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that's a really good idea - I might have to go back and edit that in. I even have a "nuh-uh" sound that I use in the scoring mode!

thank you!!

funny concept, and the graphics are great!


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I should have explained better, but if there's a mole running around then you can't exit until you kill it! thanks for the kind words!

ooh, that was scary!! nice work!!


filled the screen >:)

is that a "yoda eating frenzy" sound effect?

my game is now feature-complete, gameplay-wise... but I still need to make the rest of the levels, add an ending, write some music, add some more enemy types, fix some bugs, and polish everything 😅

this is a really great twist on Minesweeper, better than mine!

A couple of things:

  • there's not much to differentiate clues and un-clicked tiles - maybe the clue tiles should be darker or something?
  • it can sometimes be hard to tell which layer is at the top or below etc. - maybe the "current top layer" coloured square in the bottom-right-hand corner should be a series of stripes to show the hierarchy of layers?

Same here.

oh, this is exciting!

it's just one of those days

touching and evocative - wonderful work

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so psyched for this

oh my god... amazing

We're Just Normal Pong
We're Just Innocent Pong

great thoughts, I love it and I love the little guy

I'm afraid not - like with traditional Minesweeper, you sometimes have situations where you have no choice but to guess.

I think you meant to reply to some kind of asset pack. this is a tool for converting tile sheets to Bitsy

which art pack / tile set are you referring to?

ahh sweet! what a nice couple

lol, is that the sprite from Yoda Stories?

wow, this is excellent

aw yeah

reminds me of Klik 'n' Play (in a good way)

this is very good, I love the atmosphere and writing


this was wonderful. some of the best graphics I've seen in a bitsy game!

this is lovely, thanks so much for sharing it with me! :)

ahh! happy birthday shawn!!


this was fantastic! I'm glad pixsy was helpful to you. and Freya rules

I am so excited!!

this is great! very effective and scary


immensely cute


this is truly gorgeous