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From the log it looks like you're trying to load the doom_complete.pk3 file twice; one of them is probably being auto-loaded as part of your existing config.

No idea why it would be changing enemy behavior, the WadSmoosh IPK3 doesn't define or touch any object behaviors.

Ah, that's a great little sprite! Good point about there not being a unique one for the slime fish, would you like me to include it? If so what name would you like me to credit you as?

Did the first item:

As far as customizing the appearance of the Green Demon, you can create an additional mod PK3 that loads in on top of this one. All you'd need to do is replace one of the PNG files in the sprites/ subdirectory.

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Okay, I've got 4.3.3 compiled on my laptop which runs a distro based on 18.04 (though it seems unlikely OS has anything to do with this). I am still unable to reproduce this. The steps I followed were:

  1. Run with "gzdoom -config fresh.cfg -iwad doom2.wad -file friendly.pk3 -warp 2"
  2. Grab the CD straight ahead from the level start.
  3. Without bothering with the switch, slip through the gap into the hallway and go to the "house" area where the camera quest giver is.
  4. Talk to the camera quest giver, do the quest, turn it in.
  5. Fly in through the opening into the level's only secret room.
  6. Fly out and grab the red key.
  7. Fly back into the secret room and take the teleporter back to the level start.
  8. Slip through the other gap into the other hallway, and head to the sunken area with the barrels.
  9. Grab the blue key. Head through the two blue key doors into the exit room.
  10. Talk to the fishing quest giver in the exit room.
  11. Go right outside into the hallway and fish in the water there. Catch the fish.
  12. Turn in the fishing quest with the guy in the exit room.
  13. Press E to bring up the Inventory screen.
  14. Press Tab to bring up the automap.
  15. Press Tab to dismiss the automap.
  16. Press E to dismiss the Inventory screen. (Alternately tried clicking the checkmark button to close the Inventory screen, same result.)

Do these steps reproduce the issue for you?

If you're comfortable capturing some video of a session, that might be useful.

Thanks for the info, sorry this is a weird one.

Thanks for this info, very helpful. I'm not able to reproduce the bug yet, but there's enough info that I can try a few things.
Two more questions, which exact version of GZDoom are you running, and on which OS?

Hmm,  I can't seem to reproduce this (by opening the quest screen, then opening the automap). Are there any other steps you know of that can cause this to happen reliably?

I don't offer a 64 bit Windows build, but the 32 bit version should work fine on any 64 bit system.

Try running the EXE from the command line, that will probably at least print some sort of error to clarify what's happening.

Hi, sorry you're having a problem. Is there any info in your log file? On a typical Windows system it will be in a folder like C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\Playscii\console.log, you should be able to open it in Notepad.

If you don't see anything there, try running the EXE from the command line, and paste any errors you see here.

You are probably best off manually editing the PK3 WadSmoosh generates, by opening it in SLADE and dragging in the specific title screen and menu title graphics you want.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Okay, try loading this pk3 instead of the main release jphud.pk3:

Smooth Doom defines its own custom weapons so the player doesn't have the ones that my HUD was expecting. I generalized it a little bit, but only just enough to make this custom version of it.

Thanks, I'll look into this.

I can't seem to reproduce this issue with a fresh config (gzdoom.cfg) when I load SmoothDoom first and then JPHUD - the ammo display always draws near the right edge of the screen with no cut off, no matter what aspect ratio or scaling factor I choose.

FWIW the version of SmoothDoom I have is the latest one in this thread:

Check out how the sky textures are defined in the IPK3's "textures.doom2" etc. WadSmoosh renames the doom2 sky textures from sky1 to rsky1 (the same as their patch names). If you're comfortable editing a copy of your HD texture pack (I'm not too familiar with those) you should be able to rename them so that the skies are the names WadSmoosh is expecting, and thus have a WadSmoosh-compatible version of your HD pack.

Check out the documentation:

The Art Mode page has some info on Import/Export plugins for getting art in and out of Playscii.

The Game Mode page has info on writing games using Python code.

Those maps are accessed from E1M1 and MAP02, respectively, which the full run mod doesn't touch. The mod only changes what happens at the endings for E1M8, E2M8, etc, continuing to the next episode instead of ending the game. So yes it should support going through those maps on the way to the end.

