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this is very cute! I like the graphics and cosy atmosphere

this is adorable and I laughed at tubular Tyler and bodacious Brandon

Oh, this is lovely!

adorable! reminds me of Granny's Garden with the colour palette and the "I will send you home at once!" kinda bits :P

good stuff!

I love this cute fat bird

this is very meaningful

very cool stuff! I like the increasing complexity. got stuck on level 46 though :)

a couple of things:
* things go quite weird when you middle-click on tiles (the cursor will continue painting white tiles after the button is released)
* on the Itch page, the "enter fullscreen" button is directly on top of the "next level" button

a lovely message <3

this is very cute! I wish I was there! someday...

damn this is cool freya!!

cool! :)

I love the art!


the most graphically impressive Bitsy I've seen I think! and I love the meta-narrative stuff...

looking forward to seeing how this progresses :)

genuinely scared me! nice work.

fred is the ghost's plant friend!

10/10 would die for fred

I enjoyed this house more than I enjoyed House (1977)

Thanks and I hope you're doing well too! <3

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Thank you! You found them all, there were four songs. :)
Mark & Suzann Farmer - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Ronnie Davis - Money Never Build A Mountain
Junior Byron - Dance to the Music
Orchestre D.O. 7 Shirati Jazz - Kiseru Pts. 1 & 2

I just edited it to make it easier. :)

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sorry! you have to press down while standing at the top of the stairs. maybe I need to remove those doors as they're a bit confusing.

and thank you!!!

aww, thank you so much!

I also left my plant at the office and listen to The Cure. :)

this was beautiful!

Ristar? :)


looks cool!

you got it :) it's supposed to be a bit depressing at the end, like "whoops, I went too far". thanks for playing!

Just thought I'd make a note of this in case anyone's hesitant to buy. Nice game!

great writings!

eek!! really nice work!

weird - thanks for letting me know. I've been having trouble with the game too, so maybe changing browser standards have caused it to break. I'll have to look into it soon. :)

try HTMLE or an Electron wrapper

truly the ratizen kane of bitsy games

this is awesome, Ducky!

this is so clever and sweet! I love it!

Lovely stuff!

that is so cool!

lovely game! we need more bitsy comic books I think