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Goblin Portal

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Nice, thanks for playing the game. :)

Sorry, nearly missed this message. 

When we tried the sprites before release we made that with some help of code, just cutting out the head and then make it fly away. More dynamic so it can react to other objects. We didn't feel it would look good just adding a static animation.

I would recommend that or even cutting out more parts + adding the blood explosion-animation on top + red pixel particles flying out. It will look amazing :)

They are 32x32, ill add that to the description.

Looks great. :)

This was made years ago, probably our first game asset we made. Still some people ask for these simple things also.

Your not stepping on any toes when creating free game with any of the assets we made so far.
I guess you would be doing something wrong if you made the exact same game with the same game assets. :)

Not really. They do seem to be using some of our game assets. :)

Some other fun trailers we made:

Goblin Begins

Map Editor Trailer