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change_dog.txt Sticky

A topic by sleeper_games created Mar 28, 2017 Views: 269 Replies: 19
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HDog Ace Access Build 0.7083 (Infrared)
- Some spell checking
- Tier 1 Fighter maximum attack range decreased
- Tier 1 Fighter minimum attack range increased
- Tier 1 Fighter shot speed and shot acceleration decreased
- Flack Turrets are on a longer attack cooldown after being spawned now
- Added a targeting marker appearing on the player when enemies fire, even when they are off screen
- Direct fire enemies now telegraph their lines of fire (considered as attack tell, can be turned off in options)
- Melee attacks no longer detonates enemy rockets and missiles
- Melee deflection now also works on enemy rockets and missiles
(deflected missiles loose their homing ability)
- The lance now has a three hit combo
- Firing a charged shot (sword cleave for example) now correctly prevents you from attacking immediately afterwards
- Boss 1 add spawn time decreased

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HDog Ace Access Build 0.7084 (Infrared)
- Fixed a piercing shots not piercing correctly at low piercing values
- Added failsave to prevent go button from escaping during wave intermission
- Improved performance by caching way more regularly used assets at game launch

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Developer unlocked this topic
Developer (Edited 2 times)

HDog alpha 0.709 Ultraviolet is finally here, featuring a lot new content in terms of items, as well as some general improvements and quality of life tweaks. Thanks for all your feedback so far, the alpha and AMAZE have been very valuable in that regard. Please continue to report any bugs or odities you might encounter. Some of the new stuff is still subject to change/might need rebalancing. Full dev log is
coming during the next days.

- Basically doubled the amount of actives passives, and weapons available in the game. Especially weapons got a lot new additions, including many new melee options.
- Player can now enrage with certain items, enemies can be EMP or confused. More effects like these have been added alongside the new items.
- You wont find duplicates of weapons you already have anymore
- You can now reverse thrust to break. This can also be used to hover more easily over ground targets.  
- You can now toggle mouse aiming at any point during the game. This makes left and right act as strafe keys. The mouse aiming thing is still WIP, I'm not convinced whether it is really feasible, generally I prefer the existing controls but I leave it in to give you the option. Mouse aiming will also interfere with some item function, so yeah, WIP.
Quality of Life Tweaks
- You can now rebind the shoot and jump keys. Mouse 1 and 2 will always retain that function though (you'll need that for some items.)
- Very large screens are now supported. The largest resolution option is now "auto", which will have the game detect your screen size and adjust accordingly. (This won't work well on very small screens.)
- Getting hit now displays some screen glitching, giving some more feedback when you take shield damage
- Gravity is slightly lower, and the camera follows you further down when near the ground
- Clouds change appearance depending on background, makes them stand out less and hopefully makes the playing field a little clearer. Background clouds and the nova are now slightly transparent, again to increase visual clarity.

