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bless U onion ☺

I'm synth_ruiner, I guess I haven't been that active recently T_T

aww cool!!

I know Google Chrome recently made a change that prevented audio from autoplaying on load, and it stopped a lot of Bitsy/web game music from working. Maybe Safari has done something similar. I'm glad you were able to get it working :)

sorry to hear that, do you have this problem with any other Bitsy games? it's a bit hard for me to look into this 'cause I don't have a Mac.

Is downloading the Itch desktop app an option for you? That version should hopefully work.

That is really cute! I always liked the Mario/Wario Land games more than the main console ones. Nice work :)

That's so suspenseful and haunting! I love it! nice work.

what a sweet story! thank you!

not crappy at all! I liked it :)

what a lovely game!

just a small note- if you set the itch game window to 512x512 instead of 560x560 it will look better! it's a bit distorted at the moment

awww this is lovely!!!

aww thank you! yeah it's definitely about nostalgia :)

thanks for the suggestion! this is a good idea and I've already discussed it with Von Bednar. I will add it to the to-do list but unfortunately I can't guarantee I'll have time to do it any time soon. In the meantime if anyone wants to try making a fork the source code is up at

totally, it's not meant to be just a sad thing. letting go of things can be freeing, and from destruction comes regrowth, etc.

I enjoyed this Glow Worm Experience

Thanks! I wanted the 'end' of the game to be a time to reflect, since there's literally nothing left to do since you've willingly got rid of everything you own. I felt like explicitly stating the character's reasoning to the player would detract from the player coming to their own conclusion. Yours is totally valid, but others might have thought of something else- maybe the character is going off to become a monk? :)

I love it! the music works especially well with it. and I love the birde

I love this :)

aaaah onion!!!! thank U my friend

that hack is gonna be so handy!

thank you! ♥

Haha this is lovely!

a tool called Borksy has just been released which includes a font picker with several different fonts!

I love the art style!

I love the animation of the pyramids being built :)

lots of character in this one!

aww! the ending is SO CUTE!

mind-bending! the perspective of the artwork is great, especially when you break it...

I may do that later. Thanks!


don't want to get your hopes up yet but I am thinking about it! I am refactoring the code which should make additional tools/modes easier to handle.

what if I let the user upload several images, and tab between them on the crop tool? (or should each image just get cropped the same way?)

do you think just having one brightness slider would be enough or should each frame have its own setting?

now that I know about the multiple-animation-frames 'hack' this is quite an exciting prospect :)

this is so cool! whoa!

nice and trippy. I loved the bit with the bombs

by far the most impressive bitsy game I've seen. I'm amazed that I've just sat for over half an hour playing a single bitsy game! I love it!

nah, hell is way better ;)

I cracked up so much at... well, I won't spoil it. but this was fantastic

bad. ass.

this felt like a true adventure! I love it!

love the artwork in this!

made me jump! amazing!