Hm, make sure your Windows 10 is fully up to date - Playscii should be whitelisted in the virus definitions as of 9.16.2's release.

After that, if you're running from the app, trying reinstalling Playscii from there. If you're not, try re-downloading the ZIP and running.

To find the pages you need to turn on Guardian Vision, the number 4 key. Many of the NPCs that give you a quest to find these will mention it.

Open up the PK3 in any program that can edit ZIP files and delete the file menudef.txt contained therein, that should allow Zandronum to load it.

I created a bug report for Zandronum for this years ago and I guess it's still not fixed:

I'm not 100% sure but I think modern Windows security practice is to not let applications write to any files in c:\Program Files\. It wants to keep a strict separation between programs and the data (settings, documents) they generate. I would suggest extracting and running WadSmoosh from a directory that you have full, non-administrator read/write permissions for. That should allow WadSmoosh to output the PK3 to the same directory.

Hmm, I'm not sure what's going on here and could use more info. How exactly are you running WadSmoosh? From the itch app, from the extracted ZIP, or something else?

Try downloading the latest version (9.16.2) and making sure your Windows Defender definitions are up to date; 9.16.1 was being falsely detected and I submitted the file to MS and they updated their definitions to avoid this. If you're all up to date and still seeing this, I might ask for some info about what exactly Defender is reporting.

Doom2 maps have the same names they do in the original IWAD, so try "map map01"

Thanks for the heads up, I'll see if there's anything I can do on my end.

Just uploaded it there.

Ah yes, thanks for reminding me I had some changes that hadn't made it into a release yet. 1.14 is up now.

Is there any particular changes or fixes you're looking for in an update?

Oh gosh, that's quite a bummer about the Warp MP3s but it's good to know. Thanks again for playing! I hope to add more tracks at some point.

Hmm, strange. If the track simply isn't found, the error you'd see at the dev console would be "Failed to load sound "*#music/track01.mp3", file probably missing from disk/repository", so if you're not seeing that error then I'm not sure what could be wrong.

My MP3 rip of track01.mp3 is 44KHz stereo 256kbps CBR, is yours any different? Early on I tested with a variety of MP3 encoding settings and Source Engine seemed to handle it fine...

As far as how GZDoom thinks about all its supported titles, everything Doom is all a single "game" and Heretic, Hexen, and Strife are all separate games, and it's not possible to have them all coexist within a single session.

Hmm, interesting. This is definitely not something I thought of when designing the image conversion feature - support for multi-color character sets didn't exist back then. It seems like what the program should do here, to get the result you want, is reduce the image to the *character set's* palette instead. I'll put this on the TODO list (trello), but I'm not sure how much work is involved and can't offer any ETA on when it might happen. Thanks for raising this issue, sorry I didn't have a ready answer.

Interesting, so the character set image data itself has colors in it? I haven't actually tested with that. If you use a custom 2-color palette with just white (ie 1:1 source colors) and black, does it behave as expected?

Sigil_shreds.wad is the extra WAD file included with the paid version of Sigil that includes the Buckethead soundtrack. WadSmoosh reporting it not being found isn't an error, it's just telling you which source wads it can and can't find.

Regarding BTS etc, from the ZDoom forum thread:

"Note: With the sole exception of SIGIL, non-official content, even stuff that was sold at retail by random companies like the Lost Episodes, is not supported! People in this thread have customized WadSmoosh to do this but it's outside the scope of what I wrote WadSmoosh to do and I have no intention of supporting it. Also please note that you don't need WadSmoosh to merge non-commercial content! Use a WAD editing tool like SLADE3 instead."

I don't have any interest in doing this, sorry. If you want an IPK3 with or without the Nazi content etc then provide the appropriate IWAD files and (re)run WadSmoosh.

Oh, I see you're talking about simply the filename change. Rename SIGIL_v1_2.wad to SIGIL.wad and WS should recognize it.

Yes, I've already committed a fix to the code depot and would like to have a build out soon. No ETA yet. The fix is simple enough you can apply it to your existing install with eg Notepad:


Thanks, and good catch - I think my code for detecting the player's armor type is naive. I'll fix this next time I return to it.

Yeah, in the last build I made a while back I "stubbed in" Heretic support but didn't do any of the actual writing. The automap powerup is a good catch, that will require a tiny trivial code change. I'll make sure I do that before claiming any "official" Heretic support.