete the file "menudef.txt" there to fix the startup error. Zandronum doesn't support some of the menu scripting features GZDoom has.

Unfortunately no, much of what WadSmoosh does is only possible thanks to various ZDoom-only features.

Hm, do you mean the in-game credits screen or the map titles shown during intermission? I should have specified, the credits I just added are the latter. Although I would like to design an all-new credits screen at some point, to include the people who worked on the non-Doom 2 releases.

Are you loading any other mods? Which IWAD are you using, Doom 2?

Build 68 should have a fix for that.

This is due to a bug in the GZDoom 3.7 series; GZDoom 4.0 was just released and does not exhibit this issue, give that a shot:

GZDoom 4.0 was just released, and fixes this:

GZDoom 4.0 was just released, and fixes this:

This was happening due to a bug in the GZDoom 3.7 series. Try running with the just-released GZDoom 4.0:

Cool and fun mod!

If it's not much trouble, it'd be cool to release the .qc source files along with the mod.

When you press spacebar, does a dialog box come up? NPCs don't have descriptions the way objects do, but you can interact with them to talk.

I've released a new build, Playscii 0.9.12, which doesn't seem to trigger the false positive on my (Windows 10 64-bit) machine. I've added a note to the front page in case this occurs in future builds. Changing a few bytes seems to be all that's needed. I wish I knew how to avoid this!

Thanks for the report, no problem! This issue has been seen by other players, and it's a bug with the current version of GZDoom:

GZDoom's developers fixed the bug, but I'm not sure when a new build of it with that fix will be out. In the meantime, if you don't need features from the very latest GZDoom you could try using an older build of it from the 3.6 series.

This ended up being due to a bug in GZDoom itself, which has now been fixed. The next official release of GZDoom, whether it's 3.7.3 or 3.8, should contain this fix. If you don't want to wait until then you could try downgrading to an earlier version of GZDoom like 3.6.*

This seems to have started appearing with the most recent GZDoom, currently investigating.

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking or suggesting. Is there a small code change I should make?

Is the file SDL2.dll missing from the program directory? I think it's included in the right spot with the Windows build.

You can distribute your game alongside Playscii, using the Windows EXE / a modified Mac app bundle / Python source, by including your game in the games/ subfolder, so there's no export process per se.

Thanks for the post! Cool idea, it sounds like a whole different thing from Mr. Friendly, with its own levels and such. The ZScript source code is included with Mr. Friendly so maybe someone could modify it to do something like this?

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I can't seem to reproduce this on my system, and maybe I don't understand the nature of the issue. The player in Mr. Friendly does float by design, but you should be able to float around to objects and characters and interact with them. Can you use the mouse to look up and down? Flying forward when looking even slightly down should put you in interact range of objects if you're too high above them. You can also press F to toggle the floating off altogether, if you'd prefer to walk.

Some samples would be great actually, thanks!

Hi there, sorry for the late response. I've been researching how to do C64 SEQ file export (and maybe import as well) and was having trouble finding info about the file format. I'm making some progress though. It will be available as an import "plugin" like the DOS ANSI file export etc. I'll either post the plugin file here or make it the main part of the 0.9.11 update. No ETA.

Zero? I don't understand why I'd sue anyone?! I made Playscii so that people could make things with it, the code is open source and there's no license whatsoever regarding the art you create with it. Do whatever you like!

Good catch, should be fixed in the build that just went up.

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The full command on Windows would be "Unreal.exe Vortex2?mutator=Tourism.Tourism", the first bit there is the EXE the shortcut is running, everything else goes in the arguments field if I'm remembering the Windows shortcut properties window layout correctly.

If that launches into the game's first level but you still see enemies, make sure the Tourism.U file is in the same dir as your Unreal EXE. If it launches into the menu, something isn't right about the command line arguments.

I have a trello card for Heretic/Hexen/Chex Quest support, it'd just be a matter of doing all the writing: Not sure when I'll get around to it though.

The arsenal resets are done with the "ResetHealth" and "ResetInventory" lines in the mod's mapinfo's entries for the first map of each chapter, ie E2M1, E3M1, E4M1, MAP01, NV_MAP01, TN_MAP01, and PL_MAP01. So you could take those lines out for a no-reset run.

Given that I'm just using a standard mapinfo directive to do it, I'm not really sure how I'd fix mods that break it. Maybe Samsara sets certain weapons to be "never strip this item, even after a ResetInventory"? I believe the Inventory.Undroppable actor flag does this. Are those items normally stripped between Master Levels when playing without the Full Run mod?

I made a mod for just that!

Thanks for the reports, Yoshi! I was able to fix all of them except one for Build 60, let me know if you still see them. The switch texture issue is a stumper.

Thanks! I just pushed an update (build 58) that totally refactors the crafting and related inventory code, so it should be more robust now. I can't repro the issue as described in the new build.