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also this is a bit more unreasable but a native linux verstion will be fun and maby even a rasburry pi (zero ,4 ) verstion with controller support? imagine useing a case like the gpicase or the raspi0 choud be good fun to use this on a gameboy like shell

i do want to give this a go dos the android verstion use google play surviaces? , also can you put apk on as well so i can use a android client (like mitch ) to download it?

try checking here or here

thaks dude !

id also love to see a linux version im happy to test but im not the most technicly inclinde haha how easy is it to get set up under wine for any one whos tryed it? 

also is there any plans for a mobile/ARM/rasburrypi  port? these seems like a time waster that whod help me chill for a bit when i need it hahaha but im on the fence cos of  linux/mobile support right now maby even a 3ds homebrew/ and or gameshell port? thos 2 are rather niche but whod be cool :)

Thank You I do :)

allright thanks for .p8.png whod be lovely to have :)

has this been un minied here or somethen id love to have the .p8.png for a rpi console im planing on building