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Bitsy is plain javascript :)

I tried my best to make it work on smartphones (including android) at the time I made it, but that was 6 years ago so the situation might have changed. sorry it's not working for you!

#1 annoyance for me is that the grid view is on by default, and turning it off is not persistent. I basically never use it, so I have to turn it off every time!

ooh, very good! can I suggest add bitsy audio so everyone gets the nice soundtrack?

Thank you very much! Yeah, I did :) it's kind of inspired by this tune.

I haven't tried it myself, but I would guess that both games need to have the same number of colours in every palette


it should already work! have you tried it?

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which version did you use - web, windows, linux? if web, which browser do you use?

you portrayed the drudgery and feeling of futility very well!

very pretty and calming!

the art is really good (great clouds) and I like the contemplative nature of it!

this is cute and I love the graphics

this is really pretty!

Thank you so much!


is the game supposed to end when you build a house?


aww cute! well done on your first bitsy game!

festive! I like it when Ratty walks backwards hehe


this is really cute

this was cute and I also really like Fridge


so unexpected! I love the KK Slider music haha

oh no, I should be courting the CanYouPetTheDog demographic!

Cute! I miss casually browsing… any kind of shop, to be honest.

aww! very relatable as a former Aspiring Teen Skater

love it!

this is lovely!

I was laughing/grinning throughout the whole of this and it's made even more hilarious by the fact that I've never seen Supernatural either. I should have remembered that that word was also the name of a TV programme lmao


thank you!

this is very pretty

the ending is cool! nice work

I give it a B+

you open the door up to another door up to another door up to another door up to another door

thank you!! :^)

this is good but seems to skip over the concept of buying digital media. as long as I have my files, bit-rot aside, they're not going anywhere. CDs are not going to last forever either, sadly.

I also think using Spotify is essentially the same thing as peer-to-peer downloading except that you're giving money to a third party for no reason each month. if you can't afford to buy all your music I'd argue that it's a little better to download everything on Soulseek and buy the occasional album on Bandcamp or something when you can.

Ducky this is truly lovely and it made me feel a little better today. I have fond memories of that game too.

thank you Claire :)

truly awe-inspiring