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are you still look for people? 

Escaped Chasm community · Created a new topic Next Game

Is the next game in the works?

The discord server link at the bottom of the page seems to not be working properly for me.

I'm working on a game thats going to be low poly, human fall flat  style graphics and I need someone to do all of that stuff, itll be revshare as I cant afford to straight up just pay someone right now.  If you are interested hmu on discord if you've got one walrus2224#7771  and we can discuss details more in depth. 

are you interested in working on a project?

well I definitely look forward to this becomming fully fledged out, you guys definitely should do that after the jam is over if its not already 

Do you guys have any plans of adding more content to this game or was it just for the jam?

seriously no reason to be embarrassed it's actually really good. One of the better indies I've played. I'm going to be starting a project shortly that will be taking a lot of my programming time so atm I can't really do anything else in that area. But in the future I will definitely hit you up if you are still into story writing. However if you are looking to start getting into programming and haven't yet just go for it man. There are a lot of really good and free resources. What I would start with if you haven't already is either or a program called scratch. Scratch is a program made by MIT which is drag and drop programming so it's a great place to start and learn the basics of programming without having to worry about the syntax of any specific language.  But seriously it's never too early to start that stuff. 

So I just finished streaming this game and just wanna put this out there. This game was absolutely awesome, absolutely amazing story. and was touching and sad and also funny.  really my only criticisms would be that the voices that you added echo or reverb to just needs a little less of that and it was a little quiet but nothing that couldn't be fixed by turning the volume up a bit. otherwise that was actually really good. you definitely should be really proud of this game. I going to be playing the first one some time on Thursday.  Also if you are interested in collaborating on a game I would totally be down. I'm a programmer and I have a couple really good ideas but I cant really do any story writing because im bad at it haha. so if you are interested my discord is walrus2224#7771. Keep up the good work!

I definitely will be routinely streaming this game and trying out all the characters and stuff its pretty cool

Thank You!!


The reason I put beginnerish in the title is because I have been programming for a few years but I have just recently started programming games. So I'm basically just looking for some more experience with unity specifically. if you are interested hit me up on discord.


yeah my email is we can talk more details there 

would you be interested in doing character design and animation for a game?

If you have discord Hmu walrus2224#7771 so we can talk about more details or if not email me at

I really like your work if you are still looking for a project to work on My friend and I are starting a 2D action adventure game and are in need of some help with the art, like all of it haha. If you are interested email me at this is our first game and we are also in college so it would be unpaid basically just for fun type deal. Any revenue will be split up accordingly in the end if there is revenue.

I have hit you up on discord

I really like this game it has a ton of potential is it cool if I play it for a few lets play videos?