HDog Ace Access Build 0.730 (Ultra Violet)
- Added 41 new passives with various effects, have fun finding out what they all do :)
- Added 9 new actives (defense, offense, utility)
- Added 18 new weapons (heavy and short-range melee, shotgun variants, light HE launchers, death ray and more)
- Added better homing support for all weapon categories
- EMP: new status effect, prevents enemies from attacking/using abilities, airborne enemies fall out of the sky
- DMZ Field now also EMPs all enemies on the screen for a short time
- Enrage: new player buff, gives large bonus to crit chance and boost ignition
- Acum damage combo multiplier per shot now changes depending on weapon
- Streamlined on hit event for player shots a bit
- Radiation and Damage Cascade shots no longer loose the effect upon inflicting it
- Bonus damage from crits now ignores enemy damage resistance
- Acum damage no longer ignores enemy damage resistance
- Removed unintended piercing bonus on Katana shot deflection
- Fixed pause menu loading and unloading tons of star assets in the background (might fix windows pause lag)
- Fixed parts of the tutorial ignoring sound options
- Camera will follow you further when near the ground (improves visibility when doing air-to-ground combat on lower resolutions)
- Lowered shake on Katana strikes
- Lance combo has a little more reach now
- Opening chests during intermission now requires some button mashing
- Fixed Flares not being part of the actives loot pool
- Added reverse thrust ability, can be used to break/hover (mapped to s by default, can be remapped in options)
- Some engine items now also affect revers thrust
- Containment Shutdown now changes the color of your burn and also applies to reverse thrust burn
- Pickup quotes remain on screen a little longer now
- Experimental: SRM pickups are way smaller now (will potentially add an option to no show it during combat at all)
- Added the ability to control jet pitch via the mouse cursor
- Added button that toggles mouse aiming on/off (mapped to t by default, can be remapped in options)
- Background nova is now handled separately from actual background, allowing for more combinations of novas and backgrounds
- Background nova is now less pronounced
- Cloud friends now change color depending on background
- Bakground cloud friends are now slightly transparent (might become a game options)
- Far cloud friends now parallax less hard
- Close background cloud friends now parallax a little more
- Fixed shield particles appearing on melee weapon breakage not being spawned nicely
- XRay Laser fires slightly faster now
- Fixed a problem preventing beams from getting proc effects in most situations
- Melee strikes now slightly turn with the player
- Many melee weapons have more noticeable knockback now
- Getting hit by shots and explosions now produces additional shield particles
- Leathal explosions start more flashy now
- Fixed rebinding some keys in the options not working correctly
- You can now bind fire and jump to additional keys apart from the mouse buttons (default is n and m, mouse buttons still function as usual)
- Knockback from breaking high damage blades is less severe now
- Improved mouse cursor collision detection during intermission scene
- Chests now go on a short timeout after opening them during the jump intermission, preventing player from accidentally pickup up content with follow up clicks
- Dropping flares now has close enemies loose track of you for a few seconds
- Added some screen glitching for when the player takes damage
- Added player location indicator for when player jet is obscured by props/ground/clouds
- Added basic functionality for weapon loot pools (prevents spawning of duplicate weapons during a run)
- Intermission boost counter arrows are way larger now
- Intermission boost counter arrows keep further away from the player now
- The tutorial now pauses when relevant objectives are gives
- The tutorial now also teaches you how to use reverse thrust
- Tons of other stuff I forgot about


HDog Ace Access Build 0.731 (Ultraviolet)

- Fixed new actives not drawing their correct pause description
- Fixed tutorial pause locking player move state (?)


HDog Ace Access Build 0.7312 (Ultraviolet)

- Fixed auto resolution not scaling background correctly
- Removed largest fixed resolution option for testing purpose
- Fixed mouse aiming taking effect during intermission scene
- Fixed some bad item description/quotes
- Fixed some typos in item descriptions/quotes
- Targeting cursor from mouse aiming now takes priority over any other mouse cursors your run might use
- Fixed some odd background sun behaviour in tutorial
- Changed on-screen messages to a more robust system that should work better with custom resolutions
- Removed to demo for the meantime, since it is fairly outdated and refers to the concluded greenlight campaign a lot. I'll eventually make a new, more up to date demo build


HDog Ace Access Build 0.7315 (Ultraviolet)

- Fixed a bug where destroying IFVs would refund double the points to the enemy point pool
- Fixed a bug preventing IFVs "dying" state from taking effect
- Cut some redundant object creation and destruction when collecting SRM
- SRM spawners favor spawning higher value srm pickups instead of low value more now
- Fixed tutorial now resetting srm counter color to non-tutorial color
- Fixed a problem where boss three would spawn additional ground props
- Fixed boss three not spawning air props sometime
- The game now has hard limiters on late game spawns, preventing too many enemies being present at the same time
- The game condenses SRM pickups to high value variants if too many SRM pickups are present at the start of an intermission scene
- Increased SRM pickup attraction force
- Dying enemies now get destroyed on intermission launch (eliminates the chance to forgo SRM rewards even though an enemy has been beaten)
- Streamlining: Changed some common binary state checks from strings to values
- Fixed a bug where destroying two carrier engines simultaneously isn't counted correctly towards carrier engine loss
- Toned down screen glitching on carrier destruction

Developer (Edited 1 time)

HDog Ace Access Build 0.7316 (Ultraviolet)

- Fixed a bug preventing tutorial dummy targets from moving/acting


HDog Ace Access Build 0.7320 (Ultraviolet)

