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Strange, we will try it out to se if there is something wrong with the export.

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Thanks for letting us know! fix should be uploaded now, just re-download the

Theres a lot of templates to help you create games. Search for platformer 2d or sidescroller template. You will probably find something to get you started. 

Hi, no plans on making rolling characters for this style/game asset. You could always do a sprint by speeding up the animation or a dash and some trailing graphics.

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Nice, great work.

Should be fixed now, just redownload it! Sorry for that :)

Yes, the tiles are 16x16

We do have this one in the same style also:

Not for these game assets but we might do some pushing for a puzzel top-down game asset in the future.

Sure. :)

We didn't plan to but we will do asset pack and see what people think.

Hi, I got your email too. 
We currently have too much work both on our own project and freelance. 

Thanks for the offer.

You got all the animations for the character on the images to the right.

But you can choose to go with or without the gun as everything is included in the original file.

Thanks, its created for 32x32 px.

Cool. it wasn't any update log so it says 1.0.1 on the homepage. 

Thanks for the update :)

Will the update be coming to yoyogames marketplace?

Oh yeah definetly. Go ahead recolor, change animations and so on.

The idea when we tried these animations was adding lots of particles, tweens & color changes. I think it did look good back then, i guess it won't look so good if you hold the hit or attack animation for too long.

Glad you like it. When we get some free time we might work on some update for this package.

We do have plans to release more asset packs similar to this. But we can't promise any eta, too much to do, too little time.  :/

Nice,  well done.
Damn missiles. :)

Ah, now I understand. Yeah, thats just to show the animation for fire breath working together with the burn effects for zombies. The background is from when we started creating the assets and we didn't like how the background looked in combination of the Viking so we changed it to the one you can find in the backgrounds folder. (You can also see our first version of the zombie on that animation sample.)

You mean why they are separated into different files? Background 1 & 2 is just a subtle difference but the rest of the backgrounds are for parallaxing.

Nice, thanks for playing the game. :)

Sorry, nearly missed this message. 

When we tried the sprites before release we made that with some help of code, just cutting out the head and then make it fly away. More dynamic so it can react to other objects. We didn't feel it would look good just adding a static animation.

I would recommend that or even cutting out more parts + adding the blood explosion-animation on top + red pixel particles flying out. It will look amazing :)

They are 32x32, ill add that to the description.

Looks great. :)

This was made years ago, probably our first game asset we made. Still some people ask for these simple things also.

Your not stepping on any toes when creating free game with any of the assets we made so far.
I guess you would be doing something wrong if you made the exact same game with the same game assets. :)

Not really. They do seem to be using some of our game assets. :)

Some other fun trailers we made:

Goblin Begins

Map Editor Trailer