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Itch is legit, and they treat developers a lot better than Steam.

This game is so hecking good.

Thank you! That's so nice!

this was just

    |                  --#--

I am seriously considering this

Thanks, Jupiter! I always appreciate these!

This is an extremely good game

that was the intended experience but I didn't want to license the song

ok, fullscreen should  work now

sounds like a good cause, I'll look into it

Sickeningly good. Would barf again.

I suck at this, but I love the art!

Really lovely, thank you!

Thanks so much!

I'm laughing so hard. Bravo.

FINALLY the epic conclusion that wraps everything up and now I can rest

Thanks, Jupi! I always appreciate your videos!

Stunning! The grass is so well done, and the sound design is haunting.

This is so good and so moody. Love it.


Wow, that was really cool! The creature designs were excellent!

This is really exciting and fun! The effect on that dust monster is insane, too.

This was gorgeous and fun!

I saw you at BitSummit! Great work, fun game!

Noru community · Created a new topic Level editor update

I've been busy with contract work lately, so there's no new build for Noru yet. Here's a little behind-the-scenes peek at a new level and the built-in level editor I built to speed up the design process.

That's all for now!

Thanks for the heads up! Fixed it!

(thanks for playing, too)

Thanks for playing! I agree that 16 is definitely too hard, but I'm glad you got it!

Noru community · Created a new topic Build 4 Notes

Hooray, it's the first post-jam update! Here are the notes in brief:

  • Undo functionality
  • Gamepad support
  • Player can hold down a button to move

And here are the details:

That's right, you can now undo! This was the most requested feature, and it took a little bit of doing, but I think it's a great improvement. You can even undo restarting a level in case you press the wrong button accidentally. Thanks to everyone who suggested this!

Gamepads should work now, although I don't have a PlayStation controller to test, and I don't know what the Mac situation is at all because my MacBook finally bit the dust. Also, who knows about the various browsers and whatnot. If you run into problems, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Finally, you can hold down a directional button to move instead of tap tap tapping all the time.

Future plans:

This was a good usability update, and I think it makes the game a bit friendlier to play. In the next update, I plan on designing more levels. There are some mechanics that aren't explored very much, and some levels that are pretty difficult without any kind of training ramping up to them, so I'd like to smooth that out.

Oh, one more thing!

Thanks to everyone who rated Noru! Out of 402 entries to GBJAM 5, we scored #9 in the category of Gameplay and #50 Overall. Not bad for a prototype hacked together over a weekend! This is great encouragement to keep updating Noru.

If you'd like to support development, consider donating right here on Itch and/or share the game with your friends!

Thanks for playing, everybody!

Z or K will restart the level. I may look into doing a step-by-step undo.

Noru community · Created a new topic Level design feedback

Noru is a work in progress, so your feedback on the level design will help make it better. What did you like? What was too hard or confusing? What do you want to see more of?

Please be kind and constructive with your comments. Thanks!

This is astounding work!

This is incredible!

This is super fun!

Love it!