- Cut feature: Hidden enemy randomization, enemies now behave consistent across all playthroughs
- Gunship jump time decreased
- Fixed some enemies and bosses not being affected by Orbital Support: Nanophage
- Fixed some enemies and bosses not being affected by collision damage reducing items
- Targeting markers now now point out from which direction enemies are firing at you
- N-Mines spawned as nuclear retaliation now spawn targeting markers
- Improved leveling on glitch sounds
- Some frequent sounds slightly randomize their pitch each time they are played
- Screen glitches now sometimes effect ui boxes
- Screen glitching now generally spawns less individual distortions, but makes them overall larger
- Screen glitch distortions animate slower
- Added limiters for the amount of individual enemy types that can be spawned simultaneously
- Added limiter for the amount of homing missiles that can be in the air simultaneously
- Enemy heavy kinetic shots now deal 5 damage
- Enemy chaingun shots now deal 4 damage
- Fixed a bug preventing player from picking up Hyper Conductor
- G-Link Ammo and Shot Displacer no longer impact mouse cursor speed  
- Fixed a bug where max boost force threshhold would not take effect on Anti-Grav Engine  
- Removed a stray message mentioning shoot key to open chests
- Fixed a bug where X-Ray Laser would not show up correctly in pause menu
- Fixed effect volume options not affecting tier 1 fighter firing sound in some cases
- Attempted to make shot homing calculations more economic
- Removed a stray passive item from the active loot pool (probably fixes negative cost starting chest)
- Potentially fixed a problem where overkilling the nuke silo would break boss 3
- Fixed a bug where some fighters would spawn too much debris on death


HDog Ace Access Build 0.7321 (Ultraviolet)

- Fixed "Quit To Menu" not destroying the pause scene correctly, leading to memory leaks
- Fixed some wrong weapons showing up in pause screen after restarting from menu
- Fixed some typos


HDog Ace Access Build 0.7400 (X-Ray)

- Added 10 new enemy types
- Added 10 new enemy attachments
- Added 5 new zone variants (+props/floors)
- Reworked the way enemy spawns work, with stronger emphasize on enemy rarity
- Tier III fighters can spawn earlier now
- Added custom projectile behavior for zone that don't have a solid floor
- New Enemy Mechanic: Cruise Missiles; like homing missiles, but explode on miss in lager explosions
- New Enemy Mechanic: Photon-based Weapons; Enemy lasers and photon shots will ignore your shield and always deal heart damage. Evade them at all cost!
- New Enemy Mechanic: Snipers; Engage at longe range with heavily telegraphed attacks
- New Enemy Mechanic: Air-Mines; just like your mines!
- New Enemy Mechanic: Dangerous Death; Some of the new enemies explode on death or spawn projectiles
- New Enemy Mechanic: Melee; one late game enemy will switch to melee attacks of you get to close
- Changed the way carrier boss fighter launch frequency decreases when components are taken out
- Destroying carrier engines now also decreases carrier launch frequency
- Destroying any carrier components now makes it respond by launching its current batch of fighters immediately
- Carrier drops less SRM now
- Rapier, Hammer and Maw deal more damage now
- Hammer and Maw attacks have larger hitboxes now
- Shield Heart and Glass Configuration now increase the overall chance of hearts drops as wave-end rewards
- Flak Ammo now reduces more weapons to single initial shots with 360° detonations
- Attempted to make G-Link Ammo shot events less taxing
- Fixed Drone Flock enemy conversion not working correctly  
- Fixed Gun Drive not ejecting casings when jumping
- Fixed a bug where creating husks would severely decrease wave point pool, preventing new enemies from spawning
- Fixed Containment Shutdown not affecting strafe engine fire color
- Fixed a problem with carrier commanders not randomizing their "launching fighters" chatter correctly
- Destroying a carrier engine with death shot now makes the remaining engines immune to death shot
- Fixed Fragmentation Cannon gaining bounce when having Nano-Edge Ammo equipped
- Decreased Fragmentation Cannon shot speed and increased shot slowdown
- Lowered shot lifetime one some fast firing/fast shot weapons
- Most shotguns have less overall reach now
- Mouse cursor no longer disappears behind clouds
- Player bombs have less shot lifetime now (prevents your from juggling them with G-Link Ammo for too long)
- Fixed a problem preventing player from picking up Quality Ammo
- Fixed too large hitbox on player micro grenades
- Added notification for flawlessly completing a wave
- EMPed fighters are now less capable of saving themselves from dropping
- Made the way air-mine gravity works more economic
- If player flak shots deal acum damage, their submunition will now inherit that property, but only gain a very small acum dmg multiplier
- Attempted to make G-Link ammo and Homing Ammo events less taxing
- Eradicator Cannon has less recoil and more knockback now
- Tier III fighters are more accurate now
- N-Mines deployed as retaliation for player defcon drop faster now
- DMZ Field now also affect enemy flak danger marks
- Full hearts can no longer be picked up when you are down by only a half heart (prevents health being wasted by intermission auto-pickup)
- Fixed a bug that can cause carrier engine death chatter to appear when the boss itself dies
- Enemies that do not immateriality die from prop/floor collisions now also can't loose their last bit of health from those collisions (requiring you to finish them off)
- Shard Shield spawns more shots and causes more hitlag on activation now; also scales stronger with shield ups
- Shard Shield damage scales more with player shield regeneration now
- Shard Shield shot piercing now scales with player shield regeneration
- Fixed Grav-Grid Anchor spawning with more max power than its's starting charge
- J-Mines no longer have gravity affecting them
- Fixed player mines triggering in situation when stationary/slow moving enemies aren't close enough to be affected yet  
- Enemy homing missiles and heavy rockets have slightly larger areas of affect now
- Enemy Auto Turret shots have less lifetime now
- Enemy auto turrets have larger targeting range and higher damage now, but their shots don't live as long
- Hostile husks deal less collision damage now
- New enemy shots, global enemy shot rebalance - Auto: 4, Heavy Kinetic: 5, Railgun: 9, Small Mines: 6, Large Mines: 9, N-Mines: 12, Medium Rocket: 6, Photon/Laser: Shield piercing (always heart damage)
- Many small fixes
- Some performance fixes


