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this is truly gorgeous


I got stuck on one of the puzzles but this is fantastic!

in the process of writing my own parser, I ended up documenting some undocumented and obsolete aspects of the game data format, like the old WAL attribute, optional colours, etc. it's maybe not the most readable thing but might be of interest to someone!

FYI Ian Urbina is scamming musicians with that Outlaw Ocean project. it's very weird

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just a heads-up - Mixsy doesn't support HTML, just Bitsy game data (you can copy/export this under Tools → Game Data in the Bitsy editor)

bag I love it

also it was fine in firefox here

this is a very cool little game!

how lovely!

very pretty!

great ominous vibes here! dithering works so well for space graphics...

Sorry to hear it didn't work for you.

Yeah, pixsy isn't really designed to be used with Bitsy Colour - if I added support, the tool would end up being significantly more complicated. RGBitsy is designed for this purpose though, so maybe give that a try!

hi! this indicates a problem parsing the game data. what format is your game data in? did you copy the text from the game data window in bitsy, or download a .bitsy file? if you loaded an .html file, it won't work.

if you send me your game data I could take a look at what's going wrong - in the meantime, you could try the old version of pixsy and see if that works better.

I'm sorry there's no error message that appears - I'll have to work on that and make it less confusing.


thanks so much, this is a really heartwarming thing to read. I'm sorry to hear you're going through that - I made this game based on my own experiences of chronic fatigue, seasonal affective disorder, depression and burnout, so I can relate ♥

I've put the music on my website for you to grab:

this is beautiful. hugs to you ♥


I love Joey Wamone

this is very nice! I liked the tiny 8×8 size

a beautiful nightmare!

this is really nice! I had a similar moment when we had a rainstorm a week or two ago :)

I want to go to my favourite falafel stand now...

try installing libasound?

probably not - I'm not sure if it uses the same game data format. I'll have a look though!





Bitsy is plain javascript :)

I tried my best to make it work on smartphones (including android) at the time I made it, but that was 6 years ago so the situation might have changed. sorry it's not working for you!

#1 annoyance for me is that the grid view is on by default, and turning it off is not persistent. I basically never use it, so I have to turn it off every time!

ooh, very good! can I suggest add bitsy audio so everyone gets the nice soundtrack?

Thank you very much! Yeah, I did :) it's kind of inspired by this tune.

I haven't tried it myself, but I would guess that both games need to have the same number of colours in every palette


it should already work! have you tried it?

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which version did you use - web, windows, linux? if web, which browser do you use?

you portrayed the drudgery and feeling of futility very well!