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how whod i get it to run via wine (im a dumbass i only switched to linux 3-5 months ago heh heh if i can help it i NEVER will switch back :3 i like finding new cool things i can do evryday :3 its an adiction tho its way more potent then hacking consoles/browseing f-droid i just cant stop its sooo good :) trying to save up for a 3ds (mine got stollen from chearch no less  if i find who ever stoll it i will kill them do not F*** with a manchild and his animal crossing save heh) or the gameshells from clockworkpi look cool and like a fun DIY kit and could also fill my addiction :) shame there NEVER  in stock tho :C just a little console like that to play pico-8 on whod WAY cooler then just a keyborad

make sure wine is installed first. if you're on ubuntu the command would be "sudo apt install wine".

then download the windows version of the game from the website and unzip it.

open a terminal and "cd" to where the game files are, then run "wine Mixolumia.exe".

hope that helps!!

thaks dude !