HDog Ace Access Build 0.7405 (X-Ray)

- Added some new tips/hints to the game start text
- Railguns, Flechettes and Lazers now have some minor knockback (makes them profit from knockback increasing passives)
- Fixed Hardlight Sai not displaying the dual-wield icon in pause screen
- Destroying projectiles with melee now creates some hitlag
- Sound of melee weapons breaking is less pronounced now
- Angular attack tells of heavy turrets now travel with their shots
- Fixed zone randomization function reseting the background scaling
- Reworked the way mine scan radius works to make it less CPU intensive
- Fixed shot attack tells being displayed without attack tells being enabled in options


HDog Ace Access Build 0.7410 (X-Ray)

- Optimized strafe event checks to verify whether mouse aiming is enabled first
- Improved strafe and reverse thrust events to deal better with simultaneous move state changes  
- Switched player move state and player offense state variables from string to value for faster handling  
- Made the way gravity changes when boosting/falling slightly more economic
- Fixed bad placement of weapon glow image during game launch cinematic
- Fixed bad collision mask one one floating island in the sprawl zone
- Fixed sprawl smog clouds sometimes not being layered correctly
- Fixed night vision overlay not adapting to resolution selection correctly


Ok, another intermediate update before turning towards 0.8 (Gamma). This one focuses almost entirely on performance.  I addressed some major problems I just now became aware of, the game should overall run much better now with less frame rate drops.

HDog Ace Access Build 0.7412 (X-Ray)
- Added additional easy checks preventing the game from executing many unnecessary but expensive checks in the background
- All enemy types now check whether they exist before executing all their behavior checks at every frame
- In many cases, easy conditions now take priority over collision checks
- Fixed ground enemies continuously checking if they are really still on the ground
- Enemies in "dying" state generally no longer check for things they need to to consider while alive
- The game no longer inquires at every frame for every player shot and ever possible proc chance about whether the shot got a successful proc roll now
- Removed many other unnecessary background processes
- This changelog is getting kinda embarrassing... 0_o :D
- Additional minor performance fixes
- Zones beyond 3 should no longer end the game with empty waves (Boss 3 appears again now, placeholder)  
- Activating mouse aim with Shot Displacer equiped no longer overwrites the shot displacer cursor and should display reticle position correctly now
- Fixed changing screen glitch amount in options displacing the option reticle
- Turret Mount rotation speed is now based on your normal turn speed, turret rotation speed is always lager than turn speed and scales up with additional turret mounts  
- Night vision no longer affects fixed ui
- Adjusted zone specific tunneling turn speed modifiers to be more in line with the tunneling speed modifiers
- Fixed some missing mount points on zone 3 ground props
- Fixed bad quote on Bomb Bay in pause scree
- Fixed dodge state on missile turrets not taking effect
- Cloud cover now has a slightly nicer upper edge
- Ruin ground props now have a night vision outline
- Fixed night missions having a sun ^_^
- Not firing for a while now spawns a attack marker pointing towards the closest enemy
- Boss 2 now gets repositioned if your distance yourself too far from it
- Slightly improved transition between night vision and intermission scene
- Nerfed speed boost passives a bit
- Blade Hull now has a jet weight penalty
- The game now remembers whether you have mouse aiming enabled (tutorial currently overwrites the setting)
- Fixed hostile AWACS sometimes spawning on collision course with floating islands
- Fixed a problem preventing hostile VLS from from firing
- Fixed smoke trails sometimes not correctly attaching to boss 2 wreckage (?)


