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My pixel art :)

A topic by Yoshift created Apr 20, 2017 Views: 2,704 Replies: 32
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That it's ! :)


Not bad! I kinda like the post-apoc feel, and the minimal aesthetic, including the color palettes. Is there a story behind these pieces?

Thanks ! No there is not a story behind this ^^ btw i made and another one :)


Looks awesome!

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks you :)

Looks great. :)
Thanks :) I create another one

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I really like the snow one. The stop sign looks a bit like it's been blurred, breaking pixel art rules, but I could be wrong (I'm no expert). Overall a nice calm look you got going on there. Yeah it seems you are bending the rules a bit especially with the the backgrounds, but rules are meant to be broken sometimes. :)

Look like a nes game ^^, i did another one

Love the rustic feel it gives!

Thanks all :)

I made some stuff here :)

Good work! Are you looking for a project to work on?

Yes, im looking for a project maybe paid (or not ^^)

I really like your work if you are still looking for a project to work on My friend and I are starting a 2D action adventure game and are in need of some help with the art, like all of it haha. If you are interested email me at this is our first game and we are also in college so it would be unpaid basically just for fun type deal. Any revenue will be split up accordingly in the end if there is revenue.

Hi thanks you first , i need more information of your game and we can start ;)

If you have discord Hmu walrus2224#7771 so we can talk about more details or if not email me at

Near Genova there is a Mountain (Beigua) on can view Spotorno island; i like this place and i drawn it after i came from it in my home.

A good Christmas with my family

The good and the bad

I'm not a skull for now; before I  dead please contact me:


It's really look fantastic. 


I'm glad you like these designs. But is not it also fantastic that I'm not a skull yet?

Me or ?

The answer is a negative exclusive "or" between me and if I live then lives with me; unless I'm a ghost ... But somebody speak with me; and they listen to me. Then this world is real!

.. you're so weird..

No, I was just trying to joke, for not to be dramatic. In fact, what you said, a tomorrow, might be true. Not everyone knows how to sponsor themselves in the best way, and some people may close their business.


Anyway, no more argues. I like both of your designs.  And both of you are weird. hahaha

Thank you for interest. And now a little gift for you (this should not be strange, ndr):

Merry Christmas!


Christmas tiring .. Anyway: Merry Christmas to all!

Great work from the great artist. 

Hi Yoshift, if i give you credits can i use images of snow for my game?

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