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I quit working on that project but I'm always looking for people to collab with so if you are as well then hmu

Good work! Are you looking for a project to work on?

Hey Reggie,

We are looking for pixel animators for our game Manimals[Rev-share]

Here is a link to our prototype if you want to see what we have so far Manimals

Message me on here or jump in our Discord and meet the team!

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Hey corndawg,
Jump in our Discord server and I can show you what we have so far.

Thanks for testing leafo!


I just uploaded my very first Unity game to and I'm wondering if I can get an honest game review? Which levels are too easy, which levels are too hard, ect. As far as I know, no one has made it past level 4 -.-

This is the first time i've publicized one of my games so I'm excited to hear some user feedback!

Hey corndawg, are you looking for a project to work on? I recently put together a team for a 2D tactical turn-based and we need some sprite animators.