HDog Ace Access Build 0.7414 (X-Ray)
- Fixed some problems causing AWACS dome attachment to not die correctly
- Fixed mines being deflected by hitting their scan area with melee/Vertice Shield
- Fixed vls firing cycle not working correctly
- Fixed some problems with enemy homing missile threshold
- Fixed mines spawned by Mine Manufacturer having some small amount of normal damage
- Fixed some actives not being able to gain charge
- Replaced Fungal Forest particles with a less flashy variant that does not glitch as much on some graphic cards
- Boss death explosions no longer removes foreground clouds
- Fixed a situations where flock drones would be moved into props when initiating intermission and therefore destroyed


HDog Ace Access Build 0.7416 (X-Ray)
- Fixed a problem preventing enemies from using homing missiles
- Enemies taking damage from an attachment being destroyed now makes them hitflash


HDog Ace Access Build 0.801 (Gamma-Ray)

New Stuff
- Added 8 new boss encounters
- Bosses are now randomly selected per zone, early zones have larger boss pools for more early game variety
- Some bosses can now only appear in certain zones (Missile Base can only appear in the lonely desert for example)
- Previous bosses are now in the boss pool for zone 1
- Zone 1 also got one new unique boss (only appears at the volcanic shores)
- Added many new boss mechanics unique to certain bosses
- Added a forth zone, the underground command system
- Added custom husks for all new bosses
- Added a universal system for boss death bloom, large bosses die more consistently now
- Added six new themes to the soundtrack (used for specific zones and bosses)
- Added placeholders for the title theme and the final boss theme
- New enemy mechanic: EMP Shots, disable player jumps, weapons and shields for a few seconds
- New enemy type: SRM Storage Balloons (basically a money pinata)
- New enemy type: Anti Matter Storage Balloons (the explosive barrel of air combat)
- New enemy type: Shield Unit, does nothing except blocking shots
- New enemy attachment: Mobile Shield Generator, projects a angular shield which it tries to direct towards the player

