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Payoneer payout destination now available for all accounts

A topic by leafo created Jan 14, 2020 Views: 8,722 Replies: 36
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Payoneer is now available for all accounts that wish to receive payouts directly to their bank account. It has support for deposits directly into local bank accounts for many countries in the world. Payoneer is joining PayPal with the list of payout methods that are available to all accounts on

As a reminder, has two methods of getting paid: “Direct to you,” and “Collected by and paid later.” This update is relevant to “Collected by and paid later”. We also call this system the “Payouts” system. You can learn more about payout methods here.

With Payoneer we can automate our backend for sending bank transfers. We will able to apply the same process that we do for existing PayPal payees. For those who have had to deal with delays from our old bank transfer system, we’re hoping this will eliminate all of those issues.

Our plan is to migrate any existing users who have been receiving bank transfers to Payoneer.

You can set up your account to use Payoneer from your Dashboard’s Payouts tab:

Additionally, on the Payouts page you can now specify the destination when creating a new Payout. If you have existing payouts that need to be specified (because you have both Payoneer & PayPal connected), then you can contact our support team with the payout ID.

Lastly, Payoneer’s rates may be better for those who are receiving payments to accounts outside of the United States. PayPal’s max transfer fee is capped at $25 dollars, but Payoneer has a $3 transfer fee and then a withdawl fee (that can go up to 2%). Learn more about their fees.

Because we’ve just added Payoneer this week, we may have some initial delay in processing the first set of payments as we fill our Payoneer account with funds to represent the payouts we’ll be processing with them. Your patience is appreciated!


Hey! I cant attach my payoneer account. It shows a new card order dialog right after login. I cant just chose my card that I already have!


If it’s an error on Payoneer’s site then you’ll have to contact them for help, sorry.

This is fantastic thanks!


The form doesn't allow for the - symbol  in the first name field. My name has a - in it.


I think this is a limitation of a lot of tax forms (not entirely sure though). You’ll have to write the closest variant of your name. Sorry, I know that sucks.

Ok. Thanks for the info. It'll probably be ok then as they must have to deal with more people the same affliction.


I have initiated a payout 33 days ago...its still in review..


This is a GREAT news! I am not from USA, and Paypal still doesn't work in my counrty, so i was unable to fully join your game development community (i mean, sell my games here) - now i can! And not just me - all the indie developers from my country can join now! So - this is great!
Thank you for removing some national borders! We'll do our best!

HI Did You Try The Payoneer Card Plz Answer Me I'm From Algeria And Paypal is Not Support My Country Till Now 

I'm Waiting For You 


Sorry, but my project is on early development stage, so i still didn't get any money, and didn't perform any transactions yet. 

That's Fine Cause It's Exist In Dashbord Payment ...

it's Work Payoneer Card Instead Of Paypal And That's A GREAT Thing

Where are you from ? I am from Tunisia , and yeah PayPal doesn't work here , but Thanks God Payoneer works , 

i have a question , I have 39$ as for now , I linked my account to payoneer , so now how to get my payment ? when i check my payoneer balance it shows  0.00$ 


Hello and happy new year!
You cannot process any payment, which is less, than 100$.  So - you just need to get more money on your account.
That was mentioned in FAQ and "Terms of use". So - good luck!


Please do not bug random people about issues you’re having with your account, that’s considered spamming. Thanks

Sorry , I thought he had the same problem as mine , that's why I asked him , by the way , great user support :) Thanks a lot ! 

This is AWSOME!!

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i have a question , I have 39$ as for now , I linked my account to payoneer , so now how to put the money I earned on in my payoneer account ? when i check my payoneer balance it shows  0.00$ 


You will have to wait for the funds to be available on your account, then you will have to request a payout here. Then, when reviews the payout they will issue the funds to your Payoneer account.

Thanks for replying Sir . Have a great day :) Happy new year by the way 


Thank you for another payment solution!

I bought a package for $ 30 and a password comes to unzip, how do I get the password?

Question: is it still the case that Payoneer wont work for "Direct to you" payouts?

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leafo i have connect my account pf payooner and i ahve also selected paid directly to me but i did recive any option to payout why can ugive me step by step tutorial

I think Payoneer is not available anymore 


Payoneer is still active, why are you saying otherwise?

Oh. In my account setting  there are only 2 options, Paypal and Stripe.  Maybe i am missing . 


Your screenshot shows the settings for “Direct to you”

Learn about our different payout modes here:

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Hello , I was looking at the wrong page ; at Payout page there is Payoneer and thank you for the help :) 

greetings, my payout has been pending for 1 year, is there anything you can do, or how do i contact you to get a direct answer? You haven't replied to any mail for 1 year.


We have not paid money to the pioneer for 26 days. Usually payment takes up to 10 days. What happened to the dropouts?

Best regards, team


Something similar happened to me;  I think the issue comes from Payoneer.
Send an email to itchio and they will fix it. Their costumer support team is great.
It worked for me.


Support itch is silent. As has happened many times before. I am writing to the forum only because I can wait weeks for a response from itch.

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Hi to all of you. Has the Payoneer payment option resumed operation? Similar to you, I received an email response from customer service regarding a Payoneer payment issue. For my part, I'm still awaiting my outstanding payments. I wish all the best.


Payoneer payouts are currently operating normally as of this post. We did have a delay so it might make some time to get to some payouts as there is a backlog to process.



Thank you for your hard work. We appreciate it.

Hay! Can Payoneer be good place for reciving payments as an adult game dev? Thanks