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Dude, this is awesome!

This game seems promising, but everytime I get even close to some of the NPC's they hunt and somehow kill me.

Is there a way to stop that from happening?

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That is a problem.

Is there no possibility to play it with a keyboard?

How the heck do I play this game?

Totally get it. Our game (Magifuse) also ran out of time and now we had to upload it with the placeholder-sprites.

Well, your game still looked pretty cool from what I saw.

Jump should be smoother now.

There WILL be better graphics (in fact, there are already), but we run out of time and we can't patch them in until the voting for the winner of the jam has ended. because that would be against the rules.

As for the platforming and the wall-bug, there has already been a patch, the platforming should be smoother now. We will take a look at that wall-glitch.

Cool concept and excellent gameplay.

Sadly the game is so fast paced, the time limit never was a real thing.

MASSIVE Lags. And a framerate of maybe 6 or 7 FPS.

You might want to add a non-HD setting, I have a low-end PC and even on 720 the game bugged so much I couldn't even finish #1.

Apologies for the art, we couldn't upgrade it until the jam end, due to bugs with the timer in my country.

That was an awesome game!

Will you make a sequel?

Looks awesome!