- On death, most Bosses now destroy all bullets/explosions on screen (much how the DMZ Field active works)
- Lasers no longer damage shields, but still pierce them and damage things behind/within them
- EMP shots (player/enemy) and emp explosions now deal bonus damage to shields of any kind (player/enemy)
- Melee weapons now have damage multipliers against massive enemies (most ground enemies and large bosses). The more unwieldy the weapon the higher the bonus (up to x3).
- Damaging enemy death explosions are no longer instant, they create a danger mark instead that explodes with a tiny delay
- Piercing Ammo now also increases player armor penetration (less damage reduction against armored enemies)
- Most flare launch abilities (player/enemy) now launch larger flares that break up into smaller flares later
- Flare carrying enemies will now notice if the player is firing homing shots other than homing missiles and deploy flares accordingly
- Enemies can now be immune to radiation, damage cascade and sticky explosives (applies mainly to enemy shields and some bosses)
- Added rising pitch to player firing sound
- Boss HP Bars adjust their lengths less rigidly now
- DMZ Field now obliterates nearby enemy shields
- Explosion damage and collision damage is now affected by enemy armor
- Added some new hidden synergies between items
- The camera will trail ahead a little further while boosting now
- While stalling, the camera will now detect gravity and trail ahead of you towards the bottom
- Camera goes into ground mode earlier (higher) now
- While boosting near the ground or near the top clouds, the camera will trail ahead significantly further on the x axis now
- Added a couple new sound effects to signal special enemy actions/attacks (boss power up, boss launching adds, boss jumping in/out, EMP shots, heavy attacks)
- The photon shot spawning sound is now closer to the sound used by enemy beams
- Enemy lasers and photon shots now have slightly more pronounced angular attack tells
- Added custom attack tell for enemy EMP shots
- Enemy Auto Turrets now have limited angular attack tells
- Enemy Beams now have even more obvious attack tells
- Made hostile homing missiles tracking slightly more economic
- Enemy death marks now have more varied starting sizes, depending on enemy threat
- Shot displacer now also displaces player muzzle flash
- Strafe and reverse thrust top speed is now lower than your boost top speed (2/3)
- Weapons now animate when selected on the pause screen, showing their fire behavior/melee combo/charge behavior
- Optimized how bullet casing gravity is handled
- Weapon casings are now affected by damaging explosions
- Lowered Tier 3 fighter shot speed, health, burst count and col damage
- Tier 3 Fighters use their homing missile a little more liberally now
- Toned down late game enemy health
- Mace, Hammer and Maw deal more damage now
- Naval Destroyers deal less collision damage now
- Gunship Hangar has more armor now and spawns gunships faster
- Added a global limit on float text size
- Toned down boss combat chatter frequency a bit
- Enemy targeting mark is used more sparsely now and only appears if you are not close to any enemies
- Experimental: All player melee weapons now allow to deflect enemy projectiles, but only katanas and the bat allow for directed deflects
- Artillery active charges faster now
- Artillery active danger marks explode faster and deal more explosion damage now
- Carrier boss popped a chill pill and spawns adds a little less relentless again
- Switching to mouse aim now moves the mouse cursor to a position in front of your jet
- Hyperspace Heatsink jump time penalty reduced
- Nerfed G-Link Ammo and Smart Ammo a bit
- Added custom floating islands for ruins zone
- Ruin zone props now have a green outline

Bug Fixes
- Fixed all hostiles with heart drop chance never dropping half hearts on death (oops)
- Fixed some situations in which float text would display 0 damage
- Fixed some problems preventing Photon Juggler Drones from acting
- Fixed hp being hidden in subsequent runs after acquiring Love passive
- Fixed poison explosions changing hostiles to the wrong color
- Fixed bottom-mounted scatter turrets not attacking correctly
- Fixed some enemies not being affected by nuclear deterrence
- Fixed many inconsistencies on Scatter Turret and Missile VLS hatch behavior
- Fixed dodge-jumping adding some upward force if the player wasn't boosting before jumps
- Fixed a bug where enemies hit by the same shot/strike would be affected by other enemies damage resistance
- Fixed some props spawning too close to the player entry point at the start of boss fights
- Fixed Vertice Shield being spawned in the wrong color when picked up
- Fixed Nuke active nuking the game when used against some bosses/large enemy clusters
- Fixed counterdirectional boosting not taking effect if the player is already above top speed
- Fixed a bug where very early Bountyhunter Database targets might not yield any bonus srm
- Fixed player Flock Drones being affected by global enemy modifiers (Orbital Support: Nanophage etc)
- Fixed successfully defeating the nuke boss not giving the regular free reward chest
- Fixed repeatedly breaking your melee weapon against dense enemies accelerating the player beyond top speed
- Fixed Grav Link Ammo displaying the wrong targeting cursor
- Fixed night vision affecting intermissions chest opening explosions
- Fixed Missile Base boss sometimes spawning surrounded by props from the Volcanic Shores zone
- Fixed player being able to waste certain actives by activating them during a dodge jump
- Fixed going into wave jumps while moving at certain angles allowing to see out of bounds
- Fixed missing frames on mace weapon crush animation
- Fixed Flak Ammo not affecting Infrared Pulse Laser (?)
- Fixed some inconsistencies concerning active charge bar scaling
- Fixed normal homing missiles detonating when colliding with player during jumps


HDog Ace Access Build 0.802 (Gamma Ray)

- Added custom music theme for Floatoid Cealaformer boss fight
- Fixed effect volume value affecting shield warning beep pitch and resulting in dangerously low pitches (crash cause?)
- Removed some stray files that might be causing errors
- Switched back to GDevelop 4.0.94 (because random errors?)
- Fixed jump end interfering with mouse cursor position in some situations (?)
- Switching to mouse aim should now correctly place cursor in front of your jet (?)
- Colliding with the Cealaformer boss while it is shielded is less leathal now
- AM Ballons no longer spawn debris themselves
- Fixed Flock Drone target helper not being hidden
- Fixed a situation where creating multiple Flock Drones simultaneously would break some of them
- Deflected photon shots no longer have infinite piercing
- Striking enemy mines or their scan area with melee now has them detonate
- Windows: Made .exe large adress aware

