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Ah, so I managed to continue the game before the disaster, and it looks like there was a single pixel of ungreened energy in one of the circles. It was extremely difficult to tell that it was even there, or what color it was supposed to be.

My suggestion would be to add some kind of display on hover (maybe at the bottom?) showing the actual percentages of each type of energy in a region. Alternatively, some kind of marker (a star?) when a region has actually achieved 100% green energy.

I really enjoyed this game! Great work!

I've played this a few times, and I finally turned everything 100% green with a few turns to spare. I figured I would have to keep going until time ran out, so I focused on managing unemployment. Then, right before the end of the game, a random event caused one region to lose some of its green energy, so I wound up in an unwinnable situation even though I had played well. It really felt like this game should have been in the bag.

Just finished last night. Absolutely magical, thank you for these games!

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"Refunds could be subtracted from the next payout, or from any connected account (eg. PayPal)"

Itch is not a creditor, they are not gonna let you have an open IOU and be on the hook themselves for refunds in the event that you don't earn enough to have another payout or you empty your PayPal.

oh awesome!

Is there a way to increase the font size without zooming in the entire UI? The navigation is fine, but I prefer to have much larger text in the edit window, and if I bump up the size with ctrl+, the navigation winds up taking up like 75%  of my laptop's screen.

Yes, I'm so excited! This kind of chill puzzle solving is just what I needed right now. Also, extremely love that you can choose to give the blocks faces.

I wonder! I did buy a pi a while back with the hopes of getting the game running on one (it would be so convenient to go to a convention with a couple little boards instead of expensive computers) and I haven't given up yet, so I'll ping you if I ever figure it out.

Yeah, unfortunately I haven't gotten an ARM build working, the game was too complex by the time I got my raspberry pi and I couldn't track down all the weird issues that popped up with the compilation (it's still kind of an experimental engine feature). If that's an issue you should be able to contact Itch for a refund no problem. Sorry for the letdown!

This is a super cool concept!

i can't believe you let me use the knife on the customers. five stars

ohhh that's really nice!

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First time in a while I've been challenged in a fun way by a puzzle platformer!

Oh whew! I have no idea how that happened but I will have to build something into the next update to check for it so it does something better than just crashing. Glad it worked!

Whoah, that's a weird error! Looking at it, it might be that your key bindings config file may be corrupt. Try going to this folder:

C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Mixolumia

and delete the files gamepad_config.json and keyboard_config.json (and their backups), then start the game again and let me know what happens.

This game uses keyboard or gamepad only, no mouse input. There should be a prompt to press X on your keyboard.

heck yeah! it's all sorts of crunchy and good

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Ah, it reminds me of Art Style: Aquia, but with a very unique twist, so it plays very differently! I like your games a lot!

楽しい! It took me a little while to understand what was happening, but when I figured it out, it's very fun and inventive! 音楽は好き!

i have no idea what i did but i sure did make a big blood spike

Love the art and music!

I have a browser-based project and used the limited rewards feature to allow people to name in-game items and gain access to a downloadable certificate.

Now I would like to add some more downloadable files to the project that are available to anyone, but I don't want anyone else to be able to download the certificate. I'm confused about whether this is possible to set up or not. I have the project price set to "$0 or donate" and "New purchases and downloads require a reward." When I upload a new file, I see there's an option to "Set a different price for this file" but I'm unclear on how all these things interact.

Is what I'm trying to do possible under the current system?

Click on a knob and drag in a direction, left-and-right or up-and-down. It may lose mouse position if you drag outside the game area.

Ah yes, I keep meaning to pop this in but technical stuff keeps taking priority. Thanks for the reminder!

It's released, but I've been steadily adding to it post-release and still have some surprises in store.

COOL GIFS! I love this feature

Hey, is it cool if I include Nightmare and Sakura in a future Mixolumia release?

Hey, is it cool if I include Power Chord in a future Mixolumia release?

Thanks, Chad!

Mixolumia community · Created a new topic Official Discord

If Discord is more your style for discussion, or you want a place to casually chat, check out the official Mixolumia discord server!

I think a lot of people figure it out with some experimentation, but not everybody! I was thinking figuring it out would be part of the fun, but after some feedback I may put in a little "tips" page or something in the game to make sure.

Diamonds of four also clear, so there are some really interesting shapes that come from the combination of 3x lines and 2x2 diamonds.

ohhhh it's like a mango smoothie!

Got a fix in the new 1.0.4!

Just pushed 1.0.4 with a fix for this!

Just pushed update 1.0.4 which has a bit of a bandaid on this until I can figure out the root of the issue. If you go into settings, turn off fullscreen mode, and then restart the game, you should be able to play with audio over HDMI. You can manually stretch the game window to your screen size. Sorry it's not ideal, you'll probably still see the window chrome and taskbar, but I'll keep trying to figure out what's going on with Game Maker and these audio drivers. At the very least, I might try to figure out how to do a "windowed fullscreen" mode to circumvent this issue.

Nice! Be sure to back up your custom colors if you're editing the file in the app package, it may get overwritten on update.

oh, good catch! thank you!