Developer (Edited 1 time)

HDog Ace Access Build 0.805 (Gamma Ray)

- War Room Shell spawns further away from the player now
- Fixed danger mark explosion having too high force in some cases
- Fixed war room background husk not being removed on wave advance
- Lowered damage bonus against massive on some unwieldy melee weapons (still op with shot displacer)
- Epic classified enemies should spawn earlier now
- AWACS and Sniper Choppers get spawn with higher tier attachments earlier now
- Lowered some enemies heart drop chance a bit
- Endgame enemies srm drops increased  
- Fixed bad background scaling when jumping to command system zone
- Fixed photon juggler drones having too high initial shot speed
- Skyborne regain nor longer triggers through any kill (including enemy collision deaths), it requires to deal an a certain amount of damage now
- Skyborne now increases the damage it needs to trigger each time you perform a successful regain (resets between waves)
- Fixed Syborne not reducing your invincibility time after taking damage
- Fixed Gun Drive applying your shot multiplier to melee strikes
- Gun drive now actually takes your combo into account when jumping with melee weapons equipped (can be used to skip combo timing)
- Fixed a bug where your rival would be surprisingly incompetent and kill itself by constantly colliding with its own uncontained engine burn
- Fixed some instances of impact sounds not using the correct object to calculate their distance to player and therefore volume


HDog Ace Access Build 0.850 (Radio)
New Stuff:
- Added many new wave objectives (recon mission, target elimination, ground raids ...)
- Added objective direction ui, pointing you towards certain goals
- Enemies can now become elites; elites can gain various stat boosts including immunities and additional attacks, but they also drop more srm on death
- Objective targets and boss attachments are almost always elites, but they can also spawn randomly
- 9 new weapons added, most making use of new and old status effects
- New shot effect: Photon - accelerate after being fired, pierces shields
- New shot effect/proc: Jam/Disorient - short stuns that interrupt enemy cooldowns
- New shot effect: Pull - some melee weapons can now be used to pull enemies towards your (move resistance still applies)

- Changed the way in which wave goals are presented, using a new background splash-text framework
- Cut overlaid splash text when launching a run
- UI text now adjusts color to contrast better with some zone backgrounds
- UI events like taking damage, picking up srm, active charge or charging wave advance now draw more attention to themselves
- Added sound cue for when player boosts are charging up a wave advance
- Made the UI a bit more unified as far as colors are concerned
- Actives and weapons now wiggle in anticipation while charged
- Added some UI boot-up animations when launching a run
- Player being EMPed now causes custom UI glitching and triggers UI reboot once it wears of
- The effects of the player being EMPed/Interdicted are telegraphed more clearly now (additional "master caution" text on player jet, weapons and actives hidden)
- Player can no longer switch weapons while EMPed (weapon UI needs to fully reboot for it to be re-enabled)
- Added some tiny explosions for when player is on last half heart
- Targeting reticles now change size when boosting, reflecting your current weapon's boost accuracy
- Added rising pitch to srm pickup sound
- Melee weapon icon now have some arrows indicating that weapons force direction (push/pull)
- Melee weapons now have specific time windows for going through combos (allows for slower combos and fast weapons with stricter combo timing)
- Deflecting enemy EMP shots now gives them the usual EMP proc color
- Your shot size modifier now also affects muzzle flash size and shell casing size :)
- Added more recoiling to some weapon ui animations
- Corrected color palette on some explosions
- Bountyhunter Database target mark visuals changed to differentiate it more from wave target marks
- (!) <-- Danger marks no longer get removed when spawning in collision with collidable props
- Changed most enemy shot collision masks to more economic shapes
- Reworked AWACS husks to something using the alive units actual pixel scaling
- Concussive Ammo and Aerial Pugalism now give all ranged/melee weapons disorientation chance
- Bat, Mace and Hammer now disorient enemies
- Enemies can now be immune to disorientation/jamming
- Emergency Displace active now restores your shield to full when used
- Friendly flak artillery is more effective now (more damage per shot, larger shots)
- Hacked Support Satellite passive now waits with artillery strikes until you get near enemies
- Space Melon Jam now also respells hostile homing missile targeting marks
- Space Melon Jam effect duration reduced
- Interdiction status effect now prevents you from advancing to to another area
- Flares active can now hold up to three charges, but gains less charge from wave advance
- Flares active no longer randomizes its launch angles per run (always 30° forward now, backwards angle will be used or other flare items)
- Tac Nuke active now irradiates enemies and also causes strong damage cascade
- Heavy Kinetic weapon deals more damage but fires slower now
- Melee charge attacks now get a bonus to piercing, screenshake and hitlag
- Hammer charge attack deals less damage now but will connect multiple times with enemies
- Changed the way Alien Gland works to be more transparent (instead of converting current charge into enrage time it now has fixed charges that add time to your enrage state)
- "Master Caution" ui elements attach more rigidly to player jet
- [Redacted] is now immune to most status effects
- [Redacted] has less density now, allowing for more easy use of melee against it
- Added custom husks for SRM/AM Balloons
- Cloud cover collisions now work like ground collisions and can no longer drop your shield to zero (which would result in heart damage)
- Lowered the damage required to trigger Skyborne health regain (damage required also increases less per successful regain)

Bug Fixes:
- Added some safeguards ensuring that combat and explore tracks are played in sync correctly (?)
- Fixed nuclear deterrence not applying to some enemies correctly
- Fixed some attachments not attaching correctly on Super-AWACS enemy
- Fixed a bug causing burst fire weapons to profit more from passive proc chances
- Fixed color of modified enemies resetting to their default color instead of the mod color when debuffs wear off
- Fixed strafe and reverse thrust engine fires not being hidden on dodge jumps
- Fixed mouse aiming allowing to trigger wave advance even when boosting at incorrect angles
- Fixed a problem where the game would not calculate initial break/strafe top speed correctly
- Fixed reverse thrust allowing to go over top speed when used simultaneously with strafing at certain angles
- Fixed some rare scenarios where getting hit by EMP shots might actually reduce your current weapon cooldown/interdiction time
- Fixed heart ui not removing your last half heart on player death
- Fixed a problem causing some animations to terminate before their last frame has been displayed for the correct amount of time
- Fixed bad collision mask on hammer strikes
- Fixed charge attacks not profiting from some weapon/passive properties
- Fixed Radiation Shielding using the wrong color for float text and irradiating enemies
- Fixed mines spawned on enemy death not being affected by gracity


HDog Ace Access Build 0.851 (Radio)
- Fixed background resetting to torch red after first wave advance
- Fixed global enemy count limits sometimes preventing mission targets from spawning
- Fixed a problem preventing first ace fighter mission target from spawning
- Fixed mission goals targets spawned on wave launch reducing the waves enemy value pool
- Added a safeguard preventing difficulty_lvl to be lower than 0, which can mess up enemy spawns
- Added a safeguard preventing a theoretical scenario where the wave value pool would initiate bellow zero on wave start
- Fixed a theoretical scenario where game slowdown might prevent the enemy spawn event from triggering
- Wave initiations now resets enemy count values, prevent a theoretical scenario where launching a wave quickly would have previous counts carry over and prevent spawns
- Added a failsafe that will allow you to advance to another wave after not completing a wave objective within four minutes (except boss waves)
- Slightly increased initial enemy spawns on some wave types
- Inspect and Hack waves objectives take longer to complete now
- Getting the "Raid SRM Storage" objective now prevents subsequent waves in this zone from giving you additional SRM Storage Balloon
- Fixed ground and air props sometimes spawning during tutorial
- Fixed one sfx during tutorial not being affected by current effect volume
- Added small chance of zones not having any foreground props
- Fixed mouse aiming still breaking wave advance angle requirements during tutorial
- Fixed bounty hunter database breaking convoy waves
- Boss Interceptors health and collision damage reduced
- EMPing the Nuke Boss shield generator now causes it to drop its shield
- Fixed a bug casing the Fungal Forest to spawn double the amount of gunships
- vs_shield and vs_massive damage multipliers are now applied before enemy armor is subtracted (leading to more damage when using melee vs massive/emp vs shields)
- Fixed objective background props not getting removed on wave advance
- Small mines can now be properly deflected
- Fixed abnormally short shot lifetime on eradicator cannon
- Fixed Flares active not